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  1. People can only guess what is going on behind the scenes BUT another loss or even a draw tomorrow night must be addressed. We are in publicly back the manager now or sack him territory . You need someone that is the public face to front up to this stuff, like SM used to do - you cannot take money from the fans for streams, merchandise, the lottery and season tickets and hide away. They’re accountable here and fans need to hear something. You have to fill the silence or others will do it for you.
  2. I think most people on here are aware about where our squad limitations lie but it’s Murray’s job to get the best out of them and fundamentally I don’t believe he is up to that job. I’ve always been struck by the visiting/away teams that I have watched and noticed just how well organised they are compared to us. It’s been a hallmark of all his sides. Sadly at this level you’ll never get the team of your dreams so pull your finger out you a**e and get the best out what you do have. Stop having blind spots towards certain players or set-ups. As someone else has pointed out, I don’t think we’ll see him gone before the end of the season. Let’s just hope the damage isn’t done by them as right now it’s balanced on a knife edge as to what direction we might end up looking in.
  3. Listening to his post-match interview he does comment a lot on the relative youth of the team contributing to the inconsistently of performances and I do have a little bit of sympathy for that position. However, I completely understand why people are so utterly fed-up. We knew what Edinburgh City would offer up and they did it very well today, but we had no answer and that to me is down the manager and the set-up. If this isn’t going to damage us longer term in the league, we need to get a couple of more experienced heads into the middle of the park to help them. The football keeps me going through this lockdown, as bad as it is at times.
  4. Good podcast here with Stuart Millar setting out our position on all this. Worth a listen whether you agree or not. https://www.podbean.com/media/player/k3mrf-89aba38-dir?vjs=1
  5. Yup - clearly wasn’t the right fit either with us or with him. But then again, most players seem to do better when they leave us I did think there was a better player in there than I saw.
  6. He struck me as a lazy sh*te when he was with us, so fair play if you’re getting something out him that we couldn’t. However due to aforementioned being a lazy sh*te, I don’t miss him. McCann is a great prospect and I’m enjoying watching him play in the diamond. Everyone is happy.
  7. Just checked - my shit is not lost. I appreciate your concern in the matter.
  8. I’ve been guilty of this but really starting to appreciate what he brings now.
  9. Bit of shouting and swearing is OK in my opinion - most people know where the line is and don’t cross it. I’m prone to the odd oh FFS but do not abuse the manager or players.
  10. If the club has any kind of common sense they won’t bother, I don’t think being spoken down to by management and players will do anything to diffuse things. Not sure why the club is set on driving a wedge between itself and the diehards that still remain...
  11. We’ll win 1-0 or lose 0-1 with little in the way of excitement in between... can’t make this one.
  12. At the risk of interrupting the thread with my complete lack of interest in Bohemians... Thoughts on Dumbarton game on Saturday? For me it has to be a good performance and a win and we start putting the inconsistency behind us. Going for 2-1 Airdrie that will come back to haunt me... will be my first game since Clyde
  13. A lot of the reactions are a bit OTT - but then I fully expected it if we didn’t win such is the expectation (again) on this season. It’s disappointing and don’t really understand why we sign players for certain positions, don’t play them and then play others in their place. Clearly the tactical wizardry here goes over my head. I keep going back to that first half against Thistle as I didn’t see Hamilton match. What I saw gave me such a lot of optimism. There is a much better team in there than Saturday showed. It’s game one, I’ll see how I feel after 10. But he could start by putting some pace back into it.
  14. He doesn’t need to replace anyone, simply asked if he’d been cleared yet. We have a bench.
  15. Anyone know if Paul McKay will be cleared to play for Saturday’s game?
  16. I know a few and that’s what I was told. I prefer your version, it’s been hard for us to judge without him having his own team. That’s actually been a criticism levelled at him from elsewhere on this forum. He’s the man to keep you up but not win a league. I like Ian Murray by the way, and I think he has the team he wants now. Good luck with your season [emoji1303]
  17. I have to agree that after a summer of briefing the papers etc, I cannot see how there can be a proper relationship anymore. How can you if you’re worried the next thing you say will land on the Advertiser’s desk - and that’s just for starters. The damage seems to be irreversibly done. The club has worked all summer throughout this to deliver a new team, and structure etc despite attempts to be dragged down. We’re better set-up than we have been in years for the league and I have no agenda other than an absolute desire to see us do well again.
  18. Well said - the cheap point around the suicide partnership was just crass. It’s up to each individual who they engage with on here. Some better left ignored. I’ll give this team a chance to actually get going in the league I decide I know how we’re going to play for the season. Murray has a reputation for defensive football, been told this from my Dumbarton supporting pals - but I want to give him time with the team he signed.
  19. Spot on - this is the clearing out of a collective that has, I’d argue, underperformed for years. We have a strange habit of elevating players above their ability when they leave - after spending season after season frustrated at our lack of progression. We were promised a root and branch clear out, we’ve got that and I don’t think any babies are being thrown out with the bath water here.
  20. 100% this. Cannot rely on Crichton as our target man every bloody corner and free kick. Crying out for someone that can hold the ball up and have a bit of presence.
  21. I’ve been called a c**t for not towing the line before. We are a spectacular bunch at times.
  22. Where has this question of loyalty to one or the other come from. I’ve never been in this position before where you’re almost forced to choose. I just take things as I find them. If I disagree with either, I’ll say it. It doesn’t mean I favour one of the other.
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