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  1. I always thought she did a very good job for us in that regard. Was a bit sorry to initially see her go. Personally, I always found her very helpful if I ever needed help with tickets etc
  2. I voted for Chris O’Neil but did think about Hutton
  3. Saw this - also saw they’re in the stadium for a bucket collection at Arbroath game. Not sure what the story behind the match, but it appears the club is supporting them. Whatever the rationale, this isn’t the most professional way to go about things.
  4. Dombarton vs Airdrie

    I thought you also managed to keep Dom Thomas on/bring him back? Surely make a difference? Wish we had a manager who could do the same.
  5. Dombarton vs Airdrie

    Really can’t see anything other than a Dumbarton win. We are so poor and don’t have the fight to dig in and get a result. You’ve improved through loans, we’ve made it worst. Or certainly no better.
  6. This team doesn’t have it in them for a relegation fight. Worst I’ve seen in years - I appreciate this is Findlay’s squad but Murray has done nothing to improve it or make them more organised in my opinion. It’s been the same dross since the Raith defeat early on. Absolutely raging at players that appear to have put a shift in for the cup tie and now vanished (with a couple of exceptions) and his loan signings have f*cking baffled me. Years of shite managerial appointments and boardroom chaos finally coming home to roost.
  7. I’ll be there every Saturday I can as I have done for over 20 years. I do support the team. This team, past teams and the ones we don’t know about yet. They’d do better than to mouth off in front of everyone. If you have that opinion, share it in the car or at home.
  8. Exactly. When they pay £16 to watch probably the worst game of football I've seen all season then I might listen to what they have to say. Otherwise they can clamp it.
  9. I’m sure when the beat us earlier in the season it was the first away win in 40 odd games or something
  10. I still can’t bring myself to actually watch it back. It was terrible at the time.
  11. Interesting to hear Murray saying he might look to fix the issues up front by the end of February. Really hope there’s some budget to do something, either that or all the loans were an attempt to bring the wage budget down rather than for spending elsewhere?
  12. Arbroath v Airdrie

    I’m the same - would have made the trip up but I have something on this Saturday. Should be back for Montrose tie. Just not where you want to be going when you need a win, but this league can throw up odd results at times.
  13. Arbroath v Airdrie

    Abandon ship now. Take the 3 points. Save us the trip up.
  14. I’m not in the trust and don’t buy into anything - including this new ownership at the moment - but still respect what they’ve done and wouldn’t come on here to trash them or the committee. Same goes for the new owners, but doesn’t appear from your post that they have any problems with that as you seem to have some knowledge of the issues - they’ll lose more fans than they’ll gain if that’s their attitude.
  15. Thanks for clarification. The only thing that leaves a sour taste for me is the suggestion the £10K would for shares would be taken if the KidAid money wasn’t paid. That’s poor if true.