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  1. League A GordonEF beats Bri1962 by resignation A sloppier game than our usual encounters. Both players making a few mistakes and inaccuracies in the middle game trying to take the game to each other. I managed to get a Queen / Bishop battery pointing at the king's corner quite early that was always a threat. In the end, I didn't find a way to checkmate with it but eventually got a way to force a Queen for Rook exchange that would probably have been too difficult to come back from.
  2. This is the main argument for B team involvement over loan moves and you're spot on. It doesn't benefit the player to have only experienced one system and one role within that system, it only benefits the parent club on the occasion where they might need to call the payer into the first team.
  3. I'd happily give up any subsidy to get rid of the old firm from Scottish football. I'd also happily sacrifice part of the 'subsidy' East Fife get if it meant a better, fairer league structure. So basically, you're talking shite.
  4. Yeah, imagine half the clubs in the SPFL not voting for a double helping of shite for absolutely nothing in return.
  5. To be fair, the real analogy here is that we're all looking at a range of excellent cakes made with a range of different ingredients. You like vanilla and so you're claiming that of the great cakes with vanilla in them, it must be because they have vanilla in them, ignoring all the great cakes that don't use vanilla and all the shit cakes that do use vanilla. My argument is that chucking vanilla into an already shit cake isn't going to make any difference. I mean, this would be pretty much page one in any entry level Logic textbook - Just because some dogs are black, doesn't mean everything black is a dog.
  6. We're going to have to agree to disagree here. I'll take your baker analogy. Let's say I'm an average baker, producing average cakes and I want to learn from a baker who's much better than me. They way to do it is by studying and analysing what they do and understanding why they do what they do and how I can incorporate that into my baking. You don't just say "well they add vanilla so if I also add vanilla, surely I'll become a great baker too". Over the past few posts, I've tried to be a bit more open to the whole B teams idea. If it comes as part of a wider re-organisation of youth development in Scotland and the argument can be made that B teams play a part, fine.
  7. I'd be willing to entertain the idea of B teams in the league structure (you start from the bottom but can be promoted as high as you like) but only if it is part of a genuine effort to improve payer development in Scotland and it would have to come with some fairly strict criteria. Like, no over-age players in the B teams at all, a minimum number of players in B Team squads and first teams have to be eligible to play for the Scottish national team. Each club with a B team have to spend a minimum % of turnover on youth development. Clubs also have to re-apply for the right to have a B team every 5 years. If they can't show how B Teams are leading to better youth development and players getting chances in their first teams, they get binned.
  8. Where is this evidence, data and facts then? Show us the evidence that players who get B team experience are better than they would otherwise have been? You've been asked to provide it before and didn't. If it exists, surely it's not hard to find. "Croatia have B teams and they're gid" isn't evidence. I'm not saying all these people are stupid. I'm not even saying you're stupid. I'm saying your arguments are. And, for about the hundredth time, most of these clubs (and, by extension, the people who represent them) advocate for B teams from a position of self-interest, not from a position of helping their countries produce better players. How are you finding this so difficult to grasp?
  9. If you can't trust someone who's attempted to steal your identity to apply for a US visa, who can you trust?
  10. By developing the ability to think critically. For example, Croatia and Czech Republic both beginning with 'C' is a fact. But that's a ludicrous fact when you use it to try to determine why they're better football teams than Scotland. It's an ability most people have, to varying degrees. Again, it's just a general ability to think critically. The argument that Croatia were better than Scotland when neither country had B teams in their leagues and therefore B teams are good is a stupid argument, because logically, it makes absolutely no sense. Having a different opinion is fine. Backing your opinion with a stupid argument is stupid. As I said, Croatia getting beaten by England and therefore B teams = bad is also stupid, even though it's made to back up the same opinion I hold. Well it's just objectively not. All we're talking about here is B teams. We all know you support them and are basically just taking the view 'give it a go'. That's fine. All I'm really finding to take issue with in your posts are the arguments you're using to support B teams. 'Just give it a go' is fine. Folk can agree with that or not.
  11. Most of the arguments against and for B teams over the past few pages have been garbage, to be fair. Croatia getting beat by England has no bearing on the merits or otherwise of B teams and the fact that Patrick Schick is a good player and may have played with or against guys who played in a B team at some point also has absolutely f**k all to do with whether B teams are a good idea. We all get it, some folk are pro B teams, some folk are anti them. Just cherry picking utterly ludicrous facts or arguments to suit what you want to be true is stupid and isn't advancing the argument or changing anyone's mind. Scotland does not do a good enough job of producing football players and can do a lot better. That's undeniable. If we want to be better, significant changes are needed, that's also undeniable. The whole system of youth development needs restructured. If the evidence-based opinion is that B teams are a part of that, than I'd be willing to listen to that argument. But B teams on their own, without any of the other changes that need to be made, it's frankly delusional to think that's going to make much difference. If we're all sure that serious changes need to be made, then let's look at what needs doing and put everything on the table. Croatia and the Czech Republic have been producing better players than we have for years, long before B teams ever got into their leagues. They were obviously doing something right, apart from B teams, that we're not doing. Jumping ahead multiple steps to what seems like an easy and quick fix is not the way to do this. If the biggest clubs in Scotland (not just the OF) start producing much better players, that get into their first teams and significantly improve the national team, great. If B teams are a critical part of that, then let's consider it. But all the evidence shows is that smaller countries can consistently produce good players without B teams and they can do it with B teams. So the only rational conclusion is that B teams are not the difference between Scotland and Croatia and so simply introducing B teams is not going to turn Scotland into Croatia.
  12. Responding to failure and innovation are clearly good, when the ideas are good. Absolutely nobody is arguing against that. Just being reactionary is not good. The argument isn't whether change is good or bad.
  13. Let's take any footballing sentiment out of this. As a piece of data analysis, the 20-year comparison between Scotland and Croatia is chronically poor. For a start, B teams have only been in the Croatian league system for around 5 years. So anything Croatia did previously is absolutely not any kind of argument for B teams. All it shows is that a country of 4 million people were perfectly able to consistently produce top class players completely without B teams.
  14. I'm sure we can find a Dumfries in the South of Scotland League.
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