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  1. Same as what happened in a few ammies games too although when first kicked off in August was only boys who travelled in car with positive test player. Once that started to happen on mass players weren’t as keen to play especially the self employed ones.
  2. Did track and trace contact both teams and both teams have to isolate after ?
  3. It’s not really if a ineligible player has played the game then it’s only right they are thrown out the cup as per the rules and precedent set.
  4. Games fecked imo. The generation who have been keeping it alive are coming to the end of their playing cycle and most will move Friday night 35s. Others will simply just stop. There will be clubs and leagues keep going but nothing like it has been the past few years.
  5. Countless times it’s been discussed but never gets any further than this. No brainer for me now start back March for training then into games I’m April two games a week.
  6. Sorry I worded my reply wrongly It’s not actually a rule change though there has been no clarification of it and why track and trace are saying different things to different teams.
  7. Exactly when it first started up with contact training etc we had a positive test.The player had trained twice that week due to being outside nobody other than the two who travelled to Training with the positive player had to isolate. Now in the Fife league we are seeing track and trace contact and isolate anyone in the red zone (players and ref )meaning boys are getting threatened with their jobs if continue to play Football . It’s the inconsistency that’s frustrating for everyone as the rules have changed once the season started.
  8. It’s the same in the ammies league. There is over 60 players having to isolate from the Fife leagues just now. This wasn’t the original protocol though when the leagues were started. My local team had a positive test early on and only the two who travelled with him had to isolate.
  9. Any league that’s started pause and the others that havnt started just start back up in March play summer.
  10. Surely will benefit the ammie teams in the area then as the boys will all be wanting to play this season as some stage would imagine.
  11. This was my take on it. It serves no purpose keeping boys banned. What about the leagues that null and voided or cancelled should they bans still stand as officially the season didn’t happen.
  12. Anyone know what the script is with players who had game bans to serve before the seasons were all finished due to pandemic. Would like to think the Safa will show a bit of sense and wipe the slate clean. Not fair the time based suspensions have won a watch and hardly missed any football but someone with a one game or two game ban has to sit the start of the season out.
  13. Teams all over the place doing it from juniors to ammies. Passed 3 teams on Saturday training in big groups. No club colours etc nobody bothering their arse about it anymore.
  14. Fully expect training second week July but social distancing and no Changing facilities etc.
  15. That’s just a copy of the English Fa. They have been at it from June 1st
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