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  1. ..or bowing out on a high after we qualify
  2. brilliant. Hope the guy got a massive Lego set for his Christmas
  3. Buzzin' for the table service in the Star Inn.....
  4. Grass is perfectly fine. ....if only one game a fortnight is getting played on it. Ground sharing means the pitch has no time to recover, especially in the winter I understand Ellis wanted a nice grass pitch. Now he's gone. Heard a rumour we're thinking of putting down a hybrid pitch at Lesser
  5. Our supporters' team are doing no bad at the moment. Maybe give him a wee shot
  6. Think most QP fans who want to go have managed to get tickets anyway. They appear to be still on sale
  7. Was Hamilton an available alternative? I honestly don't know I admit, I was quite happy when they announced Firhill in the summer. But my thinking was obviously clouded by the decent pubs nearby, the good weather back then and the pitch looking OK. Ground sharing a grass pitch in the winter sadly isn't working for either club. The pitch is ruined.
  8. I'm prepared to praise them for demolishing the old dressing rooms at Lesser. Mainly because it really annoyed a bunch of weird farmhouse nonces so fair play.
  9. A fiver is brilliant. I wish a few other clubs would take note but sadly they probably won't. To be fair, I think we can afford it a bit more than others. But still a fine gesture all the same
  10. First the farmhouse, now this. Can't believe the club has actually done not one but TWO things over the last couple of weeks that I can actually applaud. Everyone accommodated. Apart from away fans of course but I imagine that will be the same across the board in our league re Airdrie game. I imagine we'll be getting refunded for that. They have dished out a few already.
  11. It's pretty obvious that priority should be given to the fans who are season ticket holders and members as they've already made a commitment to the club by paying up front for the season. That's what happened when we played Airdrie in the league cup section, back when crowd numbers were restricted to 500. We even managed to give Airdrie a small allocation of tickets so some Dumbarton fans might get lucky although I assume we've sold more season tickets since then. Can't see us getting to Airdrie or Braodwood though. And I'd wager this absolute farce lasts longer than 3 weeks.
  12. If you're gonna come out with such tragic patter then at least do it properly. It's "Queue Pee" ffs..
  13. I know QP have put a link up to buy tickets online but can Montrose fans confirm that we can also pay at the gate?
  14. Yes, this weekend work parties are the scapegoat. Won't be long 'til football gets the share of the blame.
  15. Heard a rumour it might be. Covid outbreak in the Airdrie squad?
  16. What? Just forget how to pass a football, track back or melt like chocolate under the slightest press? Surely no team can be as bad but here's hoping.
  17. If you think it's bad now then you should have seen it back when I started watching Queen's. It was basically all ex players who couldn't relate to being a supporter at all.. I've always encouraged supporters to become members if they can, especially the younger ones with fresh ideas. When I became a member in 1999 it was because I wanted a say in how my club was run, it was that simple. I was 28 years old so it took me a while but when I started supporting QP the committee was full of dinosaurs totally out of touch with the support and a lot of the members weren't much better imo. The relationship with QPSA was awful, our fanzine was banned from being sold on club property and supporters were getting membership applications rejected because their face didn't fit. When I went to my first members meeting I felt so out of place, there was only about two folk younger than me in the room. Thankfully the make up of the membership evolved enough over the next 20 years so we were able to get the vote through successfully.
  18. Of course it is. It's just the way it was done will always stink. Blame on both sides imo.
  19. We're very much "still going". Who do you think runs the supporters' buses to away games, the social events, the merchandise shop etc? Good idea though about having guaranteed permanent representation but sometimes (unfortunately) it can become a conflict of interests. Our current QPSA secretary (for the last million years) was on the club committee for a wee while before deciding to step down. Our previous bus convener is currently on the club committee. A few more of them were just normal punters originally. Sadly over the years a few have quickly forgotten where they came from and who supported them to get elected in the first place.
  20. Yes, they shouldn't get off the hook when it comes to Hampden. It was their inaction and foolish trust in the SFA that have brought us here as well. They should have tried to re-negotiate the lease deal before it was up, especially when the SFA asked us to extend it for the Euros. Zero lessons seemed to have been learned from season 99/2000/
  21. That's what he was getting at. The SFA only came up with half the money. As you said, Haughey (and Tom Hunter) gave them the rest to bring it up to £5 million . Let's also not forget that they originally only offered us a pound for the whole place
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