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  1. I know we can’t actually do anything about it, but at least a statement or something would be a signal to our fans that we aren’t just accepting our fate. We managed put out enough of them last summer. I agree with Dale. You get the impression there’s just an acceptance and next season will be a new start/new era/clean slate, whatever league we’re in. I can’t agree with it, and I don’t think the majority of the support agree with it. Success on the park is by far and away the most important thing for me. If league status is important, the time for action is now, because it’ll be extremely hard to ever get back here if we go down. I’ve little interest in seeing a downsized Berwick Rangers plodding along in the Lowland League in some Ainslie Park style ‘stadium’, whether that’s at the centre of the community or not.
  2. We used up all the statement tokens by September.
  3. Not sure I’d look too much into that. It’s always happened as far as I’m aware. Plus they’re doing jobs individually as the game starts and around half time. A little sense of urgency wouldn’t go amiss though.
  4. I produced a rant on Saturday then deleted it. Tried to enjoy my day yesterday, but that interview is horrendous. I was fully supportive of him for months but he should have gone about a month ago, then certainly after Annan. I find it amazing the decision hasn’t been made and there’s seems to be another fan talk with the manager on a Wednesday looking forward to next season. I’m not even sure who’s in charge. The chairman, the chairman elect, or if its a collective decision to just do nothing. I know there’s a lack of alternatives, but these players clearly aren’t playing for him. They barely make a noise on the pitch and just look resigned to their fate. There’s still a few decent players there, Adamson, See, Blues, OKane, Brydon, Forbes etc. Surely there must be someone out there who can organise a team for a few games.
  5. It’s all over the place because being ‘wronged’ was clearly dominant in his thoughts when writing it. This is the guy who equated his role as twitter guy to that of the team manager before being dumped. The worst bit is the finger being pointed at the club for Henderson choosing Edinburgh over us, despite the difference in what each club could offer. Dom hated Henderson at Berwick and regularly slaughtered him on here to the point that Blair directed a celebration at him after a goal. He also hate McKenna who did similar and has also gone on to far better things. To then belittle fans for having hope in the manager when he was appointed, because ‘he knew better’ is hilarious. As I said before, he skims over some of the things he has a point with and even then litters it with errors. It’s absolutely nothing new and people have gone more in depth on here, the difference being that he’s so far up his own arse it’s more attack and destroy, tinged with bitterness than the mainly constructive things you see here. Probably because most supporters are thinking of the club rather than themselves.
  6. Skims over a lot so that he can continue to talk about himself. Better reading some of the well thought out comments on here.
  7. Nah. That might be the reason we are shite and in a position that means this could affect us, but if we finish bottom by one point, the fact would remain that on the park over the course of a season we had picked up more points than Albion Rovers. Theres a debate about whether the decision is fair or not, but it’s not irrelevant as it would still be the reason for the difference between 9th and 10th. It could happen at any position in any of the leagues. It doesn’t become any more or less fair at the bottom of League 2 because the two clubs have been poorly run, than it would if a similar scenario happened between Rangers and Celtic at the top of the Premiership.
  8. I think pretty much everyone knows that nobody who has been involved in Berwick Rangers has looked at it in terms of financial gain, but I also think it’s pretty fair to say that far too much energy has been expended on internal battles. You could go back nearly 20 years to the days of Curle and see evidence of it. Ironically, just when the trapdoor looks like opening, this season has probably seen the most united boardroom over that time. I’m sorry to keep harping back to what George Mathison said at a talk with the Supporters groups, but he kept hitting the nail on the head. When he talked about a vision for the future of Berwick Rangers, he asked what do the fans want the club to be using two extremes. He used the example of Arbroath at one end, where all expenditure is directed towards what you see on the park on a Saturday afternoon. Little in the community, no youths etc etc. Then on the other hand Spartans, where their community work is the most important thing they do with the performance of the first team being secondary. In my opinion, on and off and with different people at different times, directors and those involved with the club have been pulling apart seeking to achieve these ambitions (to a certain extent) but without taking everyone with them. I don’t think it’s financial gain, or even personal glory thats been at the forefront, but certainly competing visions and/or trying to defend against other people who want to take the club in the other direction. It’s all led to a lack of focus. A lack of agreed vision for the club and the club drifting with complacency because of it. The managerial appointments Cameron apart are perfect evidence of it. That’s why I was disappointed in the forum as little of what was said pre-Xmas was evident. The big questions about direction and vision still need answered and the forum was the perfect opportunity (though maybe wrong timing in the season) to ask, not tell. Tbh, I slaver enough and people can disagree, but it’s so frustrating year on year saying the same things.
  9. ‘We all have our 6-0 days’ [emoji23] Someone stated it was Annans biggest league win, and they managed to do it in one half of football. We’re supposed to be scrapping for our lives and they’re pretty much safe in their position. It was an absolutely disastrous result on the back of a number of others.
  10. Totally agree on all the Harvey stuff but no where near as optimistic on the forum last week. I’ve already covered why so no point repeating myself. I’m a member of the Trust and have been since 2003. I totally agree with its aims and think it’s run well. I’m also on the Supporters Club board so I’ll take back a lot of what you say to the meeting on Tuesday. Totally agree with the £5 membership thing and it needs to be better. The numbers for the weekly scheme are actually going up, but aye, things could be advertised better. Regarding the web presence and social media, I update the Facebook page when it’s about things specific to the SC, but didn’t want to use it as a page to just repeat what was being posted on the club and trust pages. Maybe we should look at that again. The legends dinner will happen at some point but some of the winners were unavailable when a date was suggested so will probably be early next season. Things could certainly be done better, but like with a lot of organisations it needs the people to be able to do things. Most members of the Supporters club committee have match day roles, turnstyles, selling programmes, 50/50 draw tickets, stewarding. The SC hold the lease for the stadium and have agreements with Tweedmouth Rangers and Matty Moor youth coaching (who’s also a committee member). They donate indirectly to Berwick Juniors by paying NCC for the use of Iverson. The money really comes from the Weekly Scheme, rent from the Bandits, from the phone mast in the ground and any other fundraising events. A lot is done with the upkeep of the ground. In the summer I think role we played along with the Trust was vital in stopping the Watkins and co debacle. But again, it needs people to do things. There’s spaces on the committee for anyone wanting to get involved. Great post by Dale and I agree with nearly it all. The complacency and the lack or urgency is still there for me. I thought that’s what I saw at the forum last week, and I think that’s why we’ll fail to act this week. You could go back to Crease. A stop gap who was made permanent. It was almost painful at the end as he went onto Radio Newcastle to criticise the fans and it took the Supporters groups putting their foot down for any action to be taken. Yano stayed long beyond losing the plot, and even then some on the board were reluctant to see him go. Cough should have gone at the end of his full season but stayed and was sacked at the worst possible time. The appointments of Yano, Horn and Harvey showed we were happy to take a ‘risk’ on young inexperienced managers, but it keeps failing and I’d argue it’s far from ambitious. Like we’re looking for a someone to deliver a project without getting the basics right. I think it was a fan of another club who said ‘at least you don’t get one of the same old dinosaurs who do the rounds’, but maybe we need to get the basics right first and get someone in with experience of challenging at the top end of this league. The first team winning games as a priority. The excuses/reasons and accusations of negativity are boring when you see nothing changing and see no reason to all of a sudden become positive. It’s an absolute chore supporting Berwick Rangers when it should be something you enjoy.
  11. He invited a fan into the dressing room to tell the players what it means. Phil Brownesqe.
  12. He has to go, and it has to be now. Any later is wasting in time and matches when a new manager could be working out how to set up the team before Albion Rovers come to town. Not to mention the playoff if it comes to that. We should be scraping for our lives. We lay down last week and shipped 6 in a half today. How can anyone trust that Harvey will get the best out of these players now.