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  1. Rumour is that if Scotland can get a visa for Russia for Declan Gallagher , he will be in the squad to replace an injured player... Apprently Ryan Jack!
  2. Are you forgetting about Allan Campbell? He will be in before them...
  3. Would change the team up a bit for this one tbh with Dunne making way due to the errors he has made recently and a few changes at the top end of the park too. Gillespie Grimshaw Gallagher Maguire Tait Polworth Donnelly Campbell Cole Scott Hylton Is the side I would go with , then Seedorf to come on near the end as he cant last the full match. Carroll again is going to be a big miss as for me I don't feel Tait is particularly great on the left hand side. However im going to go 3-1 to Motherwell. With Cole getting his first goal in a well jersey...
  4. Lafferty wont be signing for us. Robinson stated that he has only room for one more new player. The new player has already played for us this pre season... The overhead kick trialist v Gretna should be signing. Was in the crowd with Devante Cole , Charles Dunne and Jake Caroll on Tuesday night. Also took part in the pre game warm up. Only reason why he wasn't signed sooner was because he picked up a hamstring injury. However its still unknown what his name actually is...
  5. Club also saying they are trying to agree a deal with Gboly... Hylton looks a good buy probably a replacement for either Hastie or Frear I would think! I reckon if we can get another 2 strikers in plus Gboly and maybe another defender we will be well on our way to the top 6 next season!!
  6. The deal for this player is near enough done all he needs to do is sign the dotted line when he comes back from his holiday so this will be announced soon as Flow confirmed on twitter and also we are in talks about getting Ariybi back. So, so far our team coud potentially be the following for next season: Goalkeepers Trevor Carson Mark Gillespie Defenders Richard Tait Liam Grimshaw Declan Gallagher Barry Maguire Charles Dunne Jake Carroll Peter Hartley Adam Livingstone Midfielders David Turnbull Allan Campbell Casper Sloth Liam Polworth Chris Cadden (Providing he signs the extension) Liam Donnelly (Looks like midfield may be his position now) Craig Tanner (If he proves his fitness) The Unknown Winger Gboly Ariybi (If the club do end up getting him) Strikers Danny Johnson James Scott Jamie Semple Looking at that im really looking forward to the new season , if said players sign the extensions that will be great. If we are trying to sign the amount of wingers rumoured then maybe a chance that Tanner might play as a striker? However I feel that with a couple of strikers and maybe a couple of other signings our squad will be complete already. Think most of these signings will happen before the Linfield game at the end of June! Should be good!!
  7. Now down to none of them. Said it all when Main was getting kept out the team by the young lad James Scott...
  8. With Curtis Main you guys will get a hardworker who always knocks his pan in however there is a few disadvantages about him imo. Not consistent enough is one never looked like scoring at all this season one bit , second he has a touch like an elephant his ball control is terrible and is also seen running around like a headless chicken. Don't get me wrong he was really good when he first joined us but he hasn't managed to keep that up. There is a reason why Robinson released him the guy aint daft. If you were to ask me as a Motherwell supporter who I would prefer between Curtis Main or Ryan Bowman who are both identical players near enough I would say Ryan Bowman...
  9. Highlight of the season has to be, the emergence of David Turnbull this season. Been an absolute pleasure to watch him , he has absolutely ripped the piss out of a lot of teams. The boy has a massive future ahead of him and what a player he is!!!
  10. Expecting another Motherwell win over Dundee today and another goal from Turnbull!!
  11. Think its the young lad Devine that Robbo was hyping up the other week. At the POTY night he also said he has big hopes for the other young defender Yussaf Hussain , think that's his name anyway.
  12. So the worst kept secret has finally been released... Gallagher from Livi joins us on a pre contract!! https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2019/04/11/declan-gallagher-signs-pre-contract-agreement/
  13. Exactly what I was saying too if a team in England or Spain scored a goal like that you would never hear the end of it tbh. Because theres no Bowman option I have went with Turnbull's goal v Dundee!
  14. Rumours are that the Hastie deal to Rangers is now off as he would rather not move to another Scottish club. If he leaves going down south looks like the most likely option now. Gorrin rumour is also apparently not true!! Cracking news if both players end up staying at Fir Park!!
  15. Would maybe start Frear and put Airybi on the bench for this one , Frear looked good on Saturday. However I don't think Cadden will be ready to play a full 90 mins even though he done well also when he came on. Reckon this one will be a 1-1 draw but would love to see a 2-1 Motherwell win!!
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