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  1. I know nothing of the circumstances of the incident but the accusation on Twitter from his brother is that there were three witnesses and the club has done nothing/is lying about the evidence.
  2. I remember calling out Tommy R’s visit to Broomfield as nothing short of an embarrassment/shameful and was savaged for it.
  3. Agree. We can’t just move onto promoting the next game and leave Rico to address this himself. I expect and need to see a strong reaction from those in charge. Fed-up with this element of our support.
  4. Maybe we can all make some noise in the third minute - his shirt is number 3, an applause or something to let him know we support him fully. Awful for him to experience and not easy to call out your own fans. I can only echo what has been said, ashamed, angry and upset today.
  5. I can’t see us doing anything in that department until the first round of games are over and that’s at the very earliest, unless of course he makes an exit himself.
  6. Wonder if it’s potential fall out from the pre-covid outbreak in da club videos that were swiftly deleted from social media.
  7. Did the shelter not end up in some planning row with NL Council which meant it couldn’t go back up? I might be misremembering. Apologies if that’s the case!
  8. Reading the match thread and I see there is chat about about 5 positive covid tests in the camp? I imagine we'll hear nothing about this unless we lose the game and IM needs an excuse.
  9. Have to agree, when I looked at the signings before seeing them play then I thought it would be a mid-table if we're lucky. Based on our own business and the teams around us. Stupid mistakes as highlighted above need sorted ASAP. It is basics. Hopefully it does start to click soon. As for Gal, a morton pal of mine went to the game on Saturday. First comment to me was how many times is that guy offside in a game. If you can't sort that after 3 seasons what chance have you got. Also. Yes everyone can best everyone else but consistency is needed if you’re ever going to get out this league. Look back at last season and the difference was where we lost to say Dumbarton. These games must be won.
  10. My favourite thing is how at every kick off we just boot it out for a throw in. Every IM team has done it. Skillz and a running joke now
  11. It depends what Airdrie turns up/or if we shoot ourselves in the foot again. Not even gonna hazard a guess.
  12. We’ll have two stands open, so you’ll know what that’s like. Oh wait…
  13. I’m sure it was… time to move on from talking about your wee team now. Falkirk on Saturday, away and let the big boys play.
  14. There’s a lot that happens in a short time, but I’d argue it was 50/50 ball all day long. The aftermath of his teammate telling him to stay down, before swinging a punch/elbow at Currie and then going down like he’s shot again, is how you know he’s totally and utterly played for it. It’s all there on the highlights. Wardrop should know better, Murray should know better. Architects of our own misfortune there. One thing is for sure, not all refs will fall for it and as these things do even themselves out over the course of the season, I cannot wait until the first time they’re utterly screwed over You’d think they’d won the league this weekend.
  15. Aye - I just think it’s funny how we all change the language when it’s our own side. I’m useless on this app and made a hash of stringing threads together so might have deleted this comment by mistake
  16. Clumsily phrased I think more than anything - in a week of hopping up and down cause some guy didn’t like Dunbarton’s tweet, maybe need to learn to chill out a bit themselves… we’re no all out to get you. It’s frustrating as we should have closed it out. He’s spot on. There’s nothing that can be drawn now on how things will play out over the course of a season. No need for the permarage this early on
  17. I enjoyed Currie pulling McLean up, only for him to forget his crippling injury for a few seconds before rolling about like he’d been snipered again. I’ve missed the fitba
  18. Falkirk next - they’ll either remain firmly in the back pocket but are probably due a result against us
  19. I think for me the overwhelming feeling after yesterday was how depressingly predicable it was that we’d throw the 2-0 away after the red card. We were by far the better team until then - work rate was excellent - and we didn’t need to see it out the way we did. We needed fresh legs much sooner and to hold onto the ball much better. You could argue Wardrop should have been subbed sooner, but I didn’t think it was second yellow and need to see it again. At 2-1 the writing was on the wall, it was only a matter of time and that is the worst bit of it for me. It should not be so predictable, but it is.
  20. As someone else said, it’s all panto and handbags stuff, how some people get themselves so wound up about it is beyond me. I’m annoyed we didn’t see it out, poor game management but I expect nothing less from IM.
  21. Don't disagree with any of this, I was a bit worried about our signings and shot down as not giving them a chance (not on here). Other than the Motherwell game, I've seen nothing to change my mind. Not sure why we decided to raid Dumbarton to build this season's team and have zero faith that we'll get a result on Saturday, but we live in hope.
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