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  1. Gazzah


    Not in that league they are all away to it’s absolute dog shit. Be lucky if any of the teams in it would win the ammie league.
  2. Gazzah


    No CP Utd folded their management team taking over syngetna juniors.
  3. Gazzah


    Can’t be a merger simply CP united have folded and the old manger and coaches have taken the syngetna job. The players might end up there but be no trace of pennies or co United.
  4. Gazzah


    Imagine how big that wage bill will be [emoji38][emoji23]
  5. Kincardine Afc Looking to add a goalie to our squad. We Play in Stirling district premier league training is on Wednesdays at Kincardine light nights with winter training in Falkirk. Anyone interested drop me a message cheers.
  6. Who put the park off ? Surely only A qualified referee or the council will be able to deem it unplayable.
  7. Gazzah


    It’s a 4g park that’s it’s not any better than the other new ones like dunipace. The Home Changing rooms are unreal and fair Play to them but the away ones are bog standard down there so don’t see where the “best /better facilities comes from as they aren’t and are standard 4g parks.
  8. Interested to see the amount of teams entered in this years competition. Anywhere can see a list of the last 5 years entries. Some amount of teams folded etc just wondering how much over that spell.
  9. T The three teams in the juniors are feeder teams for the east of Scotland teams.
  10. It’s the old Dunblane thistle amateur manager who’s taking the team.
  11. Dominated the second year you mean[emoji23] first year you finished 4th and went up By default with teams folding. Since then been unstoppable though.
  12. Still playing at little kerse then ? Always thought yous would have done that with the current Falkirk community team.
  13. What happened to the move to safl ?. Starting at the bottom or carry on in craigshill position?
  14. £70 fine in our league. Starting to think it should be upped as happening a lot now.
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