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  1. Rangers Celtic Hibernian Dundee Motherwell Hamilton These 6 teams apparently have the required insurance, however Ive also read that Aberdeen have a version of it as well.
  2. Cant believe I forgot about Weighorst & Rae. It might well be sentimental, preferential memory or just me mixing up times, but the teams and players we had in Division 1 were often better than Premier teams we had, the players mentioned above, the Grady & Annand, Shaw & Britton partnerships, McSkimming, Pageau, two Duffys, etc etc Also, I far prefer Division 1 to this Championship name pish.
  3. Why are you a Dee? Family are all Dees, couldn't be anything else. First game? I cant remember to be quite honest. There were games before this, but the first game I can absolutely remember was the 1995 Cup game, Dundee 4 Hearts 4, not a bad game to be fair. Where do you sit? Season ticket for a decade in The Derry before giving it up. Now sit in The Main Stand when I do make it to Dens. Longest you've travelled to watch the Dee? Crystal Palace for Speronis testimonial. Remember getting a lock in at what could only be described as a complete dump, a local hardmans pub, but it was a great, albeit slightly scary night. Ever missed work/event to watch the Dee? No. Favourite ever player? I loved Anderson, McCann, Vrto and Adamczuk as a bairn, but have to give it to Nemsadze, a player whose legs didnt make sense. Most enjoyable game? Probably have to say Motherwell 0 Dundee 2, Bonettis first game in charge, and we played outstanding fitba that day. Under different circumstances, I could have picked Rangers 0 Dundee 2 when Caniggia and Rae scored, however, due to a ticket balls up, I ended up in the home end and couldn't celebrate our goals, horrible place, horrible fans, horrible hygiene amongst that lot. Best goal seen live? Probably Caballeros second thunderbolt against Rangers when they were awarded 65 penalties at Dens in a 2-2 draw. McCann semi final goal/cross, Caniggia at Pittodrie, Grady and Nemsadze at Tannadice with honourable mentions. Favourite away stadium? Tynecastle, very compact, steep and right on the pitch. Worst away Stadium? Not a dump, but for being an utterly soulless pointless existence, it has to be Livingstons. Worst player? Jesus, I could bring down the internet if I got started here. However, I will nominate Craig Burley, yes he is easily in the top 10% of players to play for us in my lifetime, if measured by overall quality, but his attitude, performance, work ethic, everything was appalling while he was at Dens.
  4. Honestly, the above 3 posts are verging on fantasy and ridiculous. Utd have won the league, anyone who thinks otherwise is mental.
  5. Wow, that’s utterly pathetic Old Firm level mental behaviour. In theory, we might all be Dees here, with obvious interlopers, but there’s no doubt who has won the league, and should go up.
  6. Its definitely a quandary, who knows how the whole debacle will end. Celtic, Utd and Cove have practically won their leagues, and deserve their titles, with division 1 still to be decided. God knows what happens to the relegation spots. For once, I wouldn't want to be in the hot seat deciding upon this, sod that.
  7. Side of a building? A continent? The fvcking earth?
  8. He's not alone tbh - Hemmings seems to be the only one who actually hits the target Yep. Could easily be 3-2 here, both teams look iffy at the back, but incapable of taking advantage 😂
  9. Nelson literally couldn’t hit the side of a bus right now.
  10. Ayr hit the post after a corner. End to end stuff.
  11. Wouldn’t say that. Should have been 1-1 before it should have been 2-0. Both teams have had chances.
  12. Good goal, nice flick by Gowser, easy finish for Hemmings.
  13. Hamiltons wife popped out a bairn last night, I just hope he didnt have to catch it.
  14. I will be watching this live at 3:45am tomorrow morning, get your money on another 0-0 borefest.
  15. Tactics, that you yourself said wouldn't work, so thats a bit silly isn't it? If youre replying to me, and trying to generalise about the average fan, that just makes you look a bit silly again. Tar me with things Ive actually said, not generalisations that you think backs up your point. If you can find anything like that, then fair enough, otherwise, whats the point. The 'Im not a gamer' comment makes less sense than your average post. You don't have a clue about how we can play as a team, so maybe if the ball does hit you in the head, it might knock some sense into you. But probably not.
  16. A hell of a lot of dreaming, wishing and frankly downright nonsense in that post. This is real life, not Football Manager with the editor being utilised.
  17. Playing wingbacks, and wingers doesn't work, its incredibly unbalanced and would be a disaster. Playing a 523 formation that you recommend wouldn't work. Playing Byrne and Dorrans in midfield would be a terrible idea, and allow Ayr to dominate possession and give them a free run. I cant think of any team that would line up like that.
  18. Its amazing how different peoples opinions on the game could be, that team would get absolutely ripped apart in midfield, it would be a monumental mauling of epic proportions, even McCann and McIntyre would look at that and think, nah maybe thats no use.
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