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  1. Heard him at the Glasgow hustings recently. Another in a position well beyond his ability, there because he was the chosen one of a particular faction. That said, Scottish Labour don’t exactly look spoilt for choice at the moment.
  2. The real opposition has already started. Two hugely impressive interviews from Keir and Lisa this morning on Sky and the BBC. Well I’m saying that, maybe it’s just a change to hear from people who are competent. I watched ‘Labour: The Wilderness Years’ on Friday and it was eye opening to hear Lansman, Corbyn and others spouting the same shite in the early 80s as they do now. A parrot could do it. Which is why Corbyns opposition was so weak. When you spout the same shit over and over, people stop listening and the government are happy to ignore. I think we’ll see proper opposition now, reacting to the world now and what is actually happening while offering proper criticism and solutions. It’s a good start.
  3. Awful man, but he’s stating the obvious. Should be good to actually have an opposition again.
  4. The leadership, Milne and co, decided it was Brexit in their pre-election reflection period. Beyond Burgon who thinks everything was perfect (probably because he doesn’t have the brain power to think of anything different), they haven’t moved from what they said an hour after the exit poll. Apparently though the Brexit policy was the fault of Starmer, the nasty Blairites and the ‘right’, not the members who approved the policy at conference. The same members who are supposed to decide policy on everything, including military action. It’s so inconvenient when the members don’t do what they’re told. Corbyn and the leadership were the main problem as anyone who doesn’t have their head in the sand knows. Even if we are to delude ourselves into thinking it was just Brexit, that was the fault of the leadership too. The half arsed effort in 2016 which contributed to losing the referendum in the first place and the dithering ever since. There was barely a message from Labour on Europe to get behind.
  5. I’d be worried if he was on my council, never mind my MP, and then one at the top of a party. The idiots idiot. Quite a good Political Party podcast with Matt Forde and Long-Bailey today and she comes across very well just speaking honestly without her campaign team.
  6. Because it clearly is. She comes across fairly well when at hustings and in interviews, then all of a sudden you can tell when the ‘tactics’ start. Similar kind tactics you see on Zarbs twitter feed. It’s so obvious when she’s calling the others out because it doesn’t come natural to her.
  7. Zarb and the rest of the Long-Bailey campaign are becoming increasingly desperate. About 3 times now she’s called on the others to back her policies, now it’s ‘here are my donations, now reveal yours’. It’s not working Matt/Len/Ian/John. Especially when members of Unite, like me, look at their ridiculous £200k contribution to her campaign and know we didn’t have any say in who we supported.
  8. Long-Bailey comes across far better than Corbyn, that’s for sure and may have even stood a chance without the Momentum influence. But the influence from the likes of Lansman and Zarb is too obvious at times.
  9. EXCL: The Scottish Government tried to throw up media lawyer-style hurdles as @ScottishSun moved to publish exclusive about Derek Mackay's online pestering of a schoolboy. Their demands included the name of the boy and our “justification for publication"
  10. To be fair there are a thousand plus politicians in the public eye. I doubt it’s any more prominent in that role than it is across other parts of society. They’re more likely to get caught though given their profile.
  11. Funny seeing the followers of Corbyn, Lansman and Tony Benn all of a sudden getting worked up about a ‘millionaire male knight’. Cretins like Slavery weren’t asking Corbyn to stand aside for Cooper or Kendall in 2015, but now of course ITS TIME COMRADES.
  12. “recent weeks....very deliberate attempt to discredit me” Or maybe, there’s been an open forum, a private behind closed doors meeting with fans, Harvey amazingly kept his job until one game to go, we haven’t scored in 8 games, and we’re 4-0 down in a relegation playoff. Rather than a deliberate attempt to discredit anyone, maybe people are judging what’s in front of them. I’m not really wanting to stick the boot in as everyone’s hurting, but reacting to an internet troll on a football forum a day before the second leg hardly seems wise.
  13. I believe the raffle type thing has been successful at other clubs, though I stand to be corrected. The problem at Berwick was probably more to do with the execution of the idea and the lack of follow up from the club or director then responsible for it, than the idea in itself. Though I think the comparisons in many areas with local teams is a bit silly, in attracting and retaining sponsors over the past few years, Berwick Rangers could certainly learn a thing or two. Or just listen to people like Dale and Dom tbf rather than a scattergun approach and a begging bowl. And that Stenny chairman statement is brilliant. Man Utd and Newcastle could learn a lesson on how to engage from it, never mind Berwick.
  14. I don’t really get why it would bother you if someone investing money was enjoying the boardroom. Surely there are these kind of people at clubs the length and breadth of the country. Some better run than others. It sounds almost like a political/class thing, against people with money going to the ‘gentleman dinner’, enjoying their money type thing. I’m pretty sure you’ll also get these kind of people who just want to enjoy their money and help the local team, charity or whatever, who’ll also get young people with ideas involved also. They could deliver a strategy, or get someone else to, to get people involved and listen to ideas. I don’t necessarily think a ‘sugar daddy’ is going to be deaf to people who know better than them in different areas, which is what we have anyway at the moment. Not many people will want to help fund an unsuccessful bottomless pit for the sake of a boardroom piss up. And at the same time, the vast majority of fans will just want to see a successful team on the park rather than worry if the person helping to fund it upstairs is slurping back the pints or not. We are going to need all the help we can get competing against well funded teams like Kelty and East Kilbride, especially when the parachute payments go if we can’t make an immediate return. I really don’t think an investor, or a group of people investing would put off the younger people I know who have come and go in helping the club getting involved again. I think your post if I’m honest sums up one of the issues and shows why some have looked to reject the likes of Monty and Neil Templeman in the past. I mean what’s more important, the team on the park (whether funded a golf club clique, masons, the church or a gentleman’s club or whatever) or trying to create a club in an ideal community project/social enterprise type thing. Christ, I’d take a good team with the later, but let’s not cut off our nose to spite our face if we know of people willing to invest, just because they might want to enjoy the boardroom. On Dom, I get your point and yes can see why he was sacked, however he still knows his stuff when it comes to marketing etc. I’m sure he conveyed his ideas to the club and to the new chairman. In fact I know he did. Its more that none of that is taken on board, whether he’s still there or not.
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