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  1. We should gather them all up and play a B team in the lowland league at this rate…
  2. Still one of my favourite players - much rather have him in the team than not. No one is at this level that doesn’t make mistakes. Just a stinking day at the office all round after such a great start.
  3. I had a good view of the second one looking across and said straight away it was a penalty. Still furious about the opportunity to do the basics and just clear it.
  4. It’s a long term project which will take time. We’ve relied on it too much this season to fill a bench and gaps in what has always been a light squad.
  5. Maybe the last of the northern irish contingent who have been here since the summer?
  6. When Cammy went off I was sitting waiting for ATS to come on. There’s a time and a place to start introducing young players to the first team and this was neither. He looked out his depth and sadly the red card was coming. Surprised he wasn’t booked when the ref gave the first penalty. I think that’s what led to the nonsense between Hutton and their bench. If he had been, he’d have been sent off sooner. Should have subbed him second half. Shocking defending all round today. A policy of signing Gow’s academy teens or whoever McNamara throws our way is absolutely not what I pay my season ticket for.
  7. Full judgement is out for those who would like to read it. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/6384b36b8fa8f54d5580e0b1/Mr_R_Quitongo_v_Airdrieonians_FC_Limited___Other_-_4113808-2021_-_FINAL.pdf
  8. Agree. To be able to have this resolved by the court and to be able to move forwards is all I wanted.
  9. The judgements are normally published on the tribunal website - not sure what the turnaround time is on them actually appearing though.
  10. I think the horse has bolted on that one… hopefully is resolved eventually once things settle down.
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