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  1. I thought that about the time Utd went down, that they would turn it around at some point, and it never happened.
  2. Really getting concerned that Hearts will be relegated, them coming down would be a disaster.
  3. Ross Wallace signs for St Mirren, so much for him and Tony Watt signing.
  4. Kinda agree on sentence 1, Bonetti was at least interesting, Duffy was well spoken, Scott was passionate, Hartley wasn't too bad, McCann could talk well, but it was all utter drivel. McPake sounds like he is on a sex line, the deep breathing and constant pauses is just awful. However, I think its a massive issue with losers, or rather when losing games. If you're a winner, or on winning runs, you can be an absolute bass, and no one cares, however when you lose, people pick up on everything. Several people have said above that they wont be buying a season ticket if he remains, results are key, but him looking like a statue on the sideline, then repeating the same 4 or 5 sentences during interviews means there is a disconnect between him and the fans. He just isn't likeable as a person, you just cant connect with him at all. Edited to add, Mourinho has always been a bit of a huffy bairn, but he fights his ground, he challenges reporters, and always gives an opinion, like him or loathe him, he embodies passion and commitment, McPake looks comatose.
  5. I very much doubt there’s anything that McPake can do, to make me think he deserves next season. If, and it’s a monumental if, he can get a good run between now and the end of the season, including far fewer idiotic subs, iffy lineups and baffling tactics, then I’d maybe reconsider, but it’s unlikely. He, or possibly the club needs to send him on media training, he comes across absolutely abysmally, and like it or not, image is incredibly important. I think some people have hugely over reacted to a single victory, over a frankly terrible team.
  6. What a tedious cvnt, amazing how much you need DFC.
  7. Well, that was unexpected, quite a nice surprise though.
  8. Partick look dreadful, which is a surprise. I don't think Ive complained about officials in a very long time, but this ref is a bit of a joke.
  9. Two goals up. Clean sheet. WTF can I moan about 😂😂 (please don’t tempt fate)
  10. Well, didn’t expect to be in front, let’s hope we can stay on top.
  11. Supposedly a 352 in theory, think that means it will be a 541 in reality, with the 4 midfielders within touching distance of each other.
  12. Dundee in the opposition box, you crack me up man.
  13. Its not even 2:00, can I call McPake a twat, or is it too early?
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