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  1. For the statto's out there, in the 5 games we have played in March we haven't scored 1 goal in the first half of any of those games. All 7 goals have come in the second half (5 against Peterhead and 2 against Ayr). 3 games we didn't score at all (Pars, QoS and Kelty). We've won 2, lost 2 and drawn 1. Three of those 5 games were at home, and 3 games were against teams in the bottom half of the league. Our form will need to take a significant uptick if we are to get through the play offs, we'll certainly need to get out the blocks quicker in games. Hopefully just a form blip or is it the curse of manager of the month!?
  2. Disappointing although not entirely unexpected result. The results that have really cost us this season have been the six pointer head to heads with the pars. If we'd simply won our last two league matches we would have been top of the league this morning, the reality is we haven't really turned up for either game. We aren't far off a very good side. I still think we need an out and out striker rather than this hold up style striker role. When that formation doesn't work it really doesn't work.
  3. After hearing that the Pars have sold out their away end tickets and are now snapping up tickets in our main stand I've bought my two main stand tickets much earlier than anticipated today. In an effort to boost numbers I'm also taking a Spurs season ticket holder who's never been to a Falkirk game. He lives locally so you never know might start attending if we put on a show...
  4. 7 games to play in April, then potentially 4 or 5 (including play offs - can't remember if its a one off final or home and away) in early May - just as well we have a strong squad, we'll need to use it Edited to add, sorry forgot a potential Scottish Cup Final too!
  5. Even guys like Blain Rowe, who only came up here for a few months loan, what an opportunity for him, he probably thought coming to a backwater 3rd tier Scottish outfit was a step back in his career, but how many of his Coventry team mates will get to play at the National Stadium in a semi final? Reminds me a bit of Will Vaulks and Luke Leahy a few years back, if you asked them now they would probably still stay playing at Hampden was a career highlight.
  6. Agreed. As HK said its not just about the fans, its about the players, and their families, this might be the only chance that many get to play at Hampden. Even McGinn was saying in his post match interview he didn't expect to play there again when he joined 3rd tier Falkirk. I will probably bring along people to the game that wouldnt go to Tynecastle but will because its hampden. Re the 1/4 split of the gate receipts, if its 50,000 fans plus 10,000 x £20 per head (very conservative) that's £300,000 just in quarter final gate receipts alone. And that's assuming we go out at the semi. Has anyone done the full maths on what this means for totals this year re the cup run, (total prize monies, TV money, gate receipts etc) its really adding up. In addition isn't there un accounted revenue as a result of big gates in the play offs? Would be interesting to see the numbers versus the £400K starting gap next year, I assume its closed already and way exceeded?
  7. Brilliant result and we were the better side for the last 60 minutes so glad we got the (eventual) breaks. Good advert for non premiership football, big crowd, goals, penalties scored and missed, ogs, deflections. Having a strong bench has made a difference tonight. Understand why the Ayr fans are disappointed in bullens tactics, no subs and seemed to sit in after taking the lead. Delighted for mcglynn and the players. Great draw and an easing of the finances for next year. Even more so if we make the final. Although I think Inverness are a tougher proposition than Ayr. Brilliant night after the disappointment of Tuesday
  8. Agreed we look toothless (again) through the middle up front
  9. Why are we taking short free kicks with 30 seconds to go? Get it in the box!! Wright adding nothing at all up front. Came into the game as the half wore on.
  10. Brilliant photo, I was lucky enough to be at that game. Seeing Dalglish and Souness wearing Falkirk tops at Brockville was a massive thrill. Still got the programme and cuttings etc in the loft I think. I echo others sentiments, my memories of Andy Nicol were all positive, great player, rarely had a poor game, nice guy, and accountant so trained part time I believe.
  11. I don't have a great feeling about this game tonight. Hopefully I am wrong but think it may well go the way the home cup game against Dundee went (and Pars) being outmuscled with little end product. I'd bring Brad Mackay (more physical and better goal threat at set pieces) back in for Mackie and Henderson for Max. Having Oliver as a linking player tonight is also up for debate as to whether that is the right set up. Whatever happens, if we are losing with 30 minutes to go I hope we don't whimper out of the cup and have a right go, we are at home. Hoping for revenge against Inverness in the semi.
  12. The main stand needs a few more side panels like the south stand has. Would create a better atmosphere but more importantly would protect the fans from the wind and rain, nothing like sitting 12 or 14 rows back in the centre of the main stand paying for a prime seat then getting soaked to the skin and then the wind screaming over you for 2 hours. It's freezing no matter what you wear. Wouldn't cost too much and could be paid for by a sponsor who could get branding on it
  13. Well done to Dunfermline on the win and what now looks like the league title. The difference between the two sides this season has simply been the head to heads between us. If we'd won the two Dunfermline won against us we'd be top, the difference is that McPake has managed these 3 head to heads tactically far far better than we have. The fact that our statistics against Dunfermline are terrible (goals, shots and shots on target) shows we haven't managed these games well at all and Dunfermline have. This can still be a fantastic season for us if we go up via the play offs and somehow progress in the cup on Monday. Hopefully the Kincardine Bridge derby will be played next season in the league again.
  14. Hope so. Also possible Henderson still isn't 100%
  15. That must have been a massive call for mcglynn. Wasn't Henderson player of the month? Our unbeaten run started when he moved to midfield. Max has skill no doubt, but will he be physical enough for what could be a war of attrition in the middle?
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