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  1. West Region KO times

    How do you know we have his attention on here ?
  2. West Region KO times

    I disagree, I think he has a lot to learn. It’s all a wee bit hash bash without thinking things through.
  3. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    f**k I’ve got a stalker now.
  4. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Your doing a great job of stoking the flames on here, do you better if you make sure your boilers stoked.
  5. Best junior player you’ve ever seen!

    Sorry, It was the namechange of the ground I was asking. Royston has been colloquially known as the Garngad for as long as I remember and that’s a long time. It could be argued that the ground is not in the Garngad more Provanmill/Ranza.
  6. Best junior player you’ve ever seen!

    I’m sure the Candy boys know , it was always Provanmill Park when I was growing up, when did the name change, it kind of crept up on me.
  7. Best junior player you’ve ever seen!

    You know who.
  8. Best junior player you’ve ever seen!

    Jimmy McGrory, he was manager of Celtic at the time and he was coming out Central Station. I’m sure he played for some team from the Garngad in the distant past. I wonder if any other Junior Player has a ground named after him ? I also saw Kenny play for Cumbernauld
  9. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Nothing is done at pace, everything is pedestrian. Thought the two boys that came on made a difference and I would hope they are starters next week in a must win game or it will be a battle to finish mid table never mind have a shot at promotion.
  10. Today’s scores

    Darvel 1-3. Benburb
  11. Today’s scores

    Darvel 1-2 Benburb
  12. Whitlets vics

    “Low expectations “. You are putting yourself down.
  13. Whitlets vics

    Ha ha. You got owned yesterday and you know it.
  14. Whitlets vics

    Good luck to him.
  15. St Roch"s 2018/19

    Don't talk nonsense we had more fans in the ground than Darvel I’m no so sure of that.