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  1. As someone else highlighted above - for me it would be to get Watson into the middle and allow McCabe to move up into midfield. It’s a game of trade offs at the moment.
  2. Did Walker not start against Falkirk - don’t remember him doing much wrong to be outright dismissed.
  3. Far too long to go to be hitting any kind of panic button. First job in league one is to get enough points as quickly as you can to keep you out of trouble and in the mix come January. Then strengthen if you can to go full tilt at it. No too worried at the moment. Injuries and off field issues are limiting some of our choices.
  4. Naturally at the time I thought it was pen. We all shout for these things don’t we? I would like to see it back now. Not sure if highlights will give a decent view tho. Don’t have much to complain about today, wasn’t a good performance. That’s league one for you.
  5. I was worried about the left-hand side of the park last week and today didn’t help with that. Not picking on the players here as they’re having to adapt at the moment. I do hope we get that sorted and Rico back. I fear however, he may not play again so we need to look at other solutions. Alloa were just better today. Set-up better, closed us down better. Dominated the air in and around their box. Nullified any threats we normally have. Can’t be too annoyed. Lots more to come in league one. Need to concentrate on next week now and east fife. Would like to see us winning those.
  6. And we have been playing a lot better than that. But it won’t happen every single week, you’re going to have ones where you have to dig deep. We still won the game. If they’re gonna have a duff performance then thankfully it wasn’t against a better side. The game was so crackers, you can’t take anything serious from it in terms of what it means for the season.
  7. Can’t call this one at all - we’ve been playing well, last week was below par in terms of what we’ve seen recently but still managed three points. Things like that used to go against us, maybe we finally have a bit of luck on our side. Any points away from home to teams you expect to be challenging for a top four place are good points. Whether that’s a win or a draw. Can we win it - absolutely, but it’s league one and nothing is a stick on.
  8. Barry fielded a weakened team against the Rangers….. [emoji2955][emoji1787]
  9. I must admit, wanting team of the week for losing a game which saw us go joint top of the league gave me more than a chuckle.
  10. Craig Watson at 1hr 53 mins on THAT game. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0010zbr
  11. Still shaking me head in disbelief - joint top too this morning… bloody hell.
  12. “Oh - he’s gone too.” Howling [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  13. I forgot there was also a disallowed goal. What the hell happened yesterday…. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  14. No Stevie Farrell - no idea where the extra time came from…
  15. That would be justice for all of us. But I’m at a total loss right now as to how we achieve this? We seem to being going round in circles. Was the investigation not good enough - did we not investigate properly? From everything I have read what more can be done to find the person responsible if witnesses cannot ID them? For me it needs to be handed over to Police Scotland if this hasn’t been done - at the end of the day, it’s a crime. Or some independent body set-up so clubs aren’t self-policing and there is a consistent process for how these incidents are investigated and support provided.
  16. Thanks for clarifying - I’d still like to know how on the same night it can be said that the club is supporting him while also saying they’re not happy. There’s so much of this I’m still trying to understand.
  17. I’m admittedly a bit confused - the show says it went out on the 15th which is the day after the statement and four days after the incident - by that time it’s being said they are already really unhappy at the handling of it. I really want to understand what went so badly wrong with the investigation in that time.
  18. Thanks for the response - I take on board the point about how much a club can do on its own.
  19. Can maybe those who are better informed than me help me to understand where we fell down in terms of the investigation? I assumed we’d worked with Queen’s Park to check CCTV or photographs to see if the offender could be identified. That we’d spoken to or reached out to fans that had tickets and were in the stands. Was none of this done?
  20. There is a lot to unpack following this alleged incident - however, I heard Marvin Bartley make a comment on SportSound yesterday which suggested that he was extremely unhappy about how a player has recently been treated and the lack of support following an incident at a game. He said it will all come to a head in the next couple of weeks. I assume this is concerning Rico. I won’t speculate on what was said or the circumstances as I simply don’t know. But I didn’t like our statement, I don’t feel vindicated by any of this. There is clearly a lot of anger around the support the player has or hasn’t had from us as a club.
  21. I think it’s OK if you don’t want to be front and centre as the owner - but then you need someone to make that connection for you. I always thought that was part of Stuart Millar’s job, to be that link. Since he left, it’s all stopped/broken down. The communication is terrible. This week’s statement a car crash IMO. Makes me wonder who is advising him…
  22. Apols - a bit off topic but is it easy enough to park at the stadium?
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