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  1. Only page one of the thread and Gretna mentioned already. Fair play (to be fair, there's a good chance you're still better run off the park than we are)
  2. Agreed. Not sure why anyone would want to take a wrecking ball to the team just as we're building up a bit of a momentum. Especially when it's one of most prestigious cup competitions in the world and our win record at Peterhead is pretty abysmal - only two wins up there since they joined the SFL back in 2000. Writing off the opposition is usually when a team gets a bloody nose. They'll be right up for this. We should be going full strength imo but there is no doubt Coyle will make a few changes. Probably similar to Cliftonville.
  3. Aye, nae bother. So we all know the big man has had a few dodgy moments. Erratic would be the best word to describe his time in the team. Ayr away was a shocker for him but he wasn't the only one that day. But do you not think he then had a really good game at Firhill, for example? Made a goal saving block tackle first half and scored a fine header. A pretty much faultless display tbf. I've not got a problem with constructive criticism but you should also dish out praise when it's deserved. If you don't then you just create a scapegoat. For what it's worth, I also think Fox is a better player and it should be him and Kilday for the foreseeable future.
  4. The simple answer is no. One of those games moved was because Stennie were at home. And quite rightly so.
  5. Building work starting in the summer allegedly.
  6. We've been told our social club will be open as usual on match days so I'm assuming away fans will be welcome there like they were before.
  7. Nah, our main struggle is keeping the ball out of our net. We've tossed away quite a few points this season from winning positions because of daft goals conceded.
  8. Don't think it will be any warmer in the stand mate but a lot of QP fans would be more than happy to be on the terrracing instead
  9. All this talk of a Hampden return is really starting to annoy me (even more than the Premiership chat) I really don't want to go back there. And - apart from the rumour about these two games next month when Ochilview isn't available - there is no need to go back there as long as we're no higher than the Championship (let's be honest, that's not happening anytime soon, we're not good enough) If we can put up a "temporary" North stand while (and after) we build the South Stand then that will be fine for the Championship.
  10. Are these going to be the media seats? If so then that's less of an issue for me as they don't pay. But as Tattie36 says, how does that happen in a modern new stand? So weird.
  11. Yeah, I'm guessing the padded seats in the middle will be for the hospitality punters. So you're spot on. Why the f**k they didn't make that diddy "VIP" stand bigger to house them is just mental. Especially as the hospitality lounge is going to be in the JB McAlpine upstairs.
  12. The main reason why we were persuaded to withdraw our request for an official EGM the last time was because we were informed by the President that our CEO couldn't attend it as she wasn't a member and he wanted her to do a presentation. He insisted that only members were allowed. The point was made that the previous club secretary/GM used to attend members' meetings to take minutes but he insisted she was made a member to do so (?) We all really wanted Dempster there to answer our questions and address our concerns so we relented. Then at last December's club AGM by zoom, imagine our surprise when Laurie Ellis made an appearance and gave us an update on the playing side of things. All very welcome of course (despite him being out a job a couple of weeks later) but he wasn't a member of the club. Therefore we were lied to previously. The committee can do whatever the f**k they want when they feel like it. So aye, don't worry. We won't get fooled again.
  13. And the one time we actually need him to stay on his line and collect a high ball sailing safely straight towards him (Dundee game) he comes rushing off his line like a maddie and the ball goes straight over his head. There is no doubt he has made some great saves this season - I think he's made the most saves in the division (was told this was mentioned during the TV commentary) - but that probably says more about our defence. We really need a keeper that can command his penalty area, especially at set pieces. He's currently struggling to take command of the six yard box.
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