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  1. Will the West moving on mass lead to more clubs from the East moving to the EoS? Those South of the HL/LL line?
  2. So what are the chances do we feel about getting another eight clubs for next season, for three divisions of 16?
  3. Is their intention still to return next season?
  4. * although some will make out we are the exact same club...
  5. I understand they've had to change their name to:- Bo'ness United Junior 'we aren't in any way related to the former junior club of the same name that left to go senior' FC
  6. [emoji23] I must have missed that bit! [emoji6]
  7. No, I was very much looking further down the line...
  8. I'm sorry! But I'm still recovering from it! [emoji23] [emoji6]
  9. The EoS, again and again, show themselves to be a very well run outfit and obviously there is that link with the LL...
  10. I just wish a few seasons ago a few west juniors had took up the EoS's offer to help them set up a WoS.
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