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  1. As I said you have a snide side to you. You should practice what you preach. ( ) boy
  2. Always knew you had a wee snide bit about you. . ( ) boy.
  3. Not that you have every done that ??
  4. Known Liam since he played at St Peters. Always thought he was a bit special and deserves to play in the top league. He has been instrumental along with a few others in getting Rossvale to where they are.
  5. Question for DL. Can you rate how well you think the team has done this season. Personally, I think you are where you should be in the league and ahead of the game in the Scottish, it’s all in your hands to get to the semis but you don’t want Talbot over two games if you get there. I wound fancy you in a one off game though. good luck tomorrow.
  6. Think Darvel are well worth their position at the top of the Championship. They are obviously the best team in the league and can only beat what’s in front of them. They will find next year a big challenge but when you look at the ambition they have shown in the transfer market you can only wonder who they will bring in next season to meet that challenge.
  7. Rossvale are having an amazing season. I think Rutherglen are in trouble and it will need a quick turn around for them not to go down.
  8. Really looking forward to the Darvel v Cumbernauld games. They should be crackers and will decide the outcome of the championship. Think Neilston will squeeze out the others for third place.
  9. Well done for collating the info. Thanks.
  10. So they are a Junior team and got beaten by a Junior team and can’t use the shit excuse that they are ammies, because, they are not.
  11. Don’t get many chances to beat a Super League team and it looks like Kilsyth blew it.
  12. Darvel are doing great work and hopefully will be two divisions away from you by the time May comes. Btw I noticed you went missing for a wee while when the “gaffer “ called you out for spouting your pish. What’s your pet name for the new boss ?
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