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  1. Jesus. How many folk read The Herald or The Scotsman these days? They must be down to five figures between them surely?
  2. I don't know what's more upsetting. Being reminded that this sham of a tournament exists or having to read "FC Edinburgh" on that wee draw graphic. I shall be attending f**k all Challenge Cup games.
  3. That is a fucking abomination. The old Prostar kits for Sunday league kick about teams were better than that.
  4. Great design. Not exactly kind to the figure though. Maybe not one for your average supporter to be wearing around.
  5. Lisa Nandy is an absolute numpty who's never had an insightful, original, or interesting thought in her life.
  6. Obviously. That's what WM get out of it. What the SG get out of it is that undisputable legal power to hold a referendum once the buffer period is up. That's what a compromise is. I'm not saying it's a situation that exclusively favours the pro-independence side. I just think that it's broadly fair.
  7. I'd be perfectly happy if the UK and Scottish government came to some kind of agreement that put limits on the timescales of referenda as long as the legal power to hold binding referenda came with it. Once every 25 years and no need for a section 30, for example. That would have been a pretty reasonable compromise in 2014. But it didn't happen, so everything's just perpetually in limbo.
  8. There's a number of fairly crucial 'wedge issues' that most people don't seem to realise have to be gotten over before any serious reconstruction can take place: SPFL money redistribution: Clubs at the top resent having to share money with clubs at the bottom. Don't for one minute think Ann Budge gives a shit how much travelling Elgin City or Albion Rovers do or even if these clubs went bust. She just wants to hoard more of the sponsorship and TV money and cut off the redistribution of cash to clubs at the bottom. Clubs at the bottom of the SPFL will resist any moves to significantly reduce the payments they get form the SPFL. Colts: The OF, and possibly a few other Premier League clubs are desperate to have colt teams in the SPFL. The majority of Championship, L1, and L2 clubs are dead against it. The OF will likely veto any serious reconstruction that doesn't allow entry of their colt teams into the SPFL. The rest of the SPFL will keep vetoing colt entry into the SPFL. This is likely going to be a hard impasse. the only way colts will get into the SPFL is if the OF basically agree to a laundry list of wishes from lower league clubs and agree to hand over significantly more cash. But then, what will the likes of Livingston, Ross County, etc, do then. They have to pay the price for OF colts clubs while getting none of the perks? They'll likely not support that. Promotion into the SPFL: An obvious one. Those inside don't want to increase promotion / relegation and those outside do. It's likely that the only way to win over the part-time clubs is to increase the size of the league so that they feel in less danger. But that comes back to the first two points. Will clubs higher up the chain agree to spread the money amongst even more clubs and will the OF simply veto anything out of spite for not involving colt teams. The only realistic solution I can see on the horizon is to allow colts in, get 2 up / 2 down from HL and LL into the SPFL and expand the leagues to something like 12-12-12-12. With the clubs who have colt sides footing the bill for the extra 6 sides in the SPFL. Or even something like 12-12-16 with a national conference of 16 between tier 3 and the HL/LL. Again, with the clubs with colts stumping up the extra cash to cover small redistributive payments to clubs in the new tier 4.
  9. Aye, I was probably a bit reactionary there. To find a compromise, the vast majority of SPFL clubs are going to have to feel that the benefits to them outweigh the negatives. Not an ideal scenario but it's realistic. Think about current League One clubs. What do they want? Probably a better chance at getting into the championship. What do they really not want? To get dragged closer to the SPFL trap door and to be in a League with colt teams. Your solution offers a bigger league, fine, that's probably generally favourable to most clubs. But you've given them no increased chance to get into or stay in the championship, you've weakened L1 on average (which the bigger L1 clubs won't want) and you've brought the PT L1 clubs closer to the trapdoor, knowing they're only one bas season away from dropping out of the SPFL and into some league filled with colts. What possible incentive is there for say Falkirk to vote for this, or Clyde to vote for this? In L2, you're immediately telling them that 40% will drop out of the SPFL at a stroke. The weaker L2 clubs will obviously vote against this. And what do the stronger L2 clubs get? Being in an expanded L1 with no greater chance of moving up but a much higher chance of being relegated. On the basis of self-interest, you've given L1 and L2 clubs nothing that they really want and given them a whole load of what they don't want, with the only sliver of carrot being that most probably marginally prefer a 16 team league to a 10 team league. It won't be enough to get the majority to vote for it. Nowhere near.
  10. Imagine believing whatever pish they put on some power point.
  11. ... so you're saying there's a chance!
  12. I think people who agree with me are really clever.
  13. So what you're saying is the phrase "The word legend is overused but..." is overused but...
  14. Anyone involved in football who uses (or over-uses) the phrase "We go again". Well fucking done, you've grasped the concept that time passes sequentially.
  15. How many of the current League One and Two clubs do you think would vote for that? My bet is 0. This is 100% what the SFA and SPFL should be doing. As opposed to sitting patiently awaiting call from Parkhead or Ibrox and just saying "OK".
  16. Just need to sign Denzel Dumfries from Inter now.
  17. If anyone was wondering why these were the first clubs to get flushed down the pyramid relegation toilet, i think we have our answer.
  18. We'll then get releagted to League D. Trust the plan.
  19. Clarke out. Dick Cambell in.
  20. The master plan to get relegated form League B so we have a better shot at winning the League C play-off is on track I see.
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