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  1. Hiy fair play Boab u have watched New Farm a couple of times and like what u see. U obviously rate the management team highly aswell. I do too tbh and the odd convo iv had with Martin he seems a good guy. However I dont think they would thank you for all this praise. I haven't seen anything from the club or players on here but ur constantly on and all your doing is building the pressure on them and Linda putting target on their back too. As I say fair play u were right when just about everyone else on here was wrong with regards to the first division but next season is a different kettle of fish. Like scot I wish them all the best but I think it's going to be a real long slog for them. Is Linda the wee lassie on the NF committee?
  2. I always wondered why he never actually made it as a manager in his own right. Always seemed a number two (I'll set them up for someone else to fire them in). Seriously though, what went wrong?
  3. .........walked into a bar.............insert punchline please.
  4. If you put that on Kickback and you'll get covered in Riddies. No sense of humour.
  5. I seriously cant understand why folk on here are still rising to this tool. People like him get off on winding others up. Ignore him and he'll go away...hopefully
  6. Sevco lose the league by 9 points. Sevco dropped 10 points to Killie. Do the maths......
  7. Sevco lose the league by 9 points. Sevco dropped 10 points to Killie. Do the maths......
  8. Sevco lose the league by 9 points. Sevco dropped 10 points to Killie. Do the maths......
  9. Give them a break FFS. No one at New Farm has come out and said they'd challenge for the league next year. They've done brilliantly to come through the leagues as they have and I'm sure they'll be a welcome edition to the top league.
  10. FFS......................... Does that mean there's two of them?
  11. 'However, since then they have turned into an entitled, self righteous, opinionated bunch, very reminiscient of the fans of the gruesome twosome' At least the Dons fans still have the IQ of half a sheep.
  12. There's always one, ya miserable tosser! Shinnie shouldn't even have been on the park at that stage ...look forward to next season when he fucks off .
  13. I've no problems with McInnes's tactics or Cosgrove's headless chicken act (whether or nor he was told to act like that). It was done to get right under the home sides skin and unsettle them. This goes on regularly in football and is just part of what makes it the game it is and we have used similar tactics in the past. What really rips my knitting, however, is how the game was managed. A good, strong referee would have noticed early on what was going on and cautioned Cosgrove. Thereafter, if things didn't settle, a quiet word with his captain to advise that the chicken should be substituted before he was red carded. That would normally have been enough for things to calm down and for a proper game of football to break out. Unfortunately for us, we had to witness one of the weakest, incompetent refereeing performances I have ever seen. I haven't seen TV highlights yet so only saw a melee in their goalmouth when Broadfoot was red carded, so cant comment. but by then the game was already boiling over. Findlay's second yellow was well justified, but his first was very soft and his opponent, said chicken, should also have been cautioned and sent off. McKenzie reacted angrily to being 'got at' by his opponent and whichever card he was shown should have been shown to his opponent as well. I accept this may sound like sour grapes, but Aberdeen reserves got the result they came for and fair play to them. My gripe is with the incompetent cnut who spoiled what could have been a good game of football. Rant over. Thank you.
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