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  1. we don't even get mentioned on the BBC when looking at League 1 now
  2. so did mackin, leahy and Welsh. someone called stainrod scored for East Kilbride, could it be gods son? on the result today that's just 4 wins from 11 games. by tomorrow night that could put us 8 points adrift. at this rate we could finish up about 30 points adrift by season end
  3. I still don't get why they felt they had to stand up at the start of the Q&A and give a long statement (not question!) to the fans. it felt like they wanted to get stuff off their chest and held onto that mic saying loudly you're going to listen to this whether you like it or not. very controlling and set the evening off to a terrible start. they would have been better just apologising for the current situation and saying they were keen to listen to fans and answer as honestly as they could any questions.
  4. Sheerin to start with a "stuffy" Craig levein style 6-4-0 formation, then when we come in 1-0 down at half time to tighten up to a 10-0-0 formation for the second half and hope we don't lose 2-0. A young falkirk fan shouts you can do better than this falkirk and the board blame the 9 year old on the defeat.
  5. if Holt was the best candidate by far of the 6 interviewed or on the shortlist, I'd love to know who the other 5 were
  6. For Holt to sign his son on a 2 year contract when he is completely underperforming in his role shows the sheer arrogance of the man. Falkirk fans are funding not 1 but 2 holts! They must be having a right laugh milking us while giving nothing but negative results in return.
  7. Another of the boards favourite mantras was if you keep doing what you've always done you'll always get what you got. Sadly, this is why fans need to stop just investing their money in the club. it causes short term pain but the alternative in keeping these charlatans in power is that its going to get even worse.
  8. I hope they set Holt some KPIs when they offered him the job. he must be failing miserably.
  9. Just watched the Q&A. oooffft. Too many toe curling moments to mention, but the one that gets my goat most is this constant viewpoint that we can't keep getting rid of people. This was Holts favourite goto stat 63 out of 65 in 3 years turnover. Answer? He'll target and recruit even worse players with even longer contracts so we keep them even longer! if players aren't performing you can't keep them. Second one was Dean's constant utterly bizarre, it makes no difference if I leave or who is in my position!? Of course it does you utter weapon. A good chairman is worth his weight in gold. Thirdly of my worst 3, sheerin, what a disappointment. wish I knew the answer!? I'll keep playing my way even though it patently doesn't work, and generally lacking confidence and answers. Those 3 are the first that need to go. the rest are hot in pursuit. the finance guy simply handled it all wrong and more unprofessional than any fan. rawlins asking for patience, 10 years of decline and attendances of 4000 while mid table third tier suggests fans are more than patient. rally the troops!
  10. as fully expected, having watched the last Q&A, this has simply strengthened my resolve not to give these deluded, spectacularly unsuccessful people a penny. even if the results turned round, it's deeper than that for me, I dislike these people so much I still wouldn't go. a clean sweep on the board and I'll start going back
  11. Holt isn't just doing a terrible job, he isn't just taking the hefty rumoured £50k pa that could go on players, he's also stopping a fair few fans putting money into the club. I for one won't be back till he's gone.
  12. just watched sheerins interview. painful. we need to sacrifice up top to become tighter at the back! another negative approach. this isn't the premier league. can't believe the result of today's game is we need to sacrifice up top. Dixon and Krasniqi not starting would be where I'd start to look at improving things. what does Krasniqi have to do to start? hetherington, despite a truly brutal run of results gets picked every week. nothing other than deans, Holt and sheerin going will get me back. get the rawlins out too and TNB in. fresh start needed
  13. Davis keillor Dunn scored at least a couple today, as did Nathan Austin last night. ex players have been prolific this season (which backs your point)
  14. what I don't get is do they have no self respect or pride? any normal person would have resigned long long ago. resided over a catastrophic period in the clubs history. that's deans as for Holt what is the point of him? a significant salary that could and should be used for a very good striker
  15. 1 soft shot on target today, a 3-0 home loss in the 3rd tier, as close to the bottom of the table as the top after 10 games. poor form, poor team selections. I haven't given the club a penny for 2.5 years now and won't give them another penny till deans and Holt go. this isn't a whim decision I've followed the club through thick and thin for nearly 40 years. I'm not alone on here.
  16. plenty of possession yet 1 soft shot on target in 90 minutes. that's the problem with the strategy and coaching. airdrie less possession but many many more shots and shots on target. result deserved 3-0 win
  17. which one? Holt? Deans? Sheerin? Players? Sad indictment that you are spoiled for choice
  18. it's the Largs way. predictable formulas. give me ian mccalls coaching book anyday
  19. I was gutted when I lost my VHS commemorative tape of the game many years later. Does anyone know if this has ever been uploaded to YouTube in its full 2 hour entirety including all the pitch invasion footage and players coming back out? my memory of the game was that they only quoted about 6 or 8000 at the game and I've never felt brockville so packed. nerve jangling final minutes as east fife made us sweat.
  20. no goals, no shots on target at home to the bottom team in the third tier of scottish football. we currently sit 8th. 3 wins from 9. sheerins bizarre squads and strategy put him firmly in the crosshairs now. deans and Holt should be embarrassed residing over the continual freefall. resign please gents. interesting to see how long it takes sheerin to put keena on and how we do when he does
  21. It's a fair point. I'm no scout or coach but having watched wilson in one pre season game against stirling University I was shocked at how poor he was. I came on here at that time and said so. it's not something I like doing and isn't anything personal against wilson but against whoever was responsible for watching him over a prolonged period, signing him for a criminal 2 year period, then loaning him out a couple of months later after doing absolutely nothing as everyone predicted. this reflects yet again very poorly on especially deans who said per q&a (thanks for the reminder bpm) how our recruitment was far superior now. what a joke. and for the hundredth time how is Holt still in a job? isn't he accountable to anyone? the only other time I felt as strongly to come on and have a go before the season started was the Hartley season. After watching us beat alloa 2-1 in a pre season friendly I thought we were really poor. favourites to win the league and ended up relegated. dennon Lewis was as poor as wilson in my eyes. headless chicken. so in summary maybe the fans aren't as daft as Holt made out in the q&a
  22. on another note i see another Saturday where ex players continue to score for their current clubs today - Nathan Austin, mackin, Welsh, Davis keilor Dunn, luke leahy, lavery, shepherd
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