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  1. Aye, spot on. Not sure why people see an issue with this or are struggling to get their head around it. This is the professional football world we live in now where local business people put money into their local club. Every player has 'til the end of the season to prove themselves worthy of getting signed up for next season ( if they want to ) and I imagine some others might end up getting loaned out as well. Both of these things also happened when we were amateur tbf
  2. Still not as much fun as away to Gala.
  3. Yes, I'll be absolutely fuming. Championship in 3 years or I want McKinnon sacked.
  4. Nope. SFA take over ownership of Hampden in August but the deal is we can play there 'til the end of December if Lesser isn't ready. Lesser won't be ready by August, not even started work on it yet. The plan is we'll be there by January 2021
  5. It might be the goalkeepers' union talking here ( still paying my dues ) but I think we're picking holes if we're gonna have a go at Muir for the second goal on Saturday. The defending in front of him was a shambles, he was left totally exposed, and probably in two minds after the first goal whether to rush out and narrow the angle or stay back on his line. Cute finishes for both goals imo
  6. Everything we thought it was going to be when it was originally built. Sadly it was designed by folk who hardly used the old one and have hardly used this one. We make the best of it though with the supporters' association & supporters' football team running social events every month or so. It has bags more potential though
  7. Think it was just someone pissed off they didn't get their favourite seat for a change
  8. Who was the poster - don't think he posts on here anymore - that slaughtered Quinno for taking a penalty against Shire at Ochilview? (even though he was our regular penalty taker) Apparently he deliberately denied Brophy a hat trick to make it "all about him". This is Quinno he was talking about, one of the most selfless players in our history . Think he also had a pop at his appearance record over 10 years (conveniently ignoring his two leg breaks and subsequent hip injury) because some dared to call him a club legend around the time of his testimonial dinner. The big man donated all the money raised at that dinner to Marie Curie as well.
  9. Sounds just like Willie Muir, or any other keeper we've ever had.
  10. You been reading the Falkirk thread? We're going full time, we have £5 million to buy players ( that'll be the SFA money for Hampden that we're getting in installlments and need to build a new ground with) and Willie Haughey owns the club
  11. That's harsh. He was asked to talk about himself. Couldn't care less as long as he does the business for us
  12. The club was pretty busy after the game on Saturday and was a good atmosphere but that might change if certain folk keep complaining to bar staff about supporters making noise and enjoying themselves. We might find more of our fans heading off to the Clockwork
  13. I'd have him in the team alongside Salim ( there you go, some poetry for free )
  14. Aye, first half we were pish but Rovers were good. Second half we were better but Rovers defended brilliantly. So they attacked well in the first half, then defended well in the second. The foundations for any victory so it was well deserved. I'll not be confident about winning this one until we successfully defend their first cross ball into the box. I'm still having 'mares about Rugby Park
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