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  1. Every team moving to East of Scotland or West of Scotland should lose their Junior membership. It’s laughable that it was even mooted in the first place for teams still to be able to enter the Scottish junior cup.
  2. Is there any betting available on this yet? Struggling to find anything online
  3. You mean like a proper pyramid right to the bottom ?. Only problem with some ammie teams stepping up as you say would be they will have do declare the wages they are paying to boys. Not be many ammie teams have suitable facilities either for it.
  4. Not sure how they can confirm They are in the fife Ammies league as they weren’t in it or was an application heard as of Tuesday this week.
  5. No old firm eh. Better tell that to your putrid club who share the trademark with the champions.
  6. You mean like the club that’s nurtured and trained him to be the player he is the now [emoji849].If he’s good enough he will play for us fully expect him to be loaned to a premiership team next year to aid to his development unless he impresses pre season.
  7. Obviously a different level but the Fife ammies league have said they would be able to complete their league campaign with a April restart and June finish playing two games a week which gives 26 game slots . The Season usually needs to be done before Agm second week in June but an extension to season will be allowed. Maybe contracts etc stop this at this level but surely clubs would rather finish season this way than ppg if viable.
  8. Option for him to go out on loan but not sure he’s taking it yet. There isn’t really anyone went out on loan and came back and got themselves back in the gaffers circle.
  9. Same as what happened in a few ammies games too although when first kicked off in August was only boys who travelled in car with positive test player. Once that started to happen on mass players weren’t as keen to play especially the self employed ones.
  10. Did track and trace contact both teams and both teams have to isolate after ?
  11. It’s not really if a ineligible player has played the game then it’s only right they are thrown out the cup as per the rules and precedent set.
  12. Games fecked imo. The generation who have been keeping it alive are coming to the end of their playing cycle and most will move Friday night 35s. Others will simply just stop. There will be clubs and leagues keep going but nothing like it has been the past few years.
  13. Countless times it’s been discussed but never gets any further than this. No brainer for me now start back March for training then into games I’m April two games a week.
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