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  1. Where was this announcement??
  2. With most leagues null and void now what will happen to any outstanding suspensions ? As technically that season there has never been Played.
  3. Now it’s the pyramid would have no Chance summer football. Before that was silly not having it the extra footfall through the gates with no Senior games in middle May June July playing twice a week would have been a very good earner for teams.
  4. Aye we fucked them over that much them And elite were due us money. The only thing they never got out the deal was the megastore. Which will only be back in the clubs hands after July.
  5. Think it’s only a rumour at this stage. Long as they can cover the demand I’m happy. Hummel were terrible for stock levels and was constantly sold out in the shops and online.
  6. Depends what the uptake is and on the rtv point too which will bring in a lot considering nobody will watch it and only buy to get extra points which could be vital for away tickets. Say 10000 take it up that’s £720k a year just from that. It’s extra revenue and sorts out the schemes and ticketing issues that are massively over subscribed.
  7. It’s going to be tiered on purchases from 2015/16 season up until now points for different things. Will be a lot more than 10k sign up for it. I’m all for it and will get one hopefully end up in the gold tier going by my purchase history. I’m not happy with the travel club(euro away scheme) being incorporated in it though tor the points you make. I’m pretty high up the travel club points and will be level with others who haven’t been as much. All in it’s Hopfully a good few million more in the coffers per year.
  8. It’s a loyalty scheme to sort out the disaster with away tickets etc and to get another stream of income. Last year was 18000 on the away scheme and sometimes only 2500/3000 tickets to go around and that’s before the cooperate and buses get their share.Everyone was aware this was happening for next season. Lot of big european clubs have similar and seems to work well. Give folk a better chance of getting tickets for home games too as most are sold out within hours of going to a public sale.
  9. Personally can’t see there being any grassroots football untill season 2021/22. As you said untill social distancing isn’t required it’s not happening.
  10. That’s the worry. The safa will need to dive into some of that bank Balance and soften the blow. Lots of sponsors might not be as forthcoming as before the virus which will leave clubs struggling.
  11. We have all paid for a product that’s not fully been delivered.
  12. Wonder if sports guard and safa will have reduced fees next year.
  13. Player Registrations end before we are able to kick a ball again. Seasons done imo.
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