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  1. Are people still taking Malky seriously?
  2. I heard they've used all the memory in the sky box filling it with repeats of 'Danny Dyer's hardest men'. Sad to see.
  3. Brett Long didn't play at TFS. I'm sure he'll be glad to see he's got you absolutely rattled though.
  4. Watched the Manchester derby. Wasn't as good as the game at Bayview today IMO.
  5. Much better performance than the Airdrie or BSC games. We had a lot more dig about us today. The new shape looks fairly decent and it'll be interesting to see if we stick with it over the next few games. 180 goalless minutes played between East Fife and Falkirk now and it's not hard to see why. On chances, we should definitely have had that game. A belter of a save from Mutch and a chance that Dunsmore should be burying 9 times out of 10 but other than that, not much created. To be fair, it would have been pretty hilarious if Dunsmore's big slice had gone it.
  6. I asked this a while ago. Unbelievably. the answer was "Arsenal".😂
  7. Falkirk fans are the P&B equivalent of an incel who launches into an online diatribe because someone said they thought the Star Wars prequel trilogy "wasn't that bad" on twitter.
  8. Not 100% sure but the story seems to be that he's been playing through a niggle of some sort for the past few weeks.
  9. In the East of Scotland league at the moment, according to the EoSFL Attendance thread, precisely zero teams are getting "larger crowds than most of League 2".
  10. He played in a couple of the League Cup group games, including scoring against Hearts, then got injured in a Fife Cup (😂) game at EEP. Just coming back from injury recently. He's clearly not up to full fitness yet and is probably being flung in a bit early because we've got a mini injury / fitness crisis up front.
  11. First goal looks fine to me. Crighton's up there before he puts his hands on Higgins. As for the penalty. It's on the line and it's clear Smith is looking for it but for me, it's a clumsy challenge from Murdoch. No need for it and you're just making it easy for the ref. End of the day, Airdrie would have won comfortably even if one or both of those decisions had gone another way.
  12. We're going to need a big improvement to get something here. We've been going off the boil for a few weeks and that's led up to a shocking result today. A fit Ryan Wallace would be a massive lift as we're missing him badly but the reality is even with Wallace back, pretty much every area needs to be better than it has been last couple of weeks.
  13. Outclassed today and by some distance our worst performance of the season. Fair play to Airdrie, revenge well and truly got for that result earlier in the season. An excellent team performance and well deserved win. We were just insipid. Can't really point to anyone and say they had a good game. It's clear that playing Watt off Duggan just doesn't work. We didn't look a threat all that first half. It was a bit better in the second half but Airdrie had the game won and it would have been difficult to do any worse. That inability to defend corners is a real millstone round our necks. We're always so vulnerable to conceding.
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