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  1. Wee Billy loved the fags. Remember talking to him when Leeds came to Ayrshire in 1967 for our European semi final. Chatted happily with his fag hanging out of the side of his mouth. he was this 10 year olds hero for a full day until the dirty wee basturd proceeded to conspire to help his team literally kick us out of the cup.
  2. Back when I was a lad dms were for kicking someone’s face in. The yellow laces and steel toecaps.
  3. But can he tell his mates what it’s like to win a cup there? Good luck tonight by the way.
  4. Nothing to do with your post but just saw your ‘location’. Does that mean your seat at Easter Road has an arsehole behind you and a Bawbag in front. sounds like a similar position to mine at Rugby Park….
  5. A guy called Gibson in the 70s, forget his first name, signed from Thistle one week and came off the bench against them the following week. Lasted 2 minutes before absolutely lamping an opponent. Dont think he played again. Big Derek McDicken, the ginger lorry driver from Auchinleck was a huge cult figure in the 70s, big uncompromising centre half famous for his no nonsense approach and took no prisoners. Absolutely loved the big ugly fucker.
  6. As far as I know Perth is still almost the same distance unless it’s moved How many Scottish cup semi finals have been played outwith Glasgow, before that and after? Not many. How many in Perth ffs? Im not saying it’s right but as a wean I felt cheated out of going to Hampden and go to a place I thought was fucking miles away. I get that it was probably fair to Aberdeen fans but I know that many more Killie fans would have been able to attend and I was totally miffed as it took a lot of persuasion for my dad to finally agree to take me. Anyway, it’s an experience I’ll never forget.
  7. I was just a wean but eventually managed to convince my dad to take me. He was right pissed at having to travel to Perth as we had all hoped the game would, and should, have been in Glasgow. I remember being gutted at losing, but the fighting was something to behold and some of the best I have witnessed over the years. I was scared shitless mind. Also went to the final with a Celtic supporting friend and had a great day out. It was my first cup final experience and, foolishly believing I would be back soon with Killie. Unfortunately the horrendous decline had already begun, our league winning team was gradually breaking up and part time football beckoned.
  8. Was that not the game big Rougvie bared his arse to the jungle after getting pelters?
  9. Think he must have dogged his English lessons at school.
  10. While it is undoubtedly factual, it’s still wrong. They should be hammered for that but won’t be. If the banner had said he was a p # # f however………….
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