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  1. You should jump back into NMS for a go as it has improved massively and they keep adding more free content. It’s great in VR too if you have a headset. Elite Dangerous is good too but way more challenging and technical so it depends what you’re after.
  2. Why is the basic one not worth it? It allows me to gain XP to get the tokens so I can progress through the levels and get the rewards. What else is there? Genuine question by the way, I’m wondering what I’m missing? £99 for a battle pass, deluxe or not, is utterly mental.
  3. I’m confused at people saying the battle pass is £99. Where are you seeing that? I think I paid about £8.79 to get enough COD points to buy the basic battle pass. I did but MW2 mind you, is that why? Surely to f**k it’s not almost £100 for a battle pass? That can’t be right. You can buy the special edition for £99 which comes with the battle pass I would assume but that’s the game you’re buying as well.
  4. Spends the past week and a half packing and preparing for her holiday today. Yet, somehow, is still charging around in a panic this morning, rummaging under the bed and making a racket looking for something while I’m trying to have a lie in. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? After a week and a fucking half of watching her flap around “preparing” she STILL isn’t ready to go on the day?
  5. For X-Com fans have a look at Phoenix Point which has the Behemoth Edition on sale on the PS Store now. Same folk who made X-Com I believe. Well worth a look. [emoji106]
  6. Thor confirmed. That’s clearly Hawkeye sitting to his right.
  7. It was her turn. End of IMO. Her giving you attitude was her doubling down on her arsehole behaviour to ensure you don’t pull her up. She knows fine well she was at it. If the situation were reversed would she get up or would she say “f**k off, it’s you turn”? There’s your answer.
  8. I use Sofa Score and it’s always been pretty good.
  9. Happens almost everywhere I imagine. In my experience there is absolutely hee haw you can do about it. In fact kicking up a stink about it will almost guarantee you don’t get any subsequent promotions that come up. The workplace/world is not a meritocracy.
  10. Once again I'll wait a couple of months and pick the game up for buttons after it's been properly patched. The days of me buying PES on release day are long gone. It's always a complete mess on day one and there are no decent option files available for a wee while either.
  11. An issue I've noticed is I have 117.5 points but when I go to "leagues" my overall points is 99.5? It also says I'm 273rd place in the league when in fact I am in 61st place when I click into the league itself. No complaints here as it's early days for the app. Just wanted to let the person who is working on it know.
  12. 1. Rangers 2. Celtic 3. Aberdeen 4. Hibs 5. Kilmarnock 6. Hearts 7. Motherwell 8. St Johnstone 9. Hamilton Accies 10. St Mirren 11. Ross County 12. Livingstone
  13. Young lady at work today: Her: "I seen two swans down the park the other day, well they were ducks but ducks turn into swans don't they?" Me: "That's The Ugly Duckling you're thinking of." Her: "So what are baby swans called then?" Me: "Cygnets." Her: *gives me a look where she thinks I must be taking the piss then turns away* I'm fairly certain she still believes that ducks turn into swans.
  14. You got me. I didn't even watch it really, I just love Gerrard and Rangers so much that I trawl football forums promoting his documentary. Even though the documentary doesn't actually feature any of his involvement with Rangers. Not sure why having semen in your eyes is your go-to insult, maybe you should have a wee think about your life choices. You might be a happier and more rounded individual if you just be who you really want to be.
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