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  1. I have to say, in all my years of following the QP, this was up there as one of the most enjoyable away trips of all time (I sadly missed TNS) A great night out in Belfast city centre on Saturday night, followed by a superb day's hospitality at their club (10pm flight home ) Second only to the pre-seasons trips to Germany for me.
  2. Aye this. Cliftonville players were dishing it out when they scored so they were just getting some back. Happens most games, no big deal
  3. The Wee bar is too wee for everyone so most QP fans (well, the ones that I know of anyway) go to the Ochilview Bar as well. As you say, it's ideal and has been pretty busy all season with "home" and away fans. Plenty of bar staff on as well so don't have to wait that long for a drink.
  4. We've been assured by the club that's all been sorted out now and we're playing Saturdays (we must have bunged them eh) Although it wouldn't be the first time we've been fed bullshit
  5. You'll never guess what happened the other week there
  6. At the members' meeting last season, where Beuker gave his presentation, he was hanging around after having an informal chat with a few of the supporters and his exact words to us were "Liam Brown and Jack Thomson are the type of young player I was talking about, both of them are the future of this club"
  7. Correct. Aye changes will be happening, that's a given, but I'd still expect a few of our main men to be starting and the rest on the bench. I still remember Mark Roberts making nine changes to the team that won the opening game of the season at Stirling and we ended up losing to Celtic Colts. No comparison with the strength of the current squad of course but I wouldn't want to be making wholesale changes tbh. Players also want to play every week to keep momentum going. I'm also not a fan of wrapping players in cotton wool just in case they get injured. Players can get injured in training. If they are carrying a wee knock or strain then fair enough.
  8. Eh not so sure this is the case now. That might just be for wheelchair users. Clear as mud
  9. I've bought online but I now see you can buy on the day from their ticket office https://queensparkfc.co.uk/tickets-hamilton-accies/
  10. aye fair point. Descendants is the word I was looking for (it's been a long week)
  11. As an atheist, a parent and a drinker, that sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
  12. There must be some ancestors of Mary Queen of Scots still kicking about, get them invited along to open the new ground (seeing as we're indirectly named after her) A link with a good catholic monarch should keep them miles away
  13. I wouldn't mind being late for kick off this time tbh
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