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  1. If not for bains red we would have won that by 3 or 4, red and pen gives them a huge lift, they are absolutely shite tho and have no chance of staying up, think we will struggle for top 6 but if so we can relegate them at dens DDYB
  2. Hemmings the shortest odds to score first 5/1, put £20 on it
  3. Thinking more about top 6, don't think we are in danger of going down even if we lose tomorrow
  4. Lets be honest, can go either way, draw is shit for both of us
  5. Red tube is better, loads of tangerine tubes on here
  6. They are obviously shitting themselves, could this be the first time we win there in years??? Shitting it big time, got a few dab pals, they have stopped going to games because they are shit but going to this one, strange bunch, strange fans, have their flares at the ready
  7. If we are up for it and are fired up then we will win, better players and fancy Hemmings to get a goal, Stewart usually scores against them too, big worry is tho will we be up for it, much bigger game for them that us with them rock bottom, hopefully we keep them there well adrift!
  8. If we turn up and play like we can will win easily, if we turn up half hearted then a draw, if we turn up like against rangers we will get pumped 1-0
  9. Whatever happens we will all be shitting ourselves at 12 on Sunday
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