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  1. Do I need the editor to install retro databases in this or can I just do a steam workshop via fm scout? I haven't used an editor since 98/99
  2. You better be in traction @djchapsticks What's going on with the Toon?!?!? Also can you provide links to this setup? I would love to give it a whirl.
  3. I split up with my ex wife over 2 yrs ago and for about 6 months I was a disaster. She just arbitrarily took my money while I sunk deeper into debt and depression trying to figure out a way to put my family back together., all the while she plotted her little foray into singledom, then she decides she wants to start dating other people. I couldn't believe it. I had moved half way across the world to start a family with this woman and she wanted to chuck in the towel at the first sign of trouble. I thought I'd hit rock bottom but the next 12 months saw me lose my job and get diagnosed with Luekemia. It took me almost a year to figure out that I wasn't still in love with her, I just confused my guilt and sorrow over the break up of the family unit with feelings for her. Fast forward till today, My 2 boys want to spend every minute with me and I'm more than happy to take them on days that aren't mine. Now I'm in remission, have a great job. Have cash on the hip, just kicked cancers arse and I'm shagging for Scotland. She is miserable and is counting the consequences of her choices from 2 yrs ago. You can't fake love and devotion. The truth always outs where the kids are concerned. It will get better mate.
  4. Great idea for a thread! I'm stuck in an apartment building right now but you see some awesome stuff over here in B.C. Just out of town there are beautiful wild horses running around. The Humming Birds are cool to look at. Nothing beats seeing an eagle though. It leaves me feeling a little funny every time. Come to think of it... I fucking love this place. Here are some customers who dropped in on one of our businesses last week...
  5. Yeah, let's re-design every school in America rather than voting on (comparatively speaking) easily implementable legislation that's been gathering dust in the house for 2 years. What a cnut.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/dp/0252069382/ Where the checkout tab takes you
  7. That it needed an all encompassing thread due to the frequent nature of these atrocities is bad enough. The fact that a thread about some chav owned devil dog in Wales has elicited more responses than this one is a whole other level of depressing.
  8. It was easy enough to talk yourself into a kicking on the CB radios back in the day. Seem to remember where I grew up scraps where either about doo's or something somebody said on a cb channel. Halcyon days. Packs of feral youths walking around the scheme looking for antenna rods sticking off tenement buildings
  9. Last time I was this nervous over a semi, I was watching Brokeback Mountain.
  10. Just got my biopsy results. 7 months remission and still cancer free. Fingers crossed.
  11. So I feel compelled to weigh in since I live in B.C and I started this thread. The primary thought that I am compelled to evoke after reading the last few pages is this... If J.R.R Tolkien wrote 50 shades of grey hey might have called it Holodomor.
  12. Jesus suffering f**k, Everything is fucking, fucked.
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