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  1. Has the majority of the throw ins not been foul throws, Im certain the throwers foot is on the pitch most of the time.
  2. I hope young McPake is a success, but a 17 year old winger, or attacking midfielder will most likely get a bit of a kicking in this league. He does look quite stocky in the picture, so hopefully he can hold his own, but its a big task for him to come into the pro game and get off to a flyer.
  3. Is it like a speed up in a computer game then? Stopping and spinning when someone is about to catch up with you is interesting.
  4. Well its been coming, its almost like our team since the sub was ruined. Fvck off Dundee.
  5. Maybe unfair, but Id never bring Meetings on, or start him, or pay him, or let him through the doors. He is just a bad luck charm.
  6. Playing well, things look good, then the manager does the usual, lets bring on an extra defender and reshuffle the whole teams shape and tactics. When it works fine, when it doesn't, it just utterly fvcks everything up. Now we don't have a team to win the extra time period, Aberdeen will be favourites now. McPake is to blame for that.
  7. Deserved lead, been the better side so far. We look pretty decent, good balance in the midfield, and not just trying to contain Aberdeen which was my worry with the 451. Aberdeen, whats happened to then, they look awful, Logan looks like a Sunday League player.
  8. And Most of Hartleys latter time. I reckon we could beat Hearts for sheer shitebaggery.
  9. Aberdeen beat 3 times in a row, cmon, we all know that they will get a confidence boosting win at their favourite ground. It’s just what happens.
  10. I just read The Courier piece, we should tell Davies to GTF if he is trying to negotiate out of his contract, make him train every day from now on. People like him just piss people off, an absolute utter wnker.
  11. Nope, just think its a bit bizarre TBH, if I was upset, I would have done the manly internet retaliation and down voted you.
  12. Injury prone, cant defend, cant run, passing is dubious, sells herbal life. The guy is a massive waste of money.
  13. Ludo, you seriously voted me down for this? Get a grip man πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And voted this down, talk about a sensitive wee soul. Want a cuddle?
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