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  1. It's hard to believe multiple people at the BBC thought this was a good enough idea not to veto it. I know in reality, it's just a chain of people agreeing with their boss but fucking hell.
  2. I assume my 2003-2007 posts were lost in the purge. Interesting that I had that wee gap in 2016-17 though, can't really think what that was. I started my first proper job n 2013, the posting during the day really ramped up a notch since then.
  3. I'd probably vote for 12-12-18. If the top 5/6 were in promotion / play-off spots then you're dangling that carrot of just being once good season away from being in the Championship to all th epart-time SPFL clubs.
  4. Yep. I don't agree with that stance at all. My view is, you set up a good structure and let clubs find their level within it. The more promotion / relegation spaces there are, the quicker that'll happen.
  5. This is it. It's fine to complain and say that L2 clubs are protecting themselves but as we've just had a perfect lesson in over this summer, all clubs at all levels will look after their own interests first. Chmpionship clubs say this about Premier clubs and then protect their own interests when it comes to Leagues One and Two. League One and Two clubs say this about the Premier and Championship and then protect themselves from the HL and LL. Even the LL themselves have a fairly tough entry system from below which could see a very significant bottleneck at the top of the EoS and WoS Premiers over the next decade or so. Clubs can't just argue for what suits them and hope other clubs will vote it through to their own detriment based on strength of argument. There is a strange catch 22 at the bottom of the SPFL at the moment though. The more difficult it is to drop out of the SPFL, the scarier the prospect becomes. I agree entirely that the HL / LL play off winner should be going up automatically at the very least. I'd love to see us move towards a situation where both the HL and LL champions go up without the need for a play-off and two teams come down. Then you've got the other issue where that seems a more realistic goal if L2 were to be expanded to say 16 teams. Finishing 14th/16 seems a lot easier than finsihing 8th/10. But then clubs will see prize money pots being diluted further. I think some sort of recontruction will be the ultimate solution to this but it seems pretty clear that something that can achieve a winning margin rather than unanimous support will be needed. You won't please everyone and it'll probably lead to some fairly bitter disagreements. The biggest factor is probably making tier 5 into a more attractive prospect. If a few of the lowland clubs in L2 could see a really exciting, competitive league down there with clubs that would bring a few fans and provide interesting competitive fixtures week in week out, I think that'd make a big difference. No offence to any clubs but I think a lot of SPFL clubs take the view that half your games being against new / tiny / uni teams with barely any supporters is extremely unappealing. When the LL is filled with the bigger ex-juniors, a few more ex-SPFL, and the bigger/better LL originals that survive the promotion/relegation maelstrom of the next few seasons, you might start to see a few stances soften.
  6. If enough of us bring down a bucket full of earth every so often we can get the mound going again by October.
  7. Clock changes - the absolute bane of any time-based analysis🤬
  8. Fitting, seeing as Rashford and McTominay seem to be bringing out an early 90s rap album.
  9. Absolutely. There'll be a lot of "close the attainment gap" unionists with glum faces if the results get fixed through appeal.
  10. Exactly. The results aren't final. Everyone will have a chance to get their results changed through appeal. If there are still kids with straight As in their prelims with shit results after the appeals process then the toys can justifiably come out the pram.
  11. Were you sober when you were listening?
  12. Aye a few dozen children of Labour Party members with generic slogans on placards cuts very deep.
  13. Some teachers clearly thought that's what we were doing this year.
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