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  1. I shall rethink nothing, its an entirely accurate post. Offensive words exist, the dictionary definition of the word fits. Id phone The. Cambridge Dictionary and complain if I were you.
  2. Id settle for that, I like the sound of that actually.
  3. Youre the one with the knowledge apparently? The last few hours has ben absolutely comical on here.
  4. This would imply that you don't know? But equally you do know what DFC are guilty off? Strange times here.
  5. I find the SPFL leadership, especially that utter belled Doncaster to be complete bastirds, however, I wouldn't want Rangers to bring them down.
  6. ICT chairman wasn't on BBC Scotland. today. Next? Honestly mate, youre looking like a complete spastic here, you should give up now.
  7. Id suggest you read the legislation regarding racism and hate crimes in Scotland, but doubt you'd understand it. Your grasp of English seems very limited after all. The rest of your post is brilliant though, cheers ya fud. Is Arbroath missing its idiot today? I think we have found him.
  8. Oh utter shite, top class utter shite though. You get a gold medal as well.
  9. Racism as well now, what a jolly chap you are. Now piss off ya stupid wee walloper.
  10. We are a word that doesn't exist? How does that work? Away back and shag a dolphin or a cod ya muppet.
  11. I have to say, Im kinda loving these morons having a go at Nelms and DFC all over the place. Ive had arguments withs Dees on here as some doubt my loyalties, and I don't defend us often, but this is brilliant fun.
  12. Oh god, who do you support? Not that its relevant, but unless your God, or Allah etc shut the f**k up.
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