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  1. Agreed. I hope the new ground is covered in such stuff eventually. The club colours should also be everywhere (unlike Hampden) They could start with sorting out one of the murals in the upstairs bar. It was the 3rd Division we won in 1999/2000, not the 2nd Division as it incorrectly states. Only been telling them for about a zillion years but none of the committee or office staff that were informed seemed remotely interested. Call me a pedant but I think wee things like this are important when we bang on about being proud of our history as we move into the new era.
  2. Neil Parry from 2011 to 2013. Played in a great side that really should have been promoted but we ballsed up the play offs.
  3. Had the misfortune of being in his company one night (my mate's a colleague of his) Such an incredibly vain guy. Went on and on about what a great player he was back in the day and apparently rated a better prospect than his old team mate Duncan Ferguson. Seemed to forget I'd seen him score only two goals in 26 appearances for Queen's Park.
  4. At least the poster has at last stopped pretending they're an Alloa fan.
  5. Take it you didn't bother reading my post on this thread (a few posts before yours) which explained them? You also made the same comparisons with Gretna in November on the Elgin v QP match thread and it was all explained to you back then
  6. I totally agree, that's the last thing we want. That's why, unlike Gretna, one man doesn't own and fund our entire club. Haughey isn't even on our committee., his donation is exclusively to fund our players' wages and we have a contract with him where he is committed to that for at least the next 8 years. The rest of the club's operations - youth set up, all other wages, etc -are funded by what we currently have in the bank and what we can obviously generate going forward. Our overall finances were in healthy nick before Haughey's donation. The sale of Hampden has added to that pot, although a large chunk of that is paying for the redevelopment of Lesser Hampden. If we are unable to sustain a full time first team beyond Haughey's involvement then we'll revert to part-time. I''m not on the committee (board), just one of the fans/ members who elect our committee from within our membership. Going full time so soon did take me by surprise but I trust those who we have elected to run the club sensibly and prudently. At all the members' meetings I've attended, the talk from the floor was about aiming for the Championship. We'll see.
  7. 18 games at the least, that way everyone has played each other home and away. It would be farcical to hand our promotions and relegations with only a third of the season played. Last season the vast majority of games were played and it still caused a stooshie
  8. OK, I'll bite. Explain the financial mismanagement currently in progress at Queen's Park. Before you do, please bear in mind that as a member of the club ( ie one of its owners) I actually know how the club's operations - on and off the pitch- are run and funded.
  9. After only 9 games? That would be mental. I know Scottish football is ridiculous at times but even that would surprise me.
  10. SFA now passing the buck to the Scottish Government, going by their statement. Whole thing is a fuckin shambles
  11. Yep. Och will be a better laugh trying to do it all over again when we're all back at the games in August......maybe.
  12. These robbers also do the catering at my work. Wonder how they've coped over the last 10 months.
  13. ...or a deal with Lassani for their munchy boxes
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