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  1. Keep reading this as "Alec Baldwin Finally Shoots Someone on Set" as if he's been threatening to do it for years.
  2. It's perfectly possible to take an individual seriously and believe what they're telling you and still maintain a healthy, rational scepticism about what actually happened or about how common these occurrences are, generally. It's not a hard binary between 'they're all lying' / 'they're all telling the truth'.
  3. There was hysteria about folk getting spiked years ago when I was in first year at uni. It felt like every other person had some story about getting spiked, or knew someone who thought they'd been spiked. I'm not doubting for a second it happens and I don't doubt most of the folk claiming it's happened to them genuinely believe that but I think there's more than a reasonable chance a lot of it is teenagers who can't really handle drink too well blacking out from drink and then trying to rationalise that in the context of hysteria and urban myths floating around about spiking. It doesn't lend too much credibility to the theory of hoards of micro-injecting spikers cutting about that most of the stories are coming from freshers a few weeks into uni.
  4. They know it. They're just too invested in it by this stage.
  5. Exactly. If it's only the incorrect ones being changed, what's the problem?
  6. Fair enough. Don't let me interrupt your mental breakdown.
  7. Watched the first couple of those Blair and Brown documentaries. Interesting stuff. It's amazing how, in hindsight, they both called everything that was going to happen with 100% accuracy.
  8. And again, I'm not saying anything about whether Clarke is better than McLeish - he obviously is, I think everyone agrees on that. I'm not talking about whether he should be held to McLeish's personal standard. I'm talking about whether Clarke's squad should be held to a significantly higher standard than McLeish's squads, based purely on the available ability. Clarke's resources are better but I don't think they're that much better.
  9. You've got to admire the "stop being so defensive you absolute b*****d" strategy.
  10. Nothing I'm saying is about McLeish's ability (or lack of) as a manager. I'm talking about the relative strength of squad available to Clarke vs previous Scotland managers and whether it's fair or reasonable to hold Clarke to a significantly higher standard or expectations because he has a significantly better squad to work with. I'm comparing to McLeish because he was the previous manager and worked with squads filled with largely the same players.
  11. It's particularly striking with a lot of Alba supporters that it seems like there's absolutely no consideration of what people in the middle of the independence question (undecideds / Soft No / Soft Yes) want. It's absolutely all about them. Which kind of fits into the majority being raging middle-aged gammons. Can't remember who posted this on the Labour thread but it's similar to the hard left being absolutely raging at Tony Blair. It barely matters. It's the people in the middle who matter, the people who could be convinced to vote Labour or could be convinced to vote Tory. Every serious person understands that and every successful campaign caters to that.
  12. I always suspected M&S managers were IRA sympathisers. Good to finally get confirmation.
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