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  1. These half and half scarves you keep going on about were brought out for the CIS cup final 20 years ago and I'm not even sure it was authorized club merch, you guys were singing Follow Follow on Friday night so maybe look in before you look out. Seriously? WTF.....................
  2. I'm not sure I've got this correct so bear with me..... Surely if you get checked and you don't have what it takes for entry you're only going to be turned away from the turnstile/checkpoint., what's stopping you going to another turnstile and trying again. If 50% of the crowd is checked, the more often you try the better chance of not being checked. I'm not for a minute advocating fans do this but it does make a bit of a mockery of the whole situation.
  3. Or you could buy some of theirs..............do they still play in blue and white stripes?
  4. Sir Stevie Clarke's first home game for us ended with a 3-0 drubbing from Hibs, but such was the performance and effort put in by the players that they got a standing ovation at the end. We were roundly slagged by others on P&B for this but history showed that the corner had been turned, albeit briefly. Scottish provincial supporters dont expect to watch world beaters but we can at least appreciate 100% effort. Thanks again to our neighbours for that result and hopefully you have now turned that corner.
  5. It would seem Mathie will have pulled off a bit of a coup if Bullen joins you. He appears to be universally liked and respected everywhere he has worked as a player and a coach and he's been busy picking up good experience. I'm sure he's going to have a very bright future as a manager and hope he does well (if the rumours are true of course).
  6. I remember him well. 6ft 12in with his feet on the ground, but 5ft 3in when he jumped. He had some throw in mind you, could easily hit the back post IIRC.
  7. Oh come on. It's supposed to be the season of goodwill and all that. Maybe he's made a New Years resolution to be less of a fanny. Happy New Year to all you DABs by the way.
  8. Your remarks just show you know nothing about McKenzie. he is NOT a forward and, apart from a couple of games when he first came into the first team. never has been. We all know you like to come on here and talk pish but please give it a rest over the New Year period.
  9. Comparing McKenzie with Muirhead is just laughable. One has a great work ethic and always give s 100%, never hides or goes in the huff, popular with his team mates, has been rated by every manager he's played under, shown terrific loyalty to his one club and has a proven track record in the top flight. The other is Muirhead. Away and lie doon.
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