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  1. QP v EC

    They coped with it earlier in the season when they beat us easily unfortunately. It seems to be more of an issue for us at the moment rather than the opposition. Things can only improve but god knows what our line up is going to be. Never known a season like this for injuries
  2. QP v Albion Rovers

    Agreed, even though I have no desire for anyone to discuss the events of Saturday's game any more
  3. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Re the meeting about Lesser This was organised by a member of the Supporters’ Association committee - not the club – so well done to him. A midday before a home game might have got a bigger attendance but I can only guess the idea was to encourage folk into the social club for a few pints before the game and to get bodies on the supporters’ bus - which was going straight to Broadwood from there after the meeting - so from that point of view it was a success (we don’t usually run buses to there or Coatbridge anymore as fans were going by public transport or car so the buses were running at a loss) There was only so much they could tell us regarding the funding at the moment due to confidentiality clauses with the SFA but there was other things mentioned that I don’t see a problem getting shared with fans on here Work on the ground will start at the end of this season. They are looking at initially building a 1900 seater stand, which is more than enough for League 2 games but could be an issue if we get certain Premiership or Championship teams in a cup draw. Some suggested moving such games to Hampden but the general mood in the room was play the game at Lesser and give the away support at least the percentage of tickets required under the rules. It will be a better atmosphere and as long as every regular QP supporter gets in then who cares? I doubt the SFA would let us play there anyway Folk raised the point about terracing and could this be put across from this stand (or behind a goal) They will be looking at that as well but to get the new ground licenced there needs to be a certain amount of covered seats so that’s the priority at the moment. Gerry Crawley was very keen though that the place should have the look and feel of “a proper football ground” so that leaves me more hopeful that there will be some sort of standing area eventually. They didn’t confirm at the meeting what side of Lesser the new stand will be but I heard from a source later that they are looking at “building around” what is already there ( i.e.the offices, social club, and the “farmhouse” dressing rooms) I imagine that would be a complicated task for any architect to incorporate into the design so not sure how accurate that source is to be honest Our future status was also discussed – amateur or semi-pro? A few opinions either way and a decent debate. It could be the difference between having an amateur team in the Lowland League or surviving and being competitive in the SPFL. Certainly an issue that is very much on the table once we leave Hampden.
  4. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Is this your opinion on his performances in recent matches or have you always thought this about him? He certainly hasn't played like this for most of the games I've seen him play this season or indeed in his previous spell with us , especially the season we stayed up in League 1. His departure before last season was a big contributing factor to our relegation imo, we never replaced him with a player of similar quality Can't believe you don't rate him yet bemoan the loss of inferior players but I suppose it would be a dull as f**k world if we all thought the same
  5. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    There's a few on our committee I have no time for but the rest are a decent bunch. Let's also not forget that every January the committee put on a free night for the players, coaches, and office staff ( and their other halves ) a tradition that has been happening for years. This usually involves a slap up meal and a free bar. Pretty sure none of the squad complain about that
  6. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    There's been a few Michaels that have played for us over the years. My favourite was probably Mick Hendry, a proper goalscorer. I doubt he or the team he played in got £500 for a players' night out. Different times though Joe Bananas eh
  7. You clearly haven't read the thread properly then. I spoke about both, as have many other QP fans. Clyde fans are the ones only talking about Thomson, which they have every right to, that's how forums work. It would also be hard for them to talk about a game they didn't attend Your point about jealousy etc is rubbish. EC fully merited their win over us, as they did earlier in the season at Hampden. Best team we've played against in the league by a long way. In my 35 + years of watching QP I've seen us lose more games than win, I'm kind of used to it. I would criticise EC over the whole Thomson affair even if we were the ones top. If you don't believe me then there is nothing I can do about that
  8. Queen's Park v Stirling Albion

    Can't say I'm that confident about winning. We've forgotten how to score goals where as Stirling banged in five last week. Our home league performances have been pretty decent though so hopefully that will continue. Think Mark might shake things up a bit, can see Gow starting and maybe also Martin. Tomorrow might be the time to go back to using East as an impact sub
  9. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Players on amateur contracts can also now give 28 days notice if they want to leave and we can't stop them, no matter how much or little the manager rates them I'm sorry things don't work out for some players but if they don't want to hang around and fight for their place then bye bye.
  10. The Queen's Park 2018-19 Thread

    Nae bother Gulliver. Make sure you tell Mark all this next time you see him
  11. Landan Spiv There were two separate incidents on Saturday where two different QP fans were threatened with ejection from the ground for pointing out the facts about the beast. The first incident, he was about to take a free kick when a fan shouted “Paedo!” Just one word, that’s all it took for some fat steward to come plodding over and threaten to chuck him out “You can’t use language like that in front of kids” apparently although they seem to have no problem with an SPFL club being captained by a beast in front of kids. When told diplomatically where to go, the steward then pointed to a young girl standing nearby with her father as if this was some justification for his warning. Baffling logic. It turns out this was the QP fan’s niece and brother (who just laughed at the steward and told him to behave) There is obviously a clear directive from City to crack down on any mention of this. I didn’t see them approach anyone who was actually swearing during the game. As for the game, can’t complain about the result, we were very poor first half and deserved to be two down. Second half a wee bit different, we had 3 great chances to score where more composure would have got us back into the game and Antell also produced a great finger tip save from Gow’s curling effort. I was right behind the goal and it looked in all the way. City are a good, strong side, definitely play off bound at the very least. Just a shame their captain is an utter c**t.
  12. Cowden v QP

    The highlight of my evening was Wee Jimmie's before the game.
  13. Trapdoorwatch 2018-19

    Get it in the sea!
  14. Cowden v QP

    Not like you to go completely over the top You seem utterly obsessed with our young players Time will tell if Gow even signs for us, never mind if he turns out to be a decent addition to the squad but good to know you've already decided. Anyway, last night was probably the worst I've seen us play this season ( missed Stirling away) Don't think their keeper had one save to make, although we had a wee chance just before Cowden's second when Hawke should have done better than put it over the bar