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  1. I've not really been on the politics forum much for a few years. It's gone a bit fucking mental eh?
  2. Strong as an ox, heart of a lion, the cunning of a fox, the eyes of an owl, the nipples of a koala, and feet as nimble as a mountain goat.
  3. 😆 What an angry weirdo you are.
  4. Subjective. I'd say both Liverpool and Man City are comfortably better teams than Juve or PSG. Point still is, you'll play far more games against 'top' opposition at Norwich than you will at Celtic. You'll also play far fewer games against shite opposition.
  5. True. But honestly I reckon going and fighting your way into that Norwich team is still a better move even if it takes him longer. We're not really talking about a fantastic team here though. if he can't break into that Norwich team relatively quickly, he's probably not going to turn out a top class player anyway. I'm absolutely seeing this from the perspective of wanting to see him turn into a great player for Scotland. Appreciate players are free to make any choice they like for their own reasons.
  6. He'd get four games minimum against teams who're significantly better than Juve or PSG a season playing for Norwich. Celtic is undoubtedly the worst 'career' move of the two.
  7. Aye, I'm sure you get the direct line to all major multi-national sportswear manufacturers once you get to the Championship right enough.
  8. The real power move is stepping into the lift and immediately farting audibly.
  9. We had the budget for another centre half but mysterisouly it's been spent on Doritos and Rustlers burgers from the garage.
  10. We'll all look back fondly on the days where we could take a shite in peace without the sound of cock's swinging furiously in all public toilets, I tell you. Remember when idiots used to call laws they didn't like 'a something's charter'. Dissapointed Wings hasn't called this a pervert's charter tbh.
  11. As with most issues, this one seems to be ludicrously polarised now. Surely we can come up with something that lets trans people be treated as the gender they identify with in a dignified way whilst also taking into consideration some of the potential issues that blanket self-ID might bring up? Toilets and changing rooms are a little bit of a red-herring to me. Prisons might be the more important one. Never been to prison so I've no idea if they're really as violent as portrayed on TV etc, but if I was facing a spell inside and could just switch my gender to female to go into a women's prison, I'd seriously consider it as I'd guess the odds of facing violence would be greatly reduced. As a society, I think we've got to start answering the questions of when it's actually OK to segregate based on gender or sex and when it isn't. Are we saying that people have a right to be in some places or take part in some activities where only people of their sex or their gender are allowed? Because if it's perfectly reasonable for a biologically and gender-IDing woman to not have to be in the same changing room as a biologically and gender-IDing male, then why is it actually not OK for them to not want to be in the same changing room as either a biological male who IDs as a woman or a biological female who IDs as a man?
  12. I'm not a fan of Made in Chelsea (MIC) either but I think that's probably taking it a bit too far.
  13. What are the actual practical implications of being able to self-ID as a gender other than the one you were assigned at birth? You get to use different changing rooms. Get to play different sports. Get sent to a different prison?
  14. Do men and women actually have different sets of rights from each other these days? I wasn't aware.
  15. Aye, was thinking the same. Seen a few dives at the WC in other games as well. Great stuff. Want to see a bit of biting next.
  16. She'd have some amount of egg on her face after reading this.
  17. Steve Crawford looks like he's just come out from doing a shite, someone's stuck a board up, Nisbet's jumped out of nowhere to start shaking his hand and some arse hole's taken a picture all in the space of about 3 seconds.
  18. Hope the play France at some point and big Renard absolutely bodies them.
  19. GD could be important in Thailand's efforts to get out the group tbf...
  20. They should get teh same basic salary and conditions etc, then get an equal share of any 'prize money' earned. So Scotland women should get basic plus prize for getting the world cup. Scotland men should get basic and f**k all else. Which isn't what Hope Solo thinks obviously but you can't really say fairer than that.
  21. Pretty sure the thread only exists because she's shown she doesn't.
  22. Surely you just answered your own question? Because there is a huge amount of money in the mens game and clubs are willing to spend a lot of that money to bring in top players. And don't think anyone believes that top male footballers intrinsically "deserve" to be paid hundreds of thousands of pounds per week. Just like top earning actors or TV personalities. But someone is willing to pay them it.
  23. True but it doesn't always pan out like that, Raith Rovers being a prime example... He did say "bigger" to be fair.
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