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  1. Ellis to defy the critics with a hard fought draw before embarking on a 21 game unbeaten run in the league. Unfortunately all those games will also be draws.....
  2. First of all, fair play to Peterhead, especially with their depleted squad. Their second half performance deserved the points, but I just don’t know what’s going on with us right now. I was hoping it might just be a recent Firhill thing as I thought the performances and results at Dumbarton and Cove were pretty good but obviously not. First half was fine, but that second half capitulation was shambolic and pretty gutless. f**k knows what was said in the dressing room at half time. Everyone looked jittery after the break and all composure in possession seemed to disappear. If the manager can’t motivate the players, then that’s extremely worrying however the players should be able to motivate themselves. If they don’t want to play for the manager then the least they can do is play for each other. And for us fans who travelled up. Not a cheap away day for any of us. Incidentally, I realise I’d had a few but I think Ferrie could have done much better at their winner. He should have held the shot or pushed it to safety rather than straight out to the guy for a tap in. If that was Muir then his detractors would have been quick to pile on so I can only assume Pixellot didn’t pick it up at all or they were away for a pish in the ground.
  3. Oh look, one of the biggest idiots on the forum has reared his extremely moronic little head again.
  4. Never heard of this guy but maybe worth a shot.
  5. I think that's a bit harsh on our captain Michael Doyle. If you read his column in Saturday's programme it's pretty obvious he cares. He was seething about recent home performances. He also said as much in his last post-match interview. Comes across as more of a leader than Laurie Ellis.
  6. Just a bit aye he's basically funding full time football. As well as a couple of other things apparently
  7. Yeah I get it. You have no idea what a keyboard warrior actually is but have decided to use the term in an attempt to appear superior to us plebs who dare to give an honest opinion or show any sort of dissent.
  8. Folk who give opinions that might differ from yours? Nae bother
  9. Yeah I thought he did well and made a couple of good saves, the point blank header especially. The one he tipped over the bar was more straightforward imo but decent footwork to get back in position. Still think he needs to work on his distribution (an area where Muir excels) There was a couple of shakey moments where he put us under pressure with wayward throws and kick outs. Overall though he can be happy with how he played.
  10. The vast majority of what I'm reading here is constructive criticism from supporters who have watched their club home and away every week for years. I certainly don't agree with all of it at times but it comes from a good place and the majority of the same folk also give out praise when it's due. As for "moans and groans" etc when things aren't going well. Shouting at our players has never been my style but this happens at every club and it was the exact same before we went pro. The centre stand at Hampden was a particular hotspot for that. But it's nowhere near the level of places like Ibrox, not even close.
  11. Goalkeepers' Union post here.... Think you're being a tad harsh. It was a great free kick that went in off the bar and was more or less in the top corner. No need for a pointless dive for the cameras, he was never getting it. As for the Clyde game, aye that was stupid. But he almost won us the game with that point blank save onto the bar from the header (not his fault Fox made an arse of clearing the rebound) He definitely won us a point when he saved with his legs in injury time. I like Ferrie as well but, like Muir, he's not perfect. He should have saved the goal at Airdrie imo. He got a decent hand on the shot. But he redeemed himself with a couple of great saves in the penalty shoot out. A bit like Muir did in the previous round. If he was going to play Ferrie in the league then the ideal time would have been at Dumbarton, the immediate game after he played so well at Rugby Park. But he stuck with Muir and he (and the whole defence) didn't concede. I'm delighted we have two quality keepers pushing each other hard for that jersey. All keepers do daft things from time to time but I've yet to see either let in a howler this season. I'd be happy with either starting but I don't think Muir deserves to be dropped just yet. There are plenty of players in front of him who have been far more responsible for the goals we've conceded in the last two games.
  12. I'm loving the Bob McHugh redemption story I honestly thought there wasn't a goalscorer in him anymore. Absolutely delighted to be proved wrong.
  13. I agree he should have done much better for that. He appeared to jump straight up rather than move his feet backwards then jump. The sun was also pretty blinding from that side so he should have been wearing a cap imo. However he appears to be becoming a scapegoat for some recently- maybe it's because of the previous high standards he's set - so it's only fair to have some balance. He made some decent saves first half to keep us in the game and was quick off his line to read through balls when Cove were running all over the top of us, not to mention they were getting regular joy down our left side which left him exposed. Cove's two goals second half also came from our left. Robson is great going forward but defensively I'm not so sure about him Amazing spirit from the lads though to fight back for a draw when all looked lost. A real reward for all of us who travelled up there and got behind them
  14. ..and that's exactly what a few of us did on Saturday. He's now back doing running at training and hopes to be back in full training in 5 weeks.
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