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  1. Aye but surely the antibodies getting to work will reduce viral load and mean you're infectious for a shorter period of time.
  2. I assumed they were already working on the assumption it would significantly decrease transmission.
  3. What's really wild is that there are any people who think frontline NHS staff and the over 80s shouldn't be prioritised over the general public.
  4. But there's absolutely no evidence to suggest ethnicity itself plays any part in mortality rates so it's not unreasonable to suggest vaccines should not be prioritised along ethnic lines.
  5. It's not that BAME people are at higher risk though, it's that a disproportionate number of people at higher risk are BAME is it not? So if you vaccinate high risk groups first, that would naturally result in a disproportionate number of BAME people being vaccinated. There's no compelling reason to prioritise BAME people in low risk groups which is exactly what prioritising based on skin colour, rather than risk, would be doing.
  6. No having that from an Ayr supporter. That shit heap's voted Tory at Holyrood since 2000.
  7. Doesn't really sound like you ever went to school tbqhwy.
  8. If anything, it's almost certainly to do with an extremely sharp decrease in general homophobia across society leading to far more visibility. In one generation it's gone from a national pass time to something that's broadly seen as extremely unacceptable. the majority of Millenials and GenZ have grown up knowing LGBTQ people personally and having an exposure to LGBTQ people and issues through the media. Boomers didn't and that's almost certainly where the vast majority of the "why do all the kids think it's cool to be trans these days?" shite comes from.
  9. It is unlikely that AIDS is a factor in people thinking society is going through a 'queer fad'. Mostly because you'll probably find that sentiment in countries that had nowhere near as many AIDS deaths as the US (like the UK).
  10. This is twitter in a nutshell though right? You go and see something like #sendthemhome and think 'wow, how is something racist trending', then you look at the timeline and it's thousands of folk saying "I can't believe #sendthemhome is trending!!!!!!"
  11. That's the kind of question that gets me thinking, from a stats point of view as much as anything, so I did a few sums. When you make a few assumptions about how many gay men there are / were in that mid 40s to mid 50s cohort and compare it to the numbers of AIDS deaths in the US, it's pretty clear it had an unbelievable toll on that generation even if you're fairly conservative on the estimate of what % of AIDS victims were gay men and what the age range of victims were. It absolutely would be significant. 45-54 is probably a bit young seeing as anyone who's 45 today was a child during the 80s but the point remains.
  12. It isn't a good argument to be fair to tie it in to men they do know and trust.
  13. I'm not dismissing every opposition to it. I think some people's concerns are genuine and the sensible approach to that situation is to try to persuade people.
  14. Well yeah, I didn't mean that it can never or has never happened, more that it doesn't result in significant increases.
  15. Just want to be clear I don't buy the argument that the GRA will lead to an increase in sexual assaults at all. Isn't there plenty of evidence from places that have implemented these laws that this simply doesn't happen?
  16. Utter minter for the unionist parties that when their main line of attack has been the SNP being too focussed on independence to do 'the day job', a majority now favour independence and the SNP are also significantly more trusted to govern competently than Labour or the Tories.
  17. I'm not on Cherry's side of this but is this really true? Has she actually come out and said these things or is this just bit of an extrapolation from 'against GRA therefore must be transphobic'? Isn't the "pervert argument" more that cis-gendered men would use something like GRA as a cover for committing crimes? Not that I think that's a valid argument but that seems to be the once being used to me.
  18. I've come up with a genius idea. If we can't all be paid in tax-free bonuses, instead of salaries, why can't companies just run monthly game shows where employees 'win' their salary. Winnings from game shows are tax-free.
  19. As with all culture wars issues, it's the most important thing in the world for a handful of folk who lose their shit over it and dramatically over-estimate how much of a shit most folk give about it. Without trying to sound like a horrible, centrist, West Wing watching c**t, surely there can be some kind of middle ground on the GRA issue rather than this fight to the death. Like it or not, progressive social changes always come gradually once a significant enough support builds up. It does seem to me like maybe we're not quite there yet with full GR. Take an ugly win and move on FFS.
  20. So it seems there's two strands: A bit of a shift towards those who want a tougher stance on powers for referendum / self-determination as opposed to the 'section 30 or nothing' crowd. Absolutely fine with that. I feel like there has to be that balance within the party. A shift towards nutters like Joanna Cherry who've chosen the GRA hill to die on. That's certainly an absolute minter for the party.
  21. Genius of the SNP to get the Tories so wound up about independence that they talk of nothing else. The Tories could come out as pro-vaccine and folk in Scotland would start leaning more towards coronavirus.
  22. Scrabster is a weird place. I was there last summer and the place looked like it was overrun with the cast of The Hills Have Eyes in Rangers tops.
  23. I suppose one way to look at it is, do unionists look like they're serenely unperturbed by the prospect of independence to anyone?
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