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  1. When your opinion of the UK is at it's absolute lowest, you can always look across the pond and think at least things aren't that bad.
  2. Since Obama, the Democrats have been a fucking mess. They chucked the 2016 election and they'll probably chuck 2020 as well.
  3. He looks like the kind of kid at school that nobody liked. Then you feel a bit sorry for him and think you'll talk to him. Then you realise the reason nobody likes him is that he's an utter c**t.
  4. The comments section on the BBC news article about the furlough scheme..... ooft.
  5. And you just know he's mentioned folk on benefits all having "wide-screen TVs" about a billion times in his life.
  6. Exactly. I would be good for Cowdenbeath and East fife to see another Fife team in the league. If Kelty continue to get cash pumped into them long enough to allow to them to get to the same level as East Fife, I'll be delighted.
  7. Embarrassing stuff from Kelty.... once again.
  8. I'm sure the irony of a rich man saying something so unrepentantly moronic is very much lost on him.
  9. Should we cause untold damage to the economy or accept that a large number of people will just have to die? Tories: why not both?
  10. It'll certainly be interesting to see whether the prevailing view of this utter shit show in a few years time will be 'nothing we could have done m8, it was global innit' or will we actually recognise that through complete unpreparedness together with a galling level of rolling incompetency, we actually managed to wreck our whole economy whilst still hanging vulnerable people out to dry and having one of the worst death tolls in the world. I sincerely hope people don't swallow the former.
  11. I don't think there's much doubt that Boris Johnson is the least capable prime minister the UK has ever had. it's genuinely laughable at this point.
  12. I should have said, "where possible" to be fair. It is of course, totally dependent on whether the work can be done remotely. I'm not envisaging millions of people being completely remote. being in the office and meeting face to face has it's advantages. i wouldn't choose 5 days WFH if i had the choice. Flexibility's going to be the key.
  13. Wether it's said or not, the main sticking point to offering WFH is that employers don't trust employees to actually get the work done at home. It you've hired a team full of people who can't be trusted to do any work then you're an idiot who's completely failed at your own job.
  14. The move to have more people WFH where possible has been a no-brainer for a long time. The benefits are obvious. Without coronavirus it would probably have taken a long time to come though mostly because a large proportion of the people ultimately responsible for these kinds of decisions are utterly lacking in vision and 'doing things the way they've always been done' is an attitude that's been beaten into the 'management class' and it's been actively selected for. It would probably have been employee power that shifted most companies. Once a critical threshold of employers offering it was passed, those that don't would find it too difficult to compete for decent employees and so they'd have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. It'll certainly be interesting to see if the lockdown shifts many employers position on it once it's been proven not to be the end of the world and a large number of employees have gotten used to it.
  15. In a certain sense. £2 is a 100% increase! on £1. It doesn't mean you're rich though. The Ally McCoist School of Data Analysis.
  16. Massive relative increase. It's 40 cases ffs.
  17. Deranged rantings from Strachan are no more likely to change anything than previous deranged rantings from the likes of Malky Mackay.
  18. Strachan is a moron. For all intents and purposes there is a separation of full time and part time clubs. The only full time clubs in the lower leagues are those who're shite enough to let part time clubs with less resources get ahead of them in the league structure. And I think it's safe to say clubs in that situation have next to f**k all to 'offer' in terms of improving Scottish football in the way Strachan's talking about.
  19. I have to say, I'm absolutely loving this. As someone who was willing to keep the boot hovering above the WM government given the circumstances, I'm now ready to see it get well and truly stuck into them.
  20. If Grant Shapps was your supervisor for your summer job at Greggs during the school holidays, you'd be rolling your eyes daily at his constant gormless incompetency. We (the UK) have chosen him as one of the people to run our whole fucking country. Let that sink in.
  21. Cummings is going absolutely nowhere. It's mental to think they'll do anything other than brass neck this out until everyone's got other things to talk about. Anyone been watching this lot for the past few years.... at all?
  22. I weirdly always lose weight when I'm inactive just because my appetite drops so much I think. No lattes with syrup on the way to work, no chocolate bars after lunch, no beer and no just buying a pizza on the way home because i can't be arsed doing anything else.
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