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  1. So our opposition would play Friday night then Saturday afternoon? I don't think so
  2. The team's done us proud. 7 wins in a row since the re-start. 16 goals scored and only a penalty goal conceded. That's sensational form. Win this tomorrow and we're not getting caught. No chance that we're gonna lose a 15 point lead on goal difference. I'm pretty sure the lads will be right up for this tomorrow. Of course so will City, they're a good side on tremendous form as well. Our overall record at Ainslie Park isn't good but we did win there on our last visit with Sal (assisted by Galt) doing the business. I think we're in for a belter of a matc.h
  3. Oh well. Maybe it's hanging up in our BoardroomπŸ˜‰
  4. You need to start pulling rank with auld Beardy. Get him telt your the main commentator and he's only there to summarise when you ask him to. I'm sure he'll understand........
  5. Agree, I don't see the point of a rotation system if you're gonna leave out players at the top of their form. At least one of Gillespie and Lyon should have started last night imo. And where does Baynham fit into this system? I thought he did well against Cowdenbeath, not a sniff since then.
  6. If they're improving the squad or better than what we have then it's not unusual at all. Every club uses the loan system this way, part time or full time
  7. That's the thing, even though we were poor last night, we still created bags of chances. I counted four absolute sitters missed by Sal, Murray, Galt and McLean. Our strikers need to calm down a bit and show more composure. Murray took his goal well but then has a fresh air swipe from six yards second half. Annan created openings - we also gifted them a couple of chances through fannying around at the back - but I don't think they had one decent effort on target. Lad was unlucky with that one when Willie was in no man's land but I don't remember him having to make a save. He might have had to if it wasn't for Morrison's superb acrobatic clearance though.
  8. That's because you made the mistake of listening to the commentator ( or was it face he said?) It was pretty clear from the replays that he fucked his leg. Looked like his knee. What a blow for him, he's been great
  9. Indeed I was asked to loan them a framed photo to put up in the old social club. It was an aerial shot of Hampden at the 2002 European Cup final that I won in a charity raffle at a club dinner. It wasn't put back up when we moved to the new club and apparently nobody knows where it is now. I must check that skip.
  10. Rubbish, ain't it. McKinnon out! πŸ˜› It's funny how expectations rise but I know what you're saying. Since the re-start we've absolutely battered the teams in the bottom half of the league in terms of possession and chances created. Murray could have had 4 goals himself at Stennie. However it's Annan. I've always got an uneasy feeling before we play them. Their form is horrific though and we're on fire so tonight really should be the night
  11. Our final home game at Hampden has already taken place. The club are just hoping that's not the case but the reality is the SFA have no intention of letting us have a "farewell game" there with fans. It would take a massive shift among the main influencers on their board for that to change and I can't see it. As for work on the place for the Euros, UEFA take over the ground a month in advance to set up all their shite in and around the ground, like their own branding, sponsors /advertising logos, tarting up the concourses, hospitality lounges, media centres, getting the pitch sorted ( possibly re-laid) numerous security checks. They did the exact same before the European Cup final in 2002 and UEFA Cup Final in 2007
  12. Funny this should be mentioned, last night a few of the lads on our WhatsApp group (our new virtual social club) were reminiscing about our tussles with Berwick around 1999/2000. Gall's glorious diving header down there to win 2-1, then pipping them to the title on the last day at Central Park (in the last half hour of the game) and getting the trophy on the pitch 😊 (7 weeks previously their fans had been singing Championees after beating us at Hampden to go top) First game of the following season was, of course, against Berwick at Hampden. We unfurled the flag while they stayed in the dressing room. Beat them 1-0 (Marshall with the goal) and they got two sent off πŸ˜‚ Still find it hard to take that we ended up relegated on goal difference that season despite winning at Dumfries on the last day 😭
  13. We beat Stennie 3-1 but we were drawing with a few minutes to go. I was actually impressed with us in that game with how we coped after going behind. We kept striving for the winner late on and got our reward. I agree about the Edinburgh game, we were pish first half and should have been more than one down. We only turned that around due to the performance of half time sub Longridge. I think we were very grateful for the point that day, even if we did lose a late equaliser. Three of the five league goals conceded this season came in that game so that tells a story. As for last night, I thought we were bang average first half but excellent in the second half. Quitingo is quality and has to start every game imo. Defences hate his speed. Second half Baynham looked the business. Aye he should have got a hat trick - keeper did well - but it was refreshing to see a striker make good runs, get on the end of passes /crosses and work the keeper. Connell was great against Stranraer and Rovers but I thought he was quiet by his standards against Stirling and fairly pedestrian last night. We upped the pace and were far more direct second half after he had gone off. Strange one. Lyon did well. Didn't rate him at all earlier in the season but he's really improved since the re-start so fair play to him.
  14. All part of the propaganda machine. They're still trying to convince us that McHugh scored the first at Brechin. No doubt because he was the "nearest" QP player to the guy that smashed the o.g into the roof of the net. I await Grant being awarded the winner from this game then.
  15. Can't see any obvious vantage points for the IBF tomorrow so Police Scotland can breathe a heavy sigh of relief πŸ˜‰
  16. Same on my stream. Knew Sal had scored well before it hit the net. I thought the guys were good as well, knew what they were on about
  17. Oh well, too late now. Calm doon, they didn't pull the plug after thousands of Rangers fans rampaged through George Square. I doubt they'll give a f**k about 4 or 5 QP fans looking over a wall at Coatbridge
  18. Noticed some of the faithful up on the hill celebrating the goals. Heard a handful headed through. Quite a few Rovers fans there as well Also noticed on the live stream our players went across to applaud them at full time. Nice one
  19. Night and day from Saturday. He has to start ahead of Bingo Bob when Murray is back in the team
  20. League 1 & 2 clubs are trying their best to get the season finished by cramming fixtures into a tight schedule. So bottom of League 2 will deserve to be in a play off spot. However no team deserves a play off spot after only 3 games. That's mental. I'm all for the pyramid but not like this.
  21. Our squad is strong enough to deal with all types of surfaces. The last two games have shown that. No excuses
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