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  1. Could be that punting a highly qualified medical professional during a pandemic isn't optimal tbf.
  2. I'm not defending them. I've just heard lots of folk talk about herd immunity as if the govt came out and said this was their strategy but I couldn't find any evidence of them saying that, only people reacting to it.
  3. If you're actually in charge of these things, there is no other way of doing this. To give it to pandering and posturing would cost more lives in the long run. If you ask every person in Britain, would you accept the death of one person if it meant our society returning to the stone age, nobody would accept it. An extreme example but it proves that everyone thinks that way, it's just a matter of where you are on the scale.
  4. I'm really not being facetious but I understood that 'herd immunity' wasn't an explicit short term strategy either. Is there some statement from the governments saying that it was?
  5. Exactly. Too many morons out there who'd be crying "no deaths are acceptable" for the general public to understand that part of this is weighing up acceptable number of deaths versus the damage this does to the economy, exactly as it should be.
  6. Choosing between individual examples of useless Labour Party arse holes getting punted over like dominoes by the SNP is very much, I imagine, like trying to rank how much you love your children. They may all have aspects that make them special, but a good parent loves them all equally.
  7. The state of some of the folk arguing about which day the peak will be as if they have the slightest clue.
  8. They may be 15 clear now, but after that 1 more game there is a 10 game playoff where they half everyone's points before it begins - a great league system! Yep. It's a different system. Belgium basically choose a play-off rather than crowning the best team over the 'regular' season champions. Bruges are beyond doubt proved themselves to be the best team over the regular season by some distance. So taking the decision, in isolation, to crown them champions is much easier than in most cases. If Bruges were 1 or 2 points ahead of 2nd place, I think there would be a much bigger chance of a different outcome.
  9. There is though. There's plenty of folk with no dog in the fight who've explained why they think voiding is better than calling as is. There's also precedent for nulling and voiding if that's what you're counting as precedent. The lower leagues in England have voided the season. All the Belgian league decided was to make Bruges champions. They haven't decided what to do about promotion and relegation. Giving Bruges the title was a much easier decision than most as they're 15 points clear with one game left of the regular season. OK, they usually have play-offs but Bruges have proved beyond doubt that they are worthy champions. The issue is when clubs haven't.
  10. That's a bit rich tbf. Not having a go but I don't think anyone should really be taking the opinions of Celtic, Rangers, Hearts, St Mirren, Dundee Utd, Partick, Alloa, Raith, Falkirk, Stranraer, Cove or Brechin supporters too seriously as objective opinions in this matter.
  11. The SPFL could easily amend the rules to give out prize money, based on whatever system gets enough support to pass. I've seen absolutely nothing about sponsorship money from anyone who isn't also pushing for calling the season with current standings. Unless there are some very specific and weird clause in the sponsorship contracts, it's incredibly unlikely that a sponsors position would be 'null and void - i want my money back / call as is - great stuff lads, keep all the money, worth every penny'. If it is then these people would genuinely be complete morons.
  12. Might be answered already but is the proposal to stick with one promotion spot into the LL or is that just an assumption?
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