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  1. Spot on - this is the clearing out of a collective that has, I’d argue, underperformed for years. We have a strange habit of elevating players above their ability when they leave - after spending season after season frustrated at our lack of progression. We were promised a root and branch clear out, we’ve got that and I don’t think any babies are being thrown out with the bath water here.
  2. 100% this. Cannot rely on Crichton as our target man every bloody corner and free kick. Crying out for someone that can hold the ball up and have a bit of presence.
  3. I’ve been called a c**t for not towing the line before. We are a spectacular bunch at times.
  4. Where has this question of loyalty to one or the other come from. I’ve never been in this position before where you’re almost forced to choose. I just take things as I find them. If I disagree with either, I’ll say it. It doesn’t mean I favour one of the other.
  5. Probably guilty over here but when they teased signing news I expected something like today’s 🤣
  6. No Ryan Wallace then...hope we don’t do our usual of f*nnying around and signing drivel... https://www.fifetoday.co.uk/sport/football/ryan-wallace-and-danny-denholm-first-to-arrive-at-east-fife-1-4926305
  7. The fact the statement says it will be custom made suggests you’re right about the clumsy wording and it’s folk putting 2 + 2 together and making 5. I’m sure it’ll be the Diamond we’re used to.
  8. Missed this in the melee of posts. I did speak out in the TW era. Mainly because I never understood his interest in the club and was always worried it was a fad and he would leave when the reality of how hard it is running a club at this level hit home. The reason this is the different for me? I’ve always believed the club and stadium need to be aligned and both need each other to be successful. So I’m willing to give it a more of chance. Not sure who called you an idiot, but it wasn’t me?
  9. The Facebook is getting nasty and personal. I’ll be imposing my usual summer social media shutdown soon and hoping the shitshow is sorted by the time August rolls around....
  10. Was it not also said the trust are exploring legal action against the club. That’ll guarantee no conversations take place. Clearly no trust between the parties and everything has broken down.
  11. Everyone was a new poster once. I could ask why so many people wear tinfoil hats...
  12. I've never really be involved, made a few of the public meetings but only in times of absolute crisis. I don't really understand why things have broken down so badly but I think you hit the nail on the head, If people can't work together then they're not fulfilling the core aim.
  13. I’m the same, I don’t see how this is going to help the situation. Fed-up hearing the same complaints over and over again after another owner is forced out and a new one ushered in. Just let the club get on with things. Appreciate I’m in the unpopular option category.
  14. The irony isn’t lost on me either but it’s not Stephen in the interview.
  15. The irony isn’t lost on me either but it’s not Stephen in the interview.
  16. I’m so happy we’re slinging insults about players and signings for a change 🤣
  17. I always remember getting details of who the consortium was and more importantly how it would all work together was like getting blood out a stone. The questions were asked at the time. Am I surprised we are where we are, not really because these things very rarely work like that. Those who hold the most money/investment have the biggest say.
  18. Depending on who is putting the money in, I may well be able to understand that!
  19. For years I’ve believed that the way to be successful again was to bring the stadium and the playing side together. And whether I’m right or spectacularly wrong, I still believe that. I don’t know if I can make the open fans meeting. I’ve never been in the trust etc and don’t live locally so maybe that’s why I may have a lot of ignorance about the situation. But I worry that all it may serve to do draw the dividing lines even further.
  20. There seems to be a split happening where you’re on the side of the trust and against the owners or on the side of the owners and maybe not necessarily with the trust. Such a shame but I’m at the point where I’m done with all the off-field drama and just supporting the team on a Saturday is my only concern.
  21. I always thought she did a very good job for us in that regard. Was a bit sorry to initially see her go. Personally, I always found her very helpful if I ever needed help with tickets etc
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