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  1. To be fair the best amateur team in Scotland for the past few years won the league..
  2. Watched the game and yes Colvilles first goal was a couple of yards offside and yes the second goal was a dubious penalty, but that happens week in week out at every level. With no linesman to help the ref its easy for everyone to criticise every decision! Thought the game itself was a bit of a damp squib, Colvilles playing too many long balls that were bread and butter for the St Pats defenders.. Regarding a bit of pushing and shoving, it's a passionate game and if you take that away their wouldn't be nothing less, agreed its not correct but as long as there is only hurt pride involved laugh it off and move on. The title is St Pats to lose now..
  3. Result of the day. Motherwell Thistle 6 Alba Thistle 0.. Didn't see the game but by all accounts Motherwell Thistle were outstanding against the Scottish cup final semi finalists.. Up and down season for Thistle but on their day they are competing with the top teams.. Interesting to see if they improve next year..?
  4. Any teams take a short notice friendly for Saturday 7th July. 1 pm ko. Was arranged but the other team called off. Any interest PM me please. Thanks
  5. Any teams available for a friendly on Saturday 24th March? We have a park booked with a 2pm ko, split costs. Any interest reply or PM me. Cheers Motherwell Thistle
  6. Motherwell team looking for a friendly on Thursday 21st December, 6:30pm ko. Local park booked and split cost. Any interest PM me. Thanks
  7. Outside was frozen so swapped to indoors with a 3pm ko which our opponents agreed to. Unfortunately it was not going to be available until 3:15pm. Our opponents advised us that was too late for them, so try again next week.
  8. Fair comments but Bannockburn are still a better team than the ones you have mentioned. Though all excellent wins..
  9. EK played 7, no wins and 3 points.. Bannockburn is a big scalp..
  10. Defo result of the round in my opinion. I have saw you play and you are definitely a decent side, just results not been going for you even when the better side. All the best for the season ahead..
  11. Motherwell Thistle 0-2 down with 20 mins to go, won 6-2. Decent side if on their game and a match for anyone, that's the problem though. So up and down!!
  12. Had me doubting myself.. EK from safl did beat Bannockburn from central Scottish, result of the round so far unless Bannockburn are poor..?
  13. Wow.. Mistake but it's posted on the safl website as EK from safl. "Know what your talking about" what's that all about??
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