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  1. Whether it was they themselves or 'hangers on' as they put it the Green Brigade were either fully or partly responsible that night at Fir Park, to claim they werent in any way accountable is just plain silly. I was there that night and couldnt get to my seat as they and their cohorts had just planked themselves in that full section despite their tickets being elsewhere, I ended up watching the game from the top tier of the Motorola stand that night instead of the bottom where my ticket was
  2. Hibs have still got the play offs to negotiate
  3. I once saw a guy stop eating a Steakbake on a bus to pish into an empty Oasis bottle then continue with his savoury snack from Greggs. Doubt I'd witness that spectacle in Japan to be honest
  4. Just looking back for a second. Who actually shot Danny Waldron, did he do it himself? Did I miss that expose?
  5. I know its long since been knocked down but, saw this old image of Pittodrie on the Celtic Wiki and it reminded me of that bizarre tiny wee stand that sat on its own between the main stand and the old beach end, a very odd looking and puzzling structure. What was the story behind that Dons fans?
  6. Watching a quite magnificent own goal by Ash Taylor at the weekend reminded me of his other horrendous moments this campaign, his one man meltdown at Inverness being a particular LOL fest. Got me wondering is he as big a bombscare as the much ridiculed Efe Ambrose? Speak people !!!!!!
  7. It IS from that game9.00 in, Kidd intercepts Colquhoun and passes back to goalie with Duffy nearby
  8. Seems to have sorted himself out though, 39 goals for Celtic this season.
  9. Emile M'Bou was one of the Cameroon players meant to be gracing the pitch with Albert Craig
  10. Euro 2017 could be some tournament, Scotland still will find a way to Hibs it in qualifying mind you
  11. They didnt qualify for Euro 2016 so not in this years Panini album
  12. I got a full body search at Cineworld going to see Wreck It Ralph, stripped me, made me squat over a mirror the lot just because I had my own bag of Minstrels in my coat pocket. I was raging, £14 to watch that shite.
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