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  1. The My Team: Scotland boys: "Hey guys. Maybe should listen to what Pep Guardiola has to say about colt teams? I'm just being open-minded and willing to try new ideas for the betterment of Scottish football. Haven't you guys even read Soccernomics?" Rangers lose Europa League Final: "Why won't you support Rangers? You're all IRA sympathisers. You support a shit team LOLOLOLO. Waaah"
  2. Oh aye, can't get enough of that stuff, me.
  3. The IRA have a better record in Manchester tbf.
  4. In honour of this band of heroes, the EF in my username now stands for Eintracht Frankfurt.
  5. The Sun's out, Rangers fucked the Europa League, and Scotland's temporarily tens of thousands of **** down for a day more. Enjoy this.
  6. England losing a Euros final on penalties and Rangers losing a Europa final on penalties in the same 12 month period.
  7. It's a real sign of our decline that we seem to have moved from being Airdrie's feeder club to Stirling Albion's feeder club.
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