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  1. We've been assured by the club that's all been sorted out now and we're playing Saturdays (we must have bunged them eh) Although it wouldn't be the first time we've been fed bullshit
  2. You'll never guess what happened the other week there
  3. At the members' meeting last season, where Beuker gave his presentation, he was hanging around after having an informal chat with a few of the supporters and his exact words to us were "Liam Brown and Jack Thomson are the type of young player I was talking about, both of them are the future of this club"
  4. Correct. Aye changes will be happening, that's a given, but I'd still expect a few of our main men to be starting and the rest on the bench. I still remember Mark Roberts making nine changes to the team that won the opening game of the season at Stirling and we ended up losing to Celtic Colts. No comparison with the strength of the current squad of course but I wouldn't want to be making wholesale changes tbh. Players also want to play every week to keep momentum going. I'm also not a fan of wrapping players in cotton wool just in case they get injured. Players can get injured in training. If they are carrying a wee knock or strain then fair enough.
  5. Eh not so sure this is the case now. That might just be for wheelchair users. Clear as mud
  6. I've bought online but I now see you can buy on the day from their ticket office https://queensparkfc.co.uk/tickets-hamilton-accies/
  7. aye fair point. Descendants is the word I was looking for (it's been a long week)
  8. As an atheist, a parent and a drinker, that sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
  9. There must be some ancestors of Mary Queen of Scots still kicking about, get them invited along to open the new ground (seeing as we're indirectly named after her) A link with a good catholic monarch should keep them miles away
  10. I wouldn't mind being late for kick off this time tbh
  11. Aye. There will be no sun in their eyes either (on the rare days we get some)
  12. Nice bit of casual racism here from Mr Angry
  13. Think they've been downing tools after every funeral for the last two years
  14. Coyle obviously has Bannon and Jarrett ahead of him right now and by all accounts David Boeteng can play there as well. If he's out the picture at the moment then a loan spell will do him good. Still got another year on his contract after this season and I know Beuker rates him highly.
  15. I actually thought he was one of the better loanees when he played. Connell as well obviously. Both far from "utterly woeful" The rest were pish right enough
  16. Looking forward to my first ever visit to Dens (just a couple of grounds to tick off the list now) A few weeks ago I'd have bitten your hand off for a point in this game and, despite three wins in a row, I'd still be happy with that tbh. I'm certainly more confident of getting something as we've vastly improved from that League Cup game. Don't see any reason to change the line up from the last two games. Maybe new loan signing David Boateng will come in for Davidson at right back, depends how match fit he is
  17. You've won it more recently than us to be fair but, aye, this thread has been an eye bleeding read
  18. Confirmed by QP. A few of us have booked these flights
  19. Well I'm assuming the TV folk won't want any other fixtures in the same competition to clash with their coverage. Plus our own game might be in with a wee chance of being live on BBC Alba or BBC Northern Ireland on another day. But who the f**k knows eh?
  20. TNS v Dundee on S4C on the Friday night. So Cliftonville won't be Friday then.
  21. I don't think any situation is ideal for those that want to go to both games. I've got a ticket for the Scotland game but I'll punt it if I have to. I have to admit, I'm wanting our game to be on the Saturday to make a weekend of it but I doubt it will be now so a Friday night game would be a decent option for attending both games. Then at least you could have an overnighter in Belfast before heading back the next morning.
  22. Fair play to Logan on Saturday. Took the slagging well and gave it back.
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