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  1. Aye, my mum and dad are in their 60s and are solid independence supporters. There are obviously older folk who are solid Yes and younger folk who are solid No but the age break down in polling has been very clear and consistent for years now. If the Yes side can convince those in their 60s to break for independence, that's the game.
  2. Was talking about this with my dad last night. If we do have indyref 2 any time soon, shouldn't the Yes side basically park their tanks smack bang in the middle of the unionists lawn by committing to increase the state pension in an independent Scotland? We know Yes will win the vote with under-50s. We know the oldest voters will heavily back No. Yes should be going squarely after the soft No voters in the 50-70 age bracket. If you can get that age group anywhere near approaching 50/50, it's game over.
  3. They are but they've been hammered as well, which is even more satisfying.
  4. Aye. It's like coronavirus. Objectively a bad thing but the side effect of landlords getting shafted is a nice wee silver lining.
  5. My thoughts and prayers are with them too...
  6. Happy with the daily format but put me in the one game a week column. With lockdown on, I've got a fair amount of time to spend thinking about chess but even then, some weeks it felt like I was spending a huge amount of time just looking at chess boards and thinking of moves. Given lockdown's hopefully on the slow road out, I feel like two games a week would be a lot for me.
  7. It's pretty wild move for the most aggressively boring personality on this forum to be attacking folk for lacking humour and personality.
  8. I'm not sure being in a constant state of amusement at mundane and predictable things counts as having a sense of humour.
  9. Do you see the irony of this being part of your 764th "*laughing emoji* This place, man" post of 2021?
  10. I'm pretty sure that Thursday was kept open on purpose because it was the only free date before we hit the 18 games so if any clubs needed a postponement (as Clyde now do because they're in the 4th round of the cup), that date would be used.
  11. Got to agree that Falkirk fans are more moany to the point of nihilism, rather than being genuinely angry. The current crop of League One cub's supporters are probably unusually calm this season. Don't know if that's a new-found covid perspective, not having live games to watch to nurture the anger, or what but it's a bit disappointing.
  12. Hope you replied "Congratulations on being number 10. Bitch."
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