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  1. And the lottery of course. And this is not a criticism of the social team. No one has been personal in any way. And it’s a legitimate point. They can only post the news if they’re given it. Just take a browse around other league one clubs. Plenty news/updates or just here is where we’re at news.
  2. This sums it up perfectly. Exactly how I feel about the way it all panned out.
  3. Wasn't suggesting he would, just wondering what the situation was.
  4. He's still on the books, isn't he? Lost track of that saga after NLC banned him.
  5. You've been such a picture of togetherness this season, so good luck with that!
  6. Genuinely of the opinion Murray should just hurry up and go if he is going. It's potentially losing some of the players that bothers me more than the manager. One thing is for sure, he won't be given the time and patience he had here.
  7. It’s been a really hard slam back down to earth after the excitement of the Cove game to see us trawled through the headlines for thuggery and racism by a group of clowns who seem to think this kind of behaviour is somehow backing their club. If you’re damaging your club and its reputation then you’re not a supporter. I’m embarrassed and really down this week.
  8. It’s all very finely balanced for an interesting run in - Cove have banked themselves a bit more breathing room in that they afford to slip up a couple of times. We really cannot if we’re to be anywhere near them come the last 10 games or so. I believed we needed to go up there and win, but as has been said elsewhere, a draw was not the worst result as other results really kept the league in a stalemate. Montrose is another massive game against a big team - need to get the ball down. play our game and win those midfield battles, as pumping high balls up won’t win us anything. A welcome home game after an expensive run of away fixtures!
  9. Alloa, Falkirk and Clyde - three games where we conceded right after we scored albeit we got away with it in two. The lack of complete and utter composure shown at times is shocking. Just keep the ball, which they do very well, and see the game out, don’t do anything stupid. Just settle back down. Really hope Fordyce is OK, would be a blow to see Kerr return only to lose him. Also, a more clinical striker would have buried some of those chances we made.
  10. It’s always been done is quite a poor justification. Something that belongs in the past and a gesture I have never made in 30 years of football matches.
  11. Just seen this picture highlighted as airdrie fans at Firhill. They sure are shit don’t represent me with this stupidity.
  12. I think it was just more noticeable yesterday as they are such a big team and the tactic was big long balls over the top - but I’m with you. Once Kerr comes back fully we’ll have some height to add into the mix.
  13. Highly entertaining - the world isn’t against Falkirk. Not the mindset you want to see you out of bother or get yourself motoring. The interview with Brad McKay was much better. At least taking responsibility for things they could have done better. From our point of view, I though we were excellent in the first half. I do think our midfield can drift in and out of games and disappeared for large sections of the second half, but they do work so hard on and off the ball, it’s hard to keep that pace up. Just need to be a bit more composed at 3-1 to see the game out. Up to second - enjoying my football again [emoji1319][emoji3532]
  14. Seems the most likely scenario - people getting their Kerrs crossed. Josh Kerr is still under contract until the end of this season. So hypothetically, someone would need to pay a transfer fee. Can’t see it when he’s been injured so long.
  15. The situation was untenable both for the player and for the club. It was clear he didn’t want to play for us, and despite our idiots, whose comments are reprehensible at times, there were just as many airdrie fans calling that out and supporting him. And the same number again disappointed at the club statement. That support shown has never been acknowledged, and feels like we’ve all been thrown under the same bus. Let’s move on.
  16. The whole civil case is available online to read. It’s not pleasant but if you’re interested, it is there.
  17. Have so many rockets blocked on there I don’t see much of it anymore. It needs moderated properly.
  18. Curious to know why Rico is now back out the side when that area is a major weakness. We need to sort out left-back and FIT centre half to free up the full potential of this side.
  19. And also continuing to ignore the big issue of needing a striker capable of keeping up with Megginson, Webster and the reprobate from Clyde. Easy peasy eh?
  20. I don’t see this as a bounce back game after losing to Cove. A bounce back is beating Montrose next week. It’s a potential banana skin and one that ideally I’d like to avoid. Get a nice money spinner in the next round, try and exit with some dignity intact and push on with the league campaign.
  21. It’s panto nonsense - I really don’t get why folk get their knickers in a twist over it. If you’re happy to take the applause and plaudits when you win, suck up a boo or two when you don’t.
  22. Yep, you’re right. I was hoping when he came back in that side of things would be better than before.
  23. We were far too passive in the first half - similarly to alloa game as may have been pointed out elsewhere. Teams know to smother and close us down the midfield. We absolutely need to sort the centre-half position out l. It’s dragged on long enough. Would be happy to see Walker in at RB next week and Watson in there to get McCabe into midfield. I’m getting increasingly pissed off seeing him back there despite the fantastic job he’s done. Typical IM to play one our best players in a position he’s not played in before. We need Easton up the park where he’s most dangerous. Smith gets himself in brilliant positions then has no idea what to do when he gets the ball. I’d like to see gabby get a game. We’re also incredibly tight - we get very little width into our play. Other teams expose it and are able to leave men out of the touch line that we don’t cover. Having got my moans out the way. In terms of the league, huge way to go, just disappointing that when we get the chance to kick on, we do what we always do
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