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  1. Dylan Mackin scored 2 goals in 8 appearances, Taylor Morgan 0 in 14!
  2. There is an awful lot of competition for worst and best falkirk players. Worst for me, as someone mentioned earlier was Taylor Morgan, a striker who just didn't look like a footballer in any shape or form, poor control, poor positioning, weak in the air, and all backed up with a total of 0 goals in 14 appearances. Best is really hard, as it depends on which league we were in, who was playing around them, were they in their twilight of their career. I started going mid eighties and the 3 obvious ones everyone mentions are crunchie, stainrod and latapy. stainrod just shades it for me as he dragged us to the title, played equally as well in the premiership, entertained on and off the pitch and gave the whole team a swagger and belief, plus I was lucky enough to see his goal straight from kick off in Perth which not only due to his nerve, skill, cheek and atrocious weather conditions will stay with me till the day I die. I never enjoyed my football more than I did that season or two. on another note arfield playing for rangers today, didn't remember he also played for falkirk last time rangers won the cup in 2009
  3. Thanks. Good luck to him, another guy who is playing the league above in a team challenging for promotion to the premiership yet isn't good enough for some of our support for mid league tier 3! Ian mccall is no mug either, so he sees something in him
  4. he consistently played in a side which lost only 4 games in the whole season in the toughest championship or second tier in scottish football history. I went to nearly every game that season and saw him absolutely burst a gut and compete weekly with brilliant players. your post(s) is yet another deluded one where our fans haven't accepted where we are and the type of player and mix of player we need to get out of this league. we've had noone with his heart since the likes of he and sibbald and vaulks left.
  5. watched the interview and wasn't as blown away as some others with it, however I think his experience and liklihood of not accepting less than 100% also puts me in the "guarded optimist" group. I tell you what though I would love to have been a fly on the wall when mcglynn and Watson had that conversation in the stadium this week. guarantee he'll have set exactly how poor the remainder of the majority of the long term contractors have been....
  6. Jeeso, here we go again. is this the same Alston who has now been promoted 2 leagues above us, and sibbald regularly playing 2 leagues above us? the issue is clearly with us that these players can ply their trade better elsewhere than with us, not that the player isn't good enough. it happens consistently we are struggling in the middle to lower 3rd tier of scottish football watching mainly a squad of utterly useless players. to say someone like sibbald isn't an upgrade is madness.
  7. I agree. in addition almost no player or manager has a 100% positive record in the whole time at any club, even the likes of guardiola and mourinho. you are always going to have a bad run at some point. to criticise Hughes for the way he left when he gave so many brilliant memories to me as a player and manager is something I personally won't do. mcall and jeffries, 2 of my other favourite managers also left under a cloud, this is football. Tottenham, another falkirk legend allegedly scrubbed the only existing video of stainrods goal direct from kick off (thankfully I was there and will never forget it). Hughes and houstie took us to Europe and cup finals. I remember a high stakes game at brockville against Inverness when yogi grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck (reminded me of that game Keane did it for man United away at juventus) and scored a bullet header at the hope Street end to equalise. houstie did sign some duffers but he was a brilliant player manager was great tactically, did sign some great players and in the main was brilliant I guess the point I was trying to make earlier is, when you have legends, players, managers above I prefer to focus on the 90% they did right, the great memories they leave me with than the...ah but he signed Alex Harris etc
  8. Falkirk fans slagging off Yogi and Houston who were not only great players but great managers is incredibly sad, especially when you see what we've been served up on both playing and managing fronts in the last few years. And on the latapy front, one of the most gifted players I've watched, I remember several guys round me in the stadium frothing at the mouth because he was too slow, lazy and didn't track back! our fans continue to do it to this day. sometimes I think we deserve what we get utterly hacks me off legends getting slagged with the same old stuff.
  9. re Jaime Wilson I saw him in one of the pre season trialist games at stirling University and came on here and stated before he signed he didn't look like a footballer and we should not sign him. I wouldn't normally do that but he was like a fish out of water. the fact he got a 2 year contract made me lose confidence in sheerin and Holt immediately. hindsight is a great thing but this wasn't hindsight
  10. 14 players released today. if it is mcglynn and he replaces those 14 with decent players the dross left could be frozen out. I'm happy enough with morrison, Watson, mccann etc too so could put together a decent first 17 or 18 and that's before he might get a tune out of 1 or 2 current underperformers. hopefully a few will decide to move on if told not in plans. would love holts son gone first. should never have got a contract
  11. always thought the QOS and Dumbarton posters are the best on here for insightful balanced (in the main) posts
  12. wouldn't it be great to go into games thinking we will play well and win comfortably? I've forgotten what that feels like
  13. giving Gary Holt a job I thought at the time was madness. his signings, recommendations and contracts have been catastrophic. his legacy and the people who appointed him, and bragged about how hard he works, will haunt us for years.
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