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  1. The Walking Dead

    The easy thing would be to just stop watching it. That would be a nice simple end for you
  2. QP v Elgin

    His first game was 19 January. I know the season hasn't been great but has it been that bad? I'm with you, Kurtis for me
  3. This time with Alan Partridge

    "Look after your heart, you only get one........unless you're my ex wife, in which case you've got none. Really nasty woman" Absolutely lost it when the farmer started belting out the rebel songs
  4. QP v Elgin

    Galt obviously MOTM for his hat trick but Kurtis Roberts a close second for me. Outstanding play for Galt's second, and absolutely tireless all game. Would be surprised if he's still with us next season
  5. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Hoping to start the re-development of Lesser at the end of this season but everything depends on the deal with the SFA getting signed off . If it doesn't start on time then do the SFA really want what will effectively be a building site next door to the stadium during Euro 2020? I doubt the council and polis would accept that with 50,000 punters descending on the place. The sensible thing would be to start the work after the Euros and let us play at Hampden until the end of season 20/21
  6. Wee Rangers v Big QP

    Good highlights package. Did well to get eight minutes worth out of that game I thought at the time Summers' corner went straight in but looks like Hawke did get a wee nick on it. Don't know who won the toss but the players changed over so that Berwick were shooting with the wind at their backs first half, obviously tactical on someone's part, although the weather was always going to get worse the longer the night progressed. It was good to see us master the conditions second half, the players seem to have learned from the Annan game. I know Berwick are pretty dire but massive credit to the team on grinding out the win in atrocious conditions. A happy supporters bus home for a change.
  7. Wee Rangers v Big QP

    See that wee bumpy bit in his patio....... Like I have a patio ( I just dump stuff out the back of the close for the clenny to remove )
  8. Wee Rangers v Big QP

    When Bo'ness played us in the Scottish Cup a while back they produced half and half scarves The following week (and after they had beaten us) I saw one of our fans - not even a wean as well - wearing this abomination. Thankfully he no longer attends games
  9. Elgin City vs Clyde FC

    Take it you are referring to the beast from the East. Don't know any QP fans who are tolerant of him at all. If you read our match thread from our December game at Ainslie Park then you'll have seen we had all sorts of issues that day with the stewards for giving him much deserved stick
  10. Wee Rangers v Big QP

    You're the man, Tescodave. Let's just get it done. Aye, my voddie & coke is all mixed and ready for tanning
  11. EC v QP

    Yip. I've praised Gow in the past when I felt it was due but Saturday can't be defended. His first booking was harsh imo but to put in that challenge not long after was ridiculous for such an experienced player. It didn't look much at the time but their guy has been carried off so it was obviously merited. I trust he apologised to everyone in the dressing room afterwards as that killed us getting any sort of momentum going in the second half which was going to be hard enough against 11 men. Edinburgh had plenty of chances after that to finish the game off before they eventually did. First half might have been different if Hawke had anticipated and got in front of the defender after a great ball from Galt across the box rather than wait for it Time now to play Moore from the start until the end of the season. He's quick, enthusiastic, and a big plus is his commitment (travels from Lochgilphead to training and matches I believe) That goal at Elgin must have boosted his confidence, it was a bit harsh to bench him after the Annan hurricane
  12. Wee Rangers v Big QP

    Hopefully no raisins in the curry chips this time
  13. Wee Rangers v Big QP

    I wouldn't. ..but we've got a shite record down there when it comes to league games so it'll probably happen. I think every result is also important for Mark Roberts between now and May. He has to prove to the committee that he is the man for the job next season
  14. The Clyde FC 2018-19 Thread

    Whatever the rights and wrongs of this punishment, quite a sensational meltdown from mad Larry on Saturday night. 5 posts in a row of seethe in the space of 10 or so minutes Nice one Larry
  15. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Good to see that mad Larry is still seething