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  1. Take it the two raith players sent off today will be suspended, does this cause you guys issues or is the squad and positions able to cope? on the falkirk front probably better Lee Miller plays up front for us, even if he's slow and can't run about much more likely to score...
  2. I have a bit of a soft spot for Alan irvine, I wrote to him back in the day, think I was about 15, didn't expect a reply yet received an 8 page hand written letter. really well written and full of good stuff. still got it up in the loft with my programmes. as other have said was quick.
  3. guys sorry to jump into your thread, however incase anyone interested I'm selling 63 Rangers programmes on gumtree for £150. they date from 1960 to 2014. includes old firm games, cup finals, European games. make a good Christmas present. cheers
  4. of the names mentioned I don't really fancy any. I'd rather, if he'd drop a league, go with Dick Campbell. He won this league at a canter last season with a part time club with far less resources. He also doesn't fit that "largs coaching " mould
  5. imagine Gary Caldwell, just when you thought things couldn't get any lower, some real frightening prospects on that list
  6. I had high hopes for McKinnon when he was appointed to be fair. He was doing a decent job at Morton, had also done the same at Raith to an extent, he knew the league and was also more media friendly than that roaster Hartley whos post match interviews sent me into a froth. He probably got longer favour from the fans than he otherwise would have because he replaced Hartley we were just happy to see anyone else. After watching a few games under McKinnon it was obvious he wasn't the man. his teams didn't play entertaining football, he grossly mismanaged key games last season we could and should have won and don't get me started on his lack of guidance, coaching and strategy from pitchside. you only had to look at the respective managers last season at home to Alloa. Jim Goodwin made me quite jealous of Alloa ffs. as for next manager I say it everytime I just want someone who attacks from the off and if we lose the odd game so be it. if ever there was a league and season we should attack this is it. on paper we have the best squad and should not be scared to go toe to toe. in 35 years of going however it seems you only get 1 good manager in 5. if say I've enjoyed Jeffries McCall Hughes and Houston to varying degrees, however for every Jeffries there's been several lambies bannons Hartleys and McKinnons. as others have stated the problems run so deep now. we need to find new owners who want to work to own the facilities, start up the academy and most importantly 'reconnect with a severely short changed and disillusioned support
  7. not been to TFS this season and never renewed seasons either, this was as much due to Rays turgid tactics as the board antics. I'm sitting here at midnight in Thailand following the BBC and Twitter feeds wondering why I'm even bothering to do that now. he has to go now. no excuses. resign or be pushed
  8. this has always been a bug bear of mine, last season at home to alloa, a game we had to win Jim Goodwin was communicating all game with his players up and down the touchline coaching and cajoling. ray just stood there hands in pockets. if I were a player he wouldn't motivate me. the sub, formation and positively changing a game thing is sadly missing too. he needs to go, the only players that seemed to care about the club last season were all let go too McGhee Robson and aero, you can argue their pros and cons as players (I liked all 3) however if you aren't playing well it helps if you actually care and put a shift in first and foremost. I'm of the opinion I'd almost rather let the players lead themselves now, we are lucky we are still in touch at the top...
  9. could one of our existing players manage us to avoid paying another manager? bell? Dixon? gomis? I don't know the ones with the leadership capabilities and knowledge to do it could they do much worse than is currently being done with this squad?
  10. only been to 1 game this season and it was Clyde away. the football is terrible. sadly not missing it at all not supporting ray here , however 16 shots at goal and no goals today so not just down to him. only very minor positive is that 2 games into the second quarter and we have 3 points from 6 where in the first quarter we had 1 from same two teams, albeit both those were away and these 2 were at home. still in touching distance at top but simply nowhere near good enough. challenging times on and off the park
  11. there were a few of us from the start didn't fancy him
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