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  1. ha ha we've got til October to tease out all these new signings
  2. I heard that a few weeks ago. Same boy was right about McHugh and Kilday
  3. The Group of Sesh.........................hopefully
  4. Aye. May as well just cancel the Morton game without fans
  5. Tough league cup draw but bring it on St Mirren Queen of the South Partick Thistle Morton 😂
  6. Pre-season training normally starts about 6 weeks before the season. Going by previous seasons we are normally signing players right up to kick off. I mind one season we had about 6 players officially signed then all these other guys were pictured at training. Seems to always be the way with us
  7. The size of the squad definitely needed cutting down from last season. I reckon he'll be aiming for around 17/18 players ( the youths who have signed part time contracts can supplement it) I fully expected him to initially sign players who have worked with him before. Given most of our targets are players who are currently full time, it's a bit easier to persuade such players to step down one or two leagues if you know each other.
  8. Well to be fair, he eventually did after his initial moan
  9. I heard privately that Maxwell was one of the backers of Hampden. Public press statements he has to make on behalf of the whole SFA board are a different matter. I'll be honest, once that shower take ownership I couldn't give a shite what they eventually do with it once the sell on clause expires.
  10. No matter when the sale goes ahead, we were always going to start the season at Hampden. The original deal included a clause that let us play there til the end of December rent free. If Lesser wasn't ready by January then we had an option to rent Hampden or look elsewhere, Lesser of course now won't be ready til at least March. My understanding is we will be given an extension due to the extreme circumstances. However like you I haven't read anything official announcing that.
  11. We've only got 10 players at the moment so at least we can play fives amongst ourselves
  12. Agreed, totally pointless. However at least saying the Premiership can start trialling things mid-September gives us hope, especially given our small crowds. Easily manageable at Hampden.
  13. Social distancing at Hampden will hopefully mean no stewards frisking your body parts (unless yer into that sort of thing of course)
  14. Can't believe three of our best away days are in the opening four games. If we can't get to these games then I think I'll greet 😥 A midweek game at Elgin in April as well! At least we have plenty of notice for a change to get time off. An absolute buffoonery guaranteed trip.
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