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  1. on another note i see another Saturday where ex players continue to score for their current clubs today - Nathan Austin, mackin, Welsh, Davis keilor Dunn, luke leahy, lavery, shepherd
  2. is there anyone on here that thinks Holt should be at the club, or Dean's come to that? they must have some neck to stay in a role where they are massively underperforming and not wanted by any of the customers. Deans has resided over one of the most calamitous falls in a club I can remember.
  3. This. i used to be a season ticket holder and go to most games with family members. None of us have been to a home game for over 2 years now. I don't care which league we are playing in and never have done, thats not the issue, I've enjoyed games at Brechin, Forfar etc as much, if not more, than at ibrox and parkhead over the years. I'm sick of the people running the club and the decisions made. getting rid of the academy, not owning our stadium, turning down fans investment and employing Holt as DOF are 4 off the top of my head that irk me most. its galling to know that Holt takes more money out of the club in a year than my family have put in with season tickets over a lifetime.
  4. Holt or a very very good striker for the same wage? Terrible decision to have a DOF in the 3rd tier. Going backwards not forwards.
  5. yep. understand. I'm giving sheerin some of the benefit of the doubt here that these are the players that are being put in front of him and the budgets he is having to work with. agreed though I'm guessing ultimately he surely has the final say in a yes or no? he's admitted himself that the honeymoon period is now over. fans are starting to question his picks, positions and tactics.
  6. Shocking, especially after the sphiel given at the Q&A. I think most people believe in Sheerin, the reinstatement of the development set up etc. However why are we paying a DOF the rumoured £50K plus per annum when we can't put a winning team on the pitch? Why are we still recruiting the likes of Wilson when by their own admission he wasn't great in the trials and had no real reputation prior to that? these 2 wages alone could be far better spent and that's before you dig any further.
  7. we've had months to get decent strikers in. I thought we were to have 2 or 3 players for each position? what has Holt been doing on the striker sourcing front? why do we do this every season, where we are a good chunk of games in and are still scrambling around? we have some very good creative players but what a waste if we don't go up because there is noone there to finish off the ample chances they create
  8. the fact he is a far superior footballer is the key. the fact he is tall and as such has a better physical presence at corners, free kicks etc is just a bonus
  9. Agreed. A few folks mentioned playing Krasniqi up front in one game instead of Wilson and actually its not a bad shout (as a short term solution till we get another decent striker). He's tall, has skill and presence. Wilson has none of these and adds nothing. The problem Sheerin is going to have is that he agreed to sign him after poor trials, continues to play him, and he continues to do nothing while we are not top of the league, he'll start to come in for stick. when does the Wilson experiment come to an end? Sheerin seems to be a clever coach, so hopefully he realises and calls it a day on him sooner rather than later.
  10. Absolutely this. Watched Wilson as a trialist pre season, had never heard of him and said to my pal he doesn't even play like a footballer, surely we won't sign him. Of course we did, and he's done nothing since ti change anyones mind. You'd rather get one better guy than 2 really poor players surely? didn't sheerin say wilson wasn't great in the trials, so why did we still sign him? The money could have gone against increasing the money for a better loan player.
  11. Only scored 8 goals in past 3 seasons, in nearly 80 games. however, probably at a higher level, not playing consistently and lots of sub appearances? if it's to falkirk hopefully he gets his career back on track with consistent goals and appearances in an attacking team in a lower league
  12. Gavin Reilly going out on loan on Monday. just announced by martindale on bbc radio....said leaving it for club going to, to announce it
  13. always thought this was at least worth exploration, particularly as we want and need every competitive advantage we can get. it might attract more fans to game and help team out support wise. away fans could be housed in North end of main stand as they have done many a time before. I personally would rather sit in the north stand than south simply as its nearer my car, especially on days its pouring!
  14. Regarding Dowds, sheerin has watched him in training and pre season games. I saw him against stirling uni and he looked overweight and unfit to me, maybe it's something outwith his ability that Sheerin doesn't like? Agree with you on Wilson though, saw him that game and was amazed we signed him and he's had (unproductive) game time ever since.
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