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  1. Businesses WANTED to get stiffed for the good of Community Club Dunfermline Athletic, we are an absolutely massive club.
  2. Falkirk fans really outdoing themselves here. Even after spending most of this season in a state of permanent rage and sadness, this thread has been a particular highlight. Thank you.
  3. Pars strolling to victory after 15 minutes, queue some delicious meltdowns on the field and now the same on here. Beautiful, just beautiful.
  4. Glad to see we've all lost the head before the season has started. BRING BACK MICHAEL "THE SCENT OF BART SIMPSON AFTERSHAVE" MOFFAT.
  5. Yeah man, CCS + CSS, called the CSC these days. 2 great teams, 2 great firms imo mate
  6. Some cheek to still be here after your performance on the other thread never mind crowdwanking
  7. Falkirk really are an absolute seething wreck of a club, and have somehow simulatanously managed to be the worst of both sides of the OF in this, both playing the victim, and releasing statements like they are some sort of relevant and important institution. Their player gets banned for 2 irrelevant games and it's just been page upon page of tears on here as well.
  8. Back Post Minter absolutely losing the plot even after his team has won their fabricated rivalry. Incredible stuff.
  9. Good lord above. It's one thing to be an absolute heads gone frothing mess at the time, that's alright, but imagine coming home and writing that.
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