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  1. Croatia v England - semi final

    Sterling hasn’t been honking. His role in the team is vital.
  2. Berwick 2018/19

    I’m a member of both and on the committee for the Supporters Club. The SC AGM took place last Tuesday with 3/4 directors in attendance. There was a pretty decent discussion at the end where people raised some points with directors regarding the season ahead. For example I suggested the budget for the manager should be higher as ‘money in the bank’ is pointless if we go down. I said pretty much what I’ve said on here, that the club need to make itself as attractive as possible for potential investors and new leadership and the rats in a sack behaviour in the boardroom for the last decade plus needed to stop or it’s a total turn off for anyone new. The committee isn’t at full numbers, so Dougie Watkin put himself forward to come on and was voted on. Absolutely nothing was mentioned about him becoming Vice Chairman at the meeting. Nothing was mentioned about Eric Tait becoming director of football or why we needed one. Nothing was mentioned about the board changing their decision on Tweedmouth Rangers playing on Shielfield. Nothing was mentioned about the stair lift thing (not that I was desperate to find out about it). These decisions as far as I’m aware were made AFTER the SC AGM. They weren’t made by the SC, our representative on the board, or the Trust, whatever we think about these decisions. But anyway, the SC and Trust don’t make the decisions. The committees of each will have their view and ask their representatives on the board to push for this or whatever, but it’s not their job to justify decisions the board make. The board have made decisions and not run these past the SC, and I doubt they have the Trust either. I suppose it’s open to to debate whether they should or not. Just to add, when Lenny became chairman he was asked to stand down from the SC committee and he did so. I would expect Dougie Watkin to do the same, if asked. I’m sure he had some idea about what was going to happen with his position on the board before he put himself forward. We’ll see.
  3. Berwick 2018/19

    Totally agree there needs to be some explanation as to why these decisions have been made, especially the Director of Football decision, and what Eric is actually going to do. The DoF interviewing the manager is utterly ridiculous too so that needs to stop. As for supporters club officials high fiving on Facebook, well she’s entitled to her opinion as is any fan. Don’t mistake it as an SC position.
  4. Berwick Rangers 2017/18

    I did vote for that and talked about it at the time. I fully understand the arguments against. I didn’t come at it as an SC v Trust issue and this wasn’t discussed in the debate. In hindsight, maybe we should have asked for half of the shares to be offered to the Trust but that would depend I suppose on whether Brian would want to do that or not. Generally, I thought it was good value, increased supporter ownership in the club and didn’t impact the SCs yearly commitment to the club. I’ve always supported the Trust and have been a member for 15 years. I think it’s a good thing to have a supporters group who can raise money and have a say on how that’s spent when it’s given to the club, as opposed to just handing money over. When I’ve heard people argue against the the Trust in meetings or in the pub or whatever, I’ve defended them. I don’t think it should be an ‘either or’. The argument that says that the money spent on shares could have been spent on this, that or whatever is a valid one. But it’s 2 and a half years down the line. You could say that for anything, like when the supporters groups put money forward to help fund a new striker under Cameron and it didn’t work. Specifically with pitch repairs, I think it would be a good idea to raise money for specific issues like thing. A fundraising event, buckets at the gate or some other thing that means we aren’t always relying on the same sources. You might even get some new people involved who aren’t, or don’t want to be involved in the supporters groups. Additional money could be made that way for a specific issue rather than looking at the same pots. But typical with Berwick, it’s a political football, boardroom leaks and there’s finger pointing before most fans even knew about any options or have a chance to think about it. We won’t get a united football club if they continue to behave as they are. And I totally agree we need strong leadership, something that certainly isn’t there at the moment. It needs someone new which is why I say they should be actively looking for it. Although I generally think supporter ownership is a good thing, if new investment and leadership involves a percentage of shares from supporters being involved as you say, it has to be seriously considered.
  5. Berwick Rangers 2017/18

    Of course Robbie can be judged now. You take into account that he’s only been here 7 months, but can also judge them on how they’re performing with the players they have at their disposal. It’s very rare a manager will have enough time in a job to be able to put out their own 11. I’m certainly not calling for his head, but I am worried by what I see out on the park. It’s the worst Berwick team I’ve seen since supporting them and I’m pretty sure it’s the worst run of form I’ve seen from us in this division. We’re 11 points off last seasons derisory total, in a season were we struggled with keepers and didn’t have the good loan players we’ve had this. He’s also had a transfer window where he was able to make quite a few changes. We have Orru starting left back and not McDonald. A young player who’s improving, but not in the same class yet. We have O’Kane in midfield. We have a 17 year old (who has been class) starting up top on his own when it’s clearly not working. We haven’t started playing in recent games until O’Kane goes off and See and/or Murrell come on and we start to inject just a little positivity into proceedings. Again, I’d not be looking for a change and hoping for a good summer as I have some confidence in Robbie, but Berwick is rotten with ‘he’s a good guy’ or ‘he’s my pal’ so give him more time as opposed to others we’ve had. Even as far back as Sandy Clark we’ve had judgements on managers seemingly based on which people or factions of the board a manager is closest to. Managers shouldn’t be in the slightest bit involved in any of that shite, and they should all be judged on their own performance and merits. As for the boardroom, and regardless of the deflection that seems to be taking place, I haven’t changed my opinion since last summer. The whole board should recognise they’ve failed, or at least are failing and actively look for totally new leadership, not linked to any of them to take the club forward at the top. Factionalism has been tearing the club apart for years and you have to wonder how far we will sink before it finally clicks and the good of the club comes before self interest. Unfortunately, rather than calm heads and a group of people working together towards a proper goal, we’ll probably get more mountains out of molehills, shooting from the hip and people prioritising their egos being dented over the club. Why do we even find out about board decisions a day after the meeting that can be presented on here without any details of a reason behind a decision other than because of factionalism? It’s pathetic. We’re a small football club with a dwindling support of 300-350 fans. This isn’t the House of Commons with a government and opposition, or it shouldn’t be. How much energy is wasted and how many opportunities aren’t grasped while people are even subconsciously thinking about the politics behind every decision? How many clever, clued up people could help the club or be an asset, but wouldn’t go near it with a bargepole? The vast majority of our small support couldn’t care about most of this shite, they just want to see a successful team on the park. Get a grip.
  6. General Politics Thread

    Shawcroft is still on the Labour NEC, and still on the disputes committee. Time is ticking. The longer she stays, the more hollow the words from the top of the Labour Party are.
  7. General Politics Thread

    Right, so now we have the recently elected head of the internal disputes panel of the Labour Party, Christine Shawcroft resigning. She sent an email on SUNDAY opposing the suspension of a Labour candidate who denied the holocaust. She claimed that the candidate was victim of a ‘partisan dispute’ rather than antisemitism. The Times say her email was sent to 10 recipients, including Jon Lansman and Jennie Formby. It’s taken until tonight for her to stand down, and only after being exposed by The Times. Some people need to wake up.
  8. General Politics Thread

    I didn’t even mention Israel. You’ve straight away gone to talking about what officials in Israel say. These were Jewish people saying enough is enough to anti-semitism following, for whatever reason, the discovery of a comment Corbyn made about an anti-Semitic mural. These were not people defending actions of the Israeli state. You’ve linked the two simply because they’re Jewish. Can’t you see the problem with that? If Muslims make a stand against Islamophobia over say Zac Goldsmiths mayoral campaign, do you straight away start looking for vile, racist things Muslim officials have said in Iran, Pakistan or another majority muslim country?
  9. General Politics Thread

    Yes, let’s ignore it when talking about anti-semitism in the Labour Party because it has absolutely nothing to do with it. It’s whataboutary. Being called a c**t by someone with as vile opinions as you means absolutely nothing to me.
  10. General Politics Thread

    Aye, let’s ignore anti-semitism because worse things have happened. And anyway, the vote for the war in Iraq was 16 or so years ago. A lot of those making a stand against this vile anti-semitic element of the Labour Party weren’t in Parliament then.
  11. I think we need some kind of league reconstruction before jumping towards an automatic relegation space from League 2. I don’t really see the point in making one small change when it’s clear a bigger changes are needed to the structure. Something along the lines of what ImRodger has suggested. The LL and HL at the moment don’t cover the whole of Scotland which is also an issue. It’s the perfect opportunity with the Juniors wanting to come across. I agree with larger leagues and I’d be happy for it to be more regionalised, even below two top leagues of 12, or probably best, 12/12/18 as national. If below the 18 if you had an East, West and North League with say 12 or 18 clubs each, with more regionalisation below, I think relegation from the 18 would be less of a death sentence. Cowden, Berwick, Edinburgh or Annan dropping into a league that included clubs like Musselburgh, Linlithgow, Kelty, Spartans and the like wouldn’t be as bad and you’d hope that teams would be of a similar quality. Every club would then be able to find their level pretty quickly.
  12. General Politics Thread

    Some of the replies to this.
  13. General Politics Thread

    Btw, it’s clear that there is a problem with anti-semitism in the Labour Party. Absolutely clear. You just need to look at the frenzied twitter mob today, or the comments on articles by the New Statesman on their Facebook page. My local private CLP Facebook page has more discussion on what a great people Tony Greenstein and Jackie Walker are fighting back against zionists than they do about things like education. It’s utterly depressing. I don’t think Corbyn is anti-Semitic, and part of me wants to give him the benefit of the doubt over that mural comment, but he has been far too weak on all of this. His statements over the past couple of days have been better, but he should have nipped this all in the bud years ago. Checking to see if someone is pro or anti Corbyn before deciding whether a criticism is valid or not is pretty frightening too, but i suppose this is politics today.
  14. General Politics Thread

    Fuckin hell!
  15. Richard Leonard

    Simply supporting Corbyn seemed to be enough to get him the gig.