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  1. Take it he meant full time. He seems like a decent guy and I like his patter on AVFTT but wtf does he know?
  2. Is Murray not on a 3 year deal? Or was it with the option of another year? Either way, I think he'll be a staying. Big game player. Has shown in the first couple of months of the season and in the play offs what an asset he is when match fit. Fox is top priority for me, then Robson. I'd also keep Doyle, Lyon, McHugh and Longridge. Aye, when we add to the squad they might end up not being first choice but we need strong back up and experience for the Championship Grant and Quitongo obviously have fitness issues. I have no doubt about their ability. Grant was a rock in the play offs As for keepers, if we can get somebody better in then fine but I'd be comfortable going with Muir (if his shoulder heals) and Ferrie I'm confident that Coyle and Stewart can get the very best out of all these players across the whole season. That's already been proven across four games, albeit the standard will be higher
  3. Mate, even amateur QP managed to win the League 1 play offs - twice! Who knows, maybe just pay your players travelling expenses next season and it could be your year
  4. Yeah. The important thing for me is that everyone who managed to get to Airdrie got behind the team from the first minute to last. All the die hards that I've known over the many, many years I've been supporting us where there, that's all that matters to me (and sadly some others were let down by the trains) Folk who were there home and away every week when we finished rock bottom of League 2 and the 3rd division. Some of them were in tears on Sunday at the final whistle. First time playing in the second tier since season 82/83 - when I was a ball boy! We all know we're not amateur anymore and we've moved onto a different level with increased expectations. It remains to be seen if full time football can be sustained long term (I'm doubtful) and we'll have to attract new fans for a start, along with getting the proper structures in place. All our current support can do is go along for the ride and enjoy the good times when they happen.
  5. I had around 5 bottles actually, plus a few cheeky pints of Venom. I was also forced to drink MD 20/20 in the car park before the game with a right bunch of oiks. Those scoundrels must have spiked my drink as I woke up naked yesterday morning slumped at a bus stop outside the Burnside Hotel.
  6. Just to say, I'll be trying my best to invade the pitch should we win on Sunday. As for my attire, I may not have any.
  7. How many threads do you we need for these games? Any chance a mod can merge or bin?
  8. Exactly. We've finished 2nd a couple of times then fucked the play offs.
  9. This will be the 7th and 8th times we've met this season. That's a bit mental. The League Cup and Challenge Cup ties also both finished as low scoring draws (with each side having a penalty shoot out win) so I'm not expecting either of these legs to be pretty tbh. I went into these play offs with zero expectations after limping there with no momentum. But the team has shown tremendous character to get by Dunfermline and Saturday at East End Park was just a special day. Both sides will be buzzin after all the late drama but Airdrie must be on a different level after their ridiculous comeback. We're firmly second favourites for this imo but that's the beauty of this game we love, anything can happen on the day. Bring it on!
  10. Christ, I remember being a ball boy at all these matches back in the 80s. Nearly 10,000 there for the Pollok v Petershill Junior cup final in 1985 (the final had been held at Ibrox the previous three seasons) I did however notice that the Scottish Youth Cup final and the Scottish Schools cup final were both played at Hampden a couple of weeks ago so maybe these types of games are back on the agenda. Given the place isn't getting used at all most weeks
  11. A few of the faithful at the hospitality tomorrow. Thought we better try it before we bugger off out of there. Can't see the fitba getting in the way of a good day out this week.
  12. Should have been clearer. Renewals got it for £180 thus rewarding loyal fans. New season ticket holders had to pay £240
  13. We need a new stadium after selling one. We voted to turn pro. It was our committee that decided to go full time £300 for membership and £245 for a season ticket. Pipe doon, daftie.
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