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  1. Full judgement is out for those who would like to read it. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/6384b36b8fa8f54d5580e0b1/Mr_R_Quitongo_v_Airdrieonians_FC_Limited___Other_-_4113808-2021_-_FINAL.pdf
  2. Agree. To be able to have this resolved by the court and to be able to move forwards is all I wanted.
  3. The judgements are normally published on the tribunal website - not sure what the turnaround time is on them actually appearing though.
  4. I think the horse has bolted on that one… hopefully is resolved eventually once things settle down.
  5. The club dealt with it privately and perhaps the way to try and resolve it was privately.
  6. BBC normally have it post match in with the line-ups. Can take a day or two to appear
  7. Wasn’t pretty but big three points. Stopped the rot that had set in, hopefully the confidence will come back more as I still feel that’s lacking a wee bit.
  8. It has been noted, but you can see he has talent. Hopefully he can get that part of his game sorted and not let frustrations take over. He was terrific on Saturday.
  9. Agree with comments on here about appointing both being a mistake by the board which to it’s credit hasn’t actually made too many. They stuck by IM when a lot of us were wavering and fully backed him, I don’t see them not doing the same here. January feels like forever away though so I fear the bumpy ride is going to continue and the damage will be done. I think you either had to appoint Rhys and an experienced assistant or appoint an experienced manager and make Rhys assistant. This just isn’t working at all.
  10. You’ll be lucky to find a train - another strike tomorrow [emoji849] Edited: ignore me. It’s next week.
  11. Murray would need to still be at raith come Christmas. Don’t think he’s too popular…
  12. A lack of signing absolutely anyone else - the signing policy has been an absolute shambles this year. All we heard was that we’re not bringing anyone in that doesn’t improve the side and we seem to have successfully managed to bring in people who’ve made it worse. Cammy should be an upgrade but he’s been sent off in two and missed two - impacting 4 games - and Rae has barely played. The rest are not an upgrade, they’re young lads who shouldn’t be thrown in at the deep end like this. There’s not enough experience or physicality which is absolutely what you need in league one. Not sure who is to blame for this shambles. But if you’re going to tell fans things like that. You need to back it up. I think the board will give it more time, based on previous experience, they don’t seem to kind to make knee jerk reactions. Fans were very muted at FT, but this may be the point the tide starts to turn if we don’t sort this out.
  13. Really didn’t think ATS was the problem yesterday. Funny how you can watch the same game and have different views. Thought he was one of the more solid players and did his job well, which when you’re leaking goals like we are, is what you want.
  14. By we, is that the stadium company? Let them advertise it. Assuming it’s not going into Airdrie’s pockets.
  15. We still don’t seem to have a settled 11 - still chopping and changing. I think our final third will be OK - some lovely stuff for our goals but as you said we need to close the gaps and have someone in there capable of winning the ball or stopping attacks. Lost count of how many tackles we didn’t win or were just simply not strong enough there to compete and win the ball.
  16. A least we’ve got a good depth of squad and experience there to cover it… oh wait
  17. The strips. Do what the heck you want with the away and third but don’t cock up the home top. Trying to picture any kind of convo whereby someone went, the fans will love that. Do folk running it understand us at all.
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