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  1. There's a long history of people in Britain being absolutely (and quite rightly) vitriolic towards football pundits. I don't buy this "they wouldn't say that about a male pundit" shite. They have, and are.
  2. McCoist stands out as a co-commentator because it sounds like he actually likes football, and also being alive in general. In stark contrast to the likes of Murphy and Dixon.
  3. Ah right. Fair point. I'd agree. It doesn't make sense to compare teaching to the natonal average/median and point teachers as 'well paid'.
  4. It's pretty difficult to come to a reasonable conclusion about what public sector employees "should" earn vs privtae sector employees beause they're obviously not really subject to the same laws of supply and demand than the private sector. But is the 'graduate' angle really convincing? It's difficult to find like for like stats but i can't find anything that suggests the average graduate is earning more than the average teacher.
  5. Steele's red card clearly wasn't a foul when you watch the highlights. He gets his foot in front of the Rovers player and kicks the ball back into him. There's clearly no pull, which should be obvious as the Rovers player goes flying forward, not backwards.
  6. Their campaign slogan of "The clue's in the name you racist plebs" was brilliant.
  7. Let's all compare each other's coaching badges.
  8. I thought he was one of the better goalkeepers in League One when he was with us. I was surprised that he went to Peterhead after leaving us and even more surprised that he dropped down to League Two this season. I'm not sure if he doesn't want to go full time but I always thought FT teams would have been interested in him at least.
  9. It's basically the equivaluent of the SPFL saying that every club's finishing position decreases by one at the end of the seasons. So club 1 becomes club 0, club 42 becomes club 41 and so no club has to be put forward for the pyramid play-off.
  10. That would be absolutely cracking. Tier 5 should always have been split into 3 following the old Junior region boundaries.
  11. It's still a quarter of their games so it's definitely something they're going to need to cut out. Their lack of discipline has likely cost them points up to now and will continue to.
  12. Only three in the league, although they got two sent off in one of those.
  13. Difficult to disagree with much that's been said. We failed to capitalise on the man advantage as much as we should. Plenty of possession but we really didn't manage to create many chances against an Elgin side who, understandably, were looking to keep it tight and break through Hester when possible. Kane Hester really is a fantastic player at this level. Every time the ball came near him was panic stations in our defence even though he was toiling away up front on his own. It did look like were were very lucky to get away with that penalty incident without conceding a penalty or Fleming being sent off but, on the other hand, Elgin were fairly lucky to only have one man sent off. All in all, a very entertaining game and three wins on the bounce has the league table looking a lot better than it did a month ago but I think we're going to have to be a bit sharper to take anything from Ochilview next week.
  14. Obviously not. But generally speaking, teams on the up can't keep going up forever. Eventually you'll hit a season where you struggle and lose more games than you win. Everybody understands this. Don't be obtuse.
  15. But this is just the same for every football league system everywhere. It could be said for any two tiers in Scottish football. Why would anyone want promotion from the WoSFL to the LL? You're just playing a bunch of diddy teams and eventually you'll hit your level. With the added kicker that the teams you're playing are even diddier than the teams you're used to playing.
  16. Ah right, fair enough. But that's just a side effect of the pyramid evening out over time. It should absolutely be moving quicker but in 10 years time it's unlikely you'll have huge quality differences between clubs in tier 5.
  17. This is all over the place. In the English system you have Stafford Rangers and Morpeth Town in the same league (Northern Premier Division, Tier 7). Both clubs tend to get a few hundred fans through the gate. The distance between East Kilbride and Gretna is 80 miles. The distance between Stafford and Morpeth is 220 miles. Why is it madness that East Kilbride and Gretna are in the same league but you want to hold up England as an example when it has even more extreme distances at an equivalent level?
  18. Well if anyone's going to know how to bring something back from the dead...
  19. To be fair, maybe he's a decent enough guy the majority of the time. But he's far too prone to throwing daft wee tantrums for a man in his 30s.
  20. Shocked to hear that Wallace is unfit, pish, and still an arse hole.
  21. Nice to see so many people willing to put themselves forward and wet their pants on Bonnyrigg's behalf. They pumped us rotten and got it right up us earlier in the season. We're just enjoying being able to return the favour. This is what happens in football.
  22. What folk said is that they wouldn't get 4 figure crowds on average over the season. And after the novelty factor did wear off a bit and they lost a few games, surprise, surprise, their average has now dropped below 1000. Still excellent crowds for this level.
  23. Aye, like when the printer's out of ink but some knob just keeps hitting print. Standing there with Robertson and Tierney and it's still pumping out Josh Doigs and Calvin Ramseys.
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