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  1. Out of the mouth of babes...

    Young lady at work today: Her: "I seen two swans down the park the other day, well they were ducks but ducks turn into swans don't they?" Me: "That's The Ugly Duckling you're thinking of." Her: "So what are baby swans called then?" Me: "Cygnets." Her: *gives me a look where she thinks I must be taking the piss then turns away* I'm fairly certain she still believes that ducks turn into swans.
  2. steven gerrard

    You got me. I didn't even watch it really, I just love Gerrard and Rangers so much that I trawl football forums promoting his documentary. Even though the documentary doesn't actually feature any of his involvement with Rangers. Not sure why having semen in your eyes is your go-to insult, maybe you should have a wee think about your life choices. You might be a happier and more rounded individual if you just be who you really want to be.
  3. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    I picked this up on the PS store for a good price recently, I'd always fancied it but the reports of bugs etc. put me off paying full price. I got as far as throwing shit at some guy's house and haven't gone back to it due to playing Red Dead among other things. Is it worth carrying on with it? I thought the combat was a bit rubbish and it's definitely rough around the edges but I love a good RPG. I'm just not sure this game is worth putting my (very limited these days) gaming time into.
  4. I would argue that some journalists deliberately omit certain details all the time in order to spin a story the way they want it to go. This is what I meant when I suggested it could be considered "good" journalism, even though it's not the textbook definition of it. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story and all that.
  5. His lack of remorse and his apparent complete lack of context or understanding of why the fans are giving him such grief is what painted him as a bit daft to me. You're right, a lot of what he said could have been cut out for all we know. Which, from a journalists point of view, is probably considered good journalism but from a readers point of view it's bad journalism as it's not giving us the full picture. His story of getting his life together after getting into bother and the fact he's warning others against going down that path was a good read though.
  6. I also thought it was a bit stupid of him to whine about fans shouting about his career ending because that's how he supports his family right after he's put a, potentially, career ending tackle into a fellow professional. Not for the first time either. Players like him who revel in their "hardman" status on the pitch then moan in the media about how the big bad fans shout abuse at them are pathetic. Other than that it was a decent piece.
  7. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    I was also wondering about this.......
  8. steven gerrard

    Anyone seen the Gerrard documentary on Amazon Prime? Absolutely brilliant film, really gives an insight into the pressures of top level football that players experience at a very young age and the mental strength you need to succeed at that level. Well worth a watch.
  9. What games would you like to see remade?

    It was absolutely horrific. A disgrace to the Road Rash name. I thought it would be almost impossible to make a mess of a Road Rash remake but those idiots managed it and then some.
  10. Fallout 76

    I've been keeping tabs on it (big fan of previous Fallout games) and from what I've read it's getting worse rather than better. Read an article today in which the author said he doesn't believe the game can be fixed. Patches to combat various exploits people were taking advantage of have not only punished the cheats but also the players who levelled up fair and square. I was going to wait and get this game on the cheap just because it's Fallout but now I'm thinking I'm never going to buy it. Just seems like a hot mess from start to finish. The whole thing sounds like a failed concept IMO.
  11. Work colleagues

    Tell her your new nickname should be Johnny Two Times then tell her to f**k off. Twice.
  12. Work colleagues

    Just my opinion of course, every workplace is different and has different dynamics. I would say, in general, that a new boss turning up to a night out for someone they barely know while they're off on annual leave could be considered a bit of a "try-hard" or possibly even only there to check up on how folk behave on work's nights out when they have a few bevvies in them. Especially if you're not drinking. Offices are weird places full of weird people. You can't judge them using normal standards. Just wait for the next night out and go and get steaming with them. Sorted. Bonding via alcohol is almost always the way forward.
  13. Work colleagues

    Turning up to a work's night out when you're on annual leave is OFTW behaviour if you ask me. If you weren't on annual leave I would say go, buy a round and then bugger off sharpish with an excuse about having to pick someone up or whatever. As you are currently on annual leave, I would say don't bother going.
  14. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    This complete lack of awareness of what is around you or where you are standing has me seething on an almost daily basis. Here are some other examples I'm sure everyone has experienced: Folk stopping in doorways to check their phone/handbag etc. C*nts. Folk stopping at the top or bottom of stairs to check phone/handbag etc. C*nts. Folk standing in the middle of a busy pavement rather than stand off to the side. C*nts. Folk standing at the bar in a busy pub and refusing to make way for other folk trying to get served. C*nts. Folk walking 3 or 4 abreast (insert gif here) effectively blocking the entire pavement. C*nts. Folk standing right at the bus/train door when folk are trying to get off. C*nts. GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY YOU SLEVERING, DEAD EYED, BOVINE C*NTS!
  15. The shit pictures of food thread.

    That looks like someone has opened their bin and taken a picture.