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  1. I went to my first game at around the same age and had to ask my dad what the score was at the end as I’d been busy playing with my pals. He promised he’d never take me back………
  2. Hard to argue with that level of logic. Good luck to the wee man and he’ll always be welcome at the Theatre of Pies if he changes his mind. Mind you, our squirrel’s the same size as your panda, so in the absence of any other face to face rivalry this season, why don’t we organise a square go between them.
  3. Hudson would be a steady option and you could certainly do worse. Don’t think he’ll get much game time with us this season although keeping him as back up remains an option. Wouldn’t be sad to get him off the books .T B H.
  4. Go on, give him the chance to make up his own mind, or his own mistakes. He might just hate the experience after all, but if decides to come over to the dark side, just think of The banter you can have at the dinner table. He’s also going to need to depend on his pal to take him to any future games and he might find it easier just tagging along with his old man to Somerset instead. We’re not all bad after all, we are still a local team and don’t have the baggage of the Twisted Sisters. I just thought I’d pop in here for a wee nosey as I’m missing the banter and wish you lot all the best for the coming season.
  5. Wid uv then, but you should see the state of her now…..
  6. 1967, Leeds came to Ayrshire to play Killie in the European Fairs Cup semifinal. My dad took me to the Marine Hotel in Troon where they were staying for autographs. I was 10 and can still vividly remember being enthralled by talking to Billy Bremner who was playing a game of putting with his feet, with a fag hanging out of his mouth. Brilliant fella who took time to talk to an awestruck wee boy with pen and paper in his shaking hand. I also remember calling him for everything at the game the following night, dirty wee b*****d.
  7. This has been eye wateringly pish. I accept there’s so much at stake, but there’s been absolutely no quality shown in this match…….And don’t blame the wind. Demonstrates how poor the championship has been this year, that Killie could have been so pish for half of the season but still win the thing.
  8. Very harsh, but can understand why it’s been given without the benefit of replays. Also, I would think the linesman who was much closer to the challenge would have been the man who gave the free kick. After that, it’s down to Collum to decide if it’s red. Would have been raging if it had happened against us. Huge decision, who’d be a referee.
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