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  1. They're just reorganising things and getting prepared for round one.
  2. Every club in the EoS and WoS needs to add their signature to a letter to the Lowland League asking for more relegation / promotion places.
  3. The only strengthening that will be beneficial for football is for the better teams below the LL to get into the LL as soon as possible at the expense of the weaker teams in the LL. Time to stop p*ssing around...
  4. In the interim have a play-off between the West and the South or even South and the winner of a East/West runner-up play-off...
  5. I think the EoSFL's stance on the Junior Cup or anything similar was clear, league games (and their competitions) were priority. They wouldn't want what happened in the juniors with league games kept getting postponed and some teams being way behind with their league fixtures. Unsure why the SJFA tried to force the issue by always stating that day. They're not in a junior league any more. Probably doesn't bode well for negotiations for an all in English FA Trophy style cup for level 5 and below...
  6. Are there any plans to go to divisions with promotion and relegation next season rather conferences? I get that with the age bands team's standard could vary quite a bit season to season but you'd guess a club's overall resources would limit big, big changes in standards. I also get that that Conference A already has the higher pyramid clubs. I suppose its time and cost of travel vs teams being challenged at mostly the right level.
  7. Such a rocky road the Lowland League are going down. Say if Rangers B top the table at the end of the season, with Celtic B second and Bonnyrigg Rose third. Surely they'll give the trophy to Rangers B and not Bonnyrigg Rose. Then they'll try and convince League Two clubs Bonnyrigg Rose are their champion club...? A rocky road...
  8. Right, who's writing the letter and who's ringing the clubs?! [emoji23]
  9. As I've said elsewhere the Lowland League, which for many was the first visible symbol of a pyramid in football, and hence an example of how to get promoted through the leagues and into the SPFL, is rapidly becoming a joke now.
  10. Oh I know all this and good on them on taking the leap into the unknown... But as we both know at the very least, time for change was when the West came on board. Licenses were only a matter of time then for the West and the Lowland League shouldn't have used that as an excuse, afterall some licences were going to gained in a matter of months...
  11. Would it be just a majority vote required for the Lowland League clubs or would they need a certain percentage, do we know?
  12. Have the Lowland League 100% confirmed this? When it was originally announced I thought B team results not counting was the understanding? Although I've read most of the other threads I haven't read the countless B team threads as even I couldn't keep up with all those posts! [emoji23]
  13. So what's the procedure for getting the rules changed so there are two 'standard' relegation slots rather than the current 'standard' one? I use 'standard' as I know currently there can be more or less than one relegated depending on movements in other divisions. The Lowland League, which for many was the first visible symbol of a pyramid in football, and hence an example of how to get promoted through the leagues and into the SPFL, is rapidly becoming a joke now. At times no relegation and two leagues, in the East and West, with many licenced teams good enough to challenge at the very top of the Lowland League with just one promotion spot between them*. Ridiculous. I imagine the procedure for getting the rules change would involve turkeys and Christmas. Can't fans of every club in the Lowland League pyramid ask their club to write to the Lowland League campaigning for change? To at least apply pressure. Maybe, a joint signed letter? Obviously they'd be one or two clubs who wouldn't get involved for self-interest... * I know the South could in theory be promoted
  14. So my understanding is that the two new B team's results aren't included when calculating who is put forward for the promotion play-offs. So where the **** do you find the all important Lowland League table, the one that matters...? The one without the teams who shouldn't be there...? A non-B-team in theory could be twelve points clear at the top of the table but not be the team that enters the play-off! All because they had a perfect record against the B teams compared to another that lost every game against them!
  15. A play-off between the west and south. Winner promoted. It might also encourage the south to merge into the west. [emoji6]
  16. It does make you wonder if their world-wide crowd funding should have been for a 3G even though that would be so much more expensive. [emoji2957] If they ever had the money, unlikely I know, would they get planning permission with their location?
  17. Alex Jack no licence to thrill cup 2021-22. I'll get my coat... You'll never see me again...
  18. Can we change the name for the thread?! [emoji1787]
  19. I was forgetting about the new development West division and how they aren't SJA members, at least yet. Not too bad a number then and they'll still need to beat the winners of the East and South versions to get the cup entry. Still a nice trophy if they just get to the 'finals' though.
  20. So not many in the Strathclyde cup then? If the Strathclyde cup is only for non Junior Cup entries and non-SFA members.
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