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  1. ‘Current’ buns, surely. Another version will be along shortly.
  2. Not when it’s pishing down and half empty. Yes I was there for the final with Dons supporting mates, and it was one of the best nights of my life. Even wore a ridnwhite scarf that night. Had never come across alcohol free beer until then as I couldn’t work out why I was still sober after ten pints. Fiver a go as well. Mind you it was probably a good thing or I’d never have got home. Great memory of fans passing a hat round for the ‘driver’ on the plane back to Dyce. Always had a soft spot for you lot since then.
  3. I actually love David Martindale Take this guy’s past away and he would be lauded as one of the best coaches in the country. He’s done a terrific job on a minimal budget. You are lucky to have him..
  4. Surreal couple of minutes when both sets of fans were singing the same song together. Aye, he got the message loud and clear.
  5. Some game. Absolutely no football played by either team but both sets of players fully committed. A wee mention for the few morons in the Hibs end who tried to ruin the minutes silence and a big thank you to the majority of their fans for shouting them down, we’ll done. These fans deserve better, but I’m not going to complain about 3 hard earned points. Terrific fight shown by the Killie players throughout the 98 minutes.
  6. Can’t help but agree with that. Despite the fact you were sharper than us on the ground, You lot were the first team who have bullied us in the air all season, which was strange because when the ball was in your box we were always favourites,.
  7. On Fridays performance, you’ve nothing to worry about. Best team apart from Septic to play at RP this season……even though we were pish. That Martindale is an angry man though, never stopped shouting and swearing at his players and even enjoyed a wee bit of ‘banter’ with someone in the stand behind him, seems a very decent manager and put ours to shame on the night. Thought your wee bunch of fans were magnificent as well. Best of luck for the rest of the season.
  8. Wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t a few blue balls given the conditions.
  9. I’m old enough to remember Gordon “Casper” Smith running rings round them there while playing for Killie before Sevco stole him.
  10. If that’s going to be the standard of decision making in the future, we are all well and truly fucked.
  11. The lettuce would probably do a better job. As an aside, if the lettuce got the job and did well, would the staunch hordes clamour for a green top.
  12. He had it coming after his antics in the first game in Dingwall, hope he’s hurting.
  13. Decent performance, great result. McInnes made the correct subs this time and McKenzie did what McKenzie does when he came on. County are ‘industrial’ in their play but have decent options in attack. One more comment, McKay must be the most unlikeable, obnoxious character in Scottish football at the minute, his behaviour on the touch line throughout the game was pathetic. Good win and respect to the seventy odd County fans who travelled.
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