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  1. I dont think m&m are the long term future of the club. Changing management feels a bit like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic though. I dont think well ever get out of this mess we have gotten ourselves in till we own our own stadium and land round it, and have our own academy and produce our own players. I dont care how long it takes but it would be good to have a long term strategy aimed at that again. not renting everything and loaning players.
  2. either of these two or hopkin. I never think two managers works, and despite thinking m&m were great players and people for the club dont think they are the answer as management. the post match interviews dont inspire me that they know what they are doing neither does the open play. we may well be top and they may even still take us up but I dont think they are the solution to progress us as a club team. as an aside tried to look up sammons goals per minutes ratio and couldn't as he wadnt featured in the top 25 in league 1!
  3. Didn't see much wrong with the Morrison "goal" in the second half on the highlights. Ref said there was a pull on the Jersey.
  4. Here you go. I was in the main stand that day with my dad (and many other Falkirk fans). recorded as 13000 I think as you say, but like the quoted 5000 at airdrie games a lot lower than it was in reality
  5. just watched it. very interesting especially the last 10 mins
  6. wasnt there something about under soil heating too at some point? changed again against us timing wise as Motherwell never had it?
  7. harsh on Montrose east fife and airdrie but agree. knowing how many times we've been shafted with stadium criteria in the past itll be just one up as Celtic Dundee United and cove rangers all well clear so wed be the one and only sacrificial lamb that was a very close second.
  8. for the first time in our history scottish exams have been cancelled. if that is a precedent then I just cant see these remaining games being played in any format. if they can cancel a whole years exams in all schools then it paves the way for football not to be finished either if so, it'll be a tough decision to make on how its resolved and there will be many cheesed off. the exams example is no one should be disadvantaged and evidence on past performance will be used to help. I hope this is how it might play out in football in Scotland. no relegation and top 2 go up as Falkirk and raith to close to call. then following year we have choice of retaining larger league or 4 down. at least it will be known by all at start of season. we shut down now so everyone knows where they are. looks like financially most clubs have found a solution financially ie raith partick early payments from spfl and whatever still to come
  9. This. UK saying today they hope to limit deaths to 20,000. that's just in the UK. Let's hope he or someone he loves isn't in this 20,000. This is not the flu either. the death rate is 10x higher, there is no vaccination and there are nowhere near enough ventilators or beds. you only have to look on here BPM has had it, I've been self isolating as has long suffering bairn. this is unprecedented in our lifetime and needs positive input.
  10. Thats good news. Hopefully totally recovered and out soon BPM.
  11. I try and avoid responding to your posts however this and the previous one you posted on the subject I find utterly offensive. I'm in my forties and currently have pneumonia as does my wife. we are both deemed high risk through no fault of our own. one of my best mates was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago and was operated on yesterday he is rightly worried about catching it. another friend has diabetes another heart issues, none of these people are old none have self inflicted. your attitude us if they get it they get it...maybe reducing the surplus population for folk like you eh? (copyright Charles Dickens)
  12. this could get messy. playing behind closed doors seems the fairest way to finish the season however think the issue will be if it doesn't suit clubs to play and see the season out they will just declare players are self isolating and get games cancelled. tough one. unprecedented times
  13. only 2 fouls committed by falkirk don't think I've ever seen a foul count in a game so low. solid win, unfortunately results elsewhere all as predicted too. our last 4 or 5 games are tough so hopefully we get on top before then
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