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  1. Yes. Think his name was Jim waddell. The blind man who was there every week was John Stewart and was a great character who genuinely knew more of what was going on than most of the crowd. I remember times BBC kicked them out of their seats and the commentary was never half as good. His name was Alec Waddell , known to as uncle Alec, he would get us in for free back in the mid 70s
  2. Week 1... Hiberian Week 2... ICT Week 3... Raith Rovers Week 4... Hearts
  3. Still in our own hands? Thistle 6 games to play 18 pts max Us 5 games to go 15 pts max Am I missing something
  4. If we do happen to be relegated, will we change the management team again, or have we invested too much already?
  5. Oh yes he is (shite coach) , ask any player who he fell out with during his spell with us, or any player he brought in for that matter, I implore your board to do due diligence on this imposter before he ruins yet another club. He should never get a gig in paid for football again.
  6. Scored the last ever falkirk goals at brockville
  7. Well we have already gave them that opportunity, remember the No 10 for Forfar, yes, from the seaside leagues, standing ovation for ripping our defence a new one
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