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  1. It does make you wonder if their world-wide crowd funding should have been for a 3G even though that would be so much more expensive. [emoji2957] If they ever had the money, unlikely I know, would they get planning permission with their location?
  2. Alex Jack no licence to thrill cup 2021-22. I'll get my coat... You'll never see me again...
  3. Can we change the name for the thread?! [emoji1787]
  4. I was forgetting about the new development West division and how they aren't SJA members, at least yet. Not too bad a number then and they'll still need to beat the winners of the East and South versions to get the cup entry. Still a nice trophy if they just get to the 'finals' though.
  5. So not many in the Strathclyde cup then? If the Strathclyde cup is only for non Junior Cup entries and non-SFA members.
  6. @NorthCaleyFA Early goal at Holm, @bobbygunn67 scores for @ThursoFC after 6 mins. Score - @OrkneyFC 0 v @ThursoFC 1 #NCFA https://t.co/dANPvsGQPq
  7. So on P&B moving day are NCL and the North juniors, or whatever they are going to be called, each going to get their own independent Scottish Professional Football League section? With the Midland league to follow when the SFA rubber stamps it? I do hope so. Is someone on it?! [emoji106]
  8. It makes you think the LL will be running two league tables. One with and one without! The LL clubs will certainly need to keep track of where they are in relation to promotion so the one without them. It really does seem like a joke...
  9. As I said, I'd ideally promote four. This would leave just the worst seven clubs after just one season...
  10. They really should have at least one relegation place from each conference. There's at least a of couple of sides who's natural place is the third division and delaying them getting there won't do them any favours like it hasn't Eyemouth United. I think there should be four up and two down to the third from each conference but there are now just those two options... It also makes you think they are 100% confidence they'll get a number of applicant clubs come the end of March 2022. Could it also include the relaximg of the application standards for division 3 making them confident?
  11. Well, let's see if it actually happens as most would agree to them being banned. As the EPL, UEFA and FIFA are suggesting will happen. Anyway, nothing to do with the EoS...
  12. Now I know this isn't EoS, or even Scotland, and there are vast differences between Scotland and England but this is from my local league. Which are the 9th tier of English football, step 5 of the non-league system... https://theucl.co.uk/2021/04/13/ucl-to-expand/ There were big changes planned anyway at the end of the 2019/20 season in England and these changes got postponed one season. I thought there were a few things in the link which might interest some as we've debated on them in recent years and others very recently on here as regards the Scottish non-league set-up. I thought it might be of interest to some... Feel free to ignore if it doesn't interest!
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