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  1. Correct decision. What's the point of football at our level if nobody is there to see it? " yaaaas we won the play offs, I watched Jeff Stelling and his twats tell us we did" Also clubs at our level need match day revenue from gate income, 50/50 draws, match sponsorship, and hospitality. Hopefully postponing games for now gives clubs the chance to get this in the future. re other workers across wider society. That's a matter for other industries and sectors to manage effectively and sensibly. Lots of offices are letting folk work from home ( nobody in my office has had a desktop PC for about 2 years now, everyone has laptops and skype) I do appreciate that not everyone has that facility though. There is nothing special about footballers of course but Scottish football has decided to implement something that covers everyone. I'm happy they have. I'm obviously gonna miss the football and be bored out my tits every Saturday til it returns but hey ho. Not being able to attend games that are taking place would be worse than the current situation.
  2. Don't blame you but probably best folk don't take too seriously the shite banter between myself and Hampden Diehard. I had a cough at Ochilview last week. The usual crap jokes were trotted out as I'm in the "at risk" group. Went to the docs this week and I'm thankfully OK. Honest 😉
  3. If we'd scored then I would definitely have given you a big snog
  4. See you all for summer football
  5. I think that would be a good model and Galt is a perfect example. He is undoubtedly the most talented player in our team and combines this with community coaching at Thistle and running a Futsal Academy
  6. Wake up from Monday all Spfl games will be suspended imo They are suspended now
  7. If I pass away before the Stirling game then my family will ask that a seat be kept empty in my memory.
  8. I suppose the question some people might ask is "If Roberts was kept on and given the same budget in January, would he have got us challenging for the play offs?" Compared to McKinnon, does he have the same contacts in the game? Would he have attracted the same calibre of player? Would he have eventually ceased his resistance to getting in loan players? What is he like balancing a transfer budget? Would he have adapted his training and coaching methods? Nobody will know, we can only speculate .
  9. Why wouldn't it be? Is that not the whole point of this forum? Here's another opinion. No matter how this season ends, the real failure was only taking 19 points from the first 18 games.
  10. Aye right, I can just see you staying in the house and missing a game... I was coughing and spluttering at Stennie on Saturday. I'm now just coughing but I still plan to be doing it at Cliftonhill.
  11. Members and season tickets get first shout obviously 😉
  12. If it's abandoned then there will be no play offs for anybody in the top four to play Was talking to an Edinburgh City director today. He says closed door games will be a financial disaster for most clubs at our level.
  13. Sure is. I imagine anybody who chucks it or stops trying just because they aren't currently in a team that has only lost 1 of our last 10 would be shown the door in the summer by McKinnon. But we have a good bunch of guys in the squad so I have faith that we have nobody like that.
  14. Yup. Draws are no use to us now really. Will any of it matter anyway if none of us are soon unable to watch any games? Unless we can get them live streamed online. Still, imagine a team celebrating winning the play offs in front of none of their supporters. Seems kind of pointless to me.
  15. Sadly you are correct. Of course if UEFA actually gave a f**k about anybody other than the major clubs and nations, then they could think about postponing Euro 2020 to next summer, leaving this summer free - if the situation has settled down by then - for domestic leagues to finish this season rather than play behind closed doors.
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