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  1. Oh I wouldn't be sure of that. Quite a few of our committee have a history of duplicitous behaviour.
  2. 😄 well...I know of one officially (and another one unofficially 😉 )
  3. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/57086460 "The Dutch champions, who secured their 35th Eredivisie title on 2 May, have melted down their trophy and turned it into 42,000 silver stars to gift to fans who are season ticket holders at the Johan Cruyff Arena"
  4. Is being one of the privileged ones allowed in a football ground this season not enough reward?
  5. Well, we can only go on what we saw on the live stream (it would have been nice to have a better view from inside the ground but not many were lucky enough to get special privileges from the club 😛) and I'm pretty sure I saw more than one committee guy on the pitch with a medal. In fact, I'm pretty sure one was still wearing his the next day. It didn't sit right with me while hundreds of us were stuck in the house and I don't really care what their self-appointed match day responsibilities were.
  6. Fair enough, everyone's income is different but a membership doesn't actually cost that much more than a season ticket and plenty of members over the years watched games from the North Enclosure. The vast majority are just supporters like everyone else who go home and away every week and I really wish more of our support over the years had become members in order to hold to account those who we elected from the membership to run the club for us. Perhaps we are heading for a different model now, we'll see. You're bang on though. Off the pitch this season has appeared shambolic....but if it's not and we're all getting the wrong end of the stick then the club can make this very simple to stop the constant speculation - communicate properly with the support ( their customers) and inform the membership of significant developments before it's drip fed to the media. I believe they think they can get away with this because we're not at games and Lesser is closed. Nobody to badger anyone in the social club or pay a visit to the office. The pandemic has been convenient for some but it's a nonsense excuse. We have the technology to hold online meetings. The coaches managed to do it with the players during lockdown. Most competent businesses and workplaces across the world have managed it, with dialogue between small or large groups. My workplace couldn't function without it. The world would have ground to a permanent halt otherwise. Anything else is just being lazy and disrespectful. Our media team have done their best but they can only share the info they receive from the club officials. Even an email, letter in the post or a club statement on the website is better than f**k all.
  7. Bought and sold for Old Scum gold. Shameful.
  8. It certainly was not . Whatever shite one newly employed individual might have been coming out with in public, the aim was clearly to get to the Championship as quickly as possible.
  9. Ketts as the top man with an experienced assistant would be fine with me. Or with an experienced person as head of football operations above him. Just not Stubbs please
  10. Has anybody got an actual clue what any of that means? It would be nice if someone told us. We currently have a CEO who's only way of communicating with the members (I think we still officially own and run the club) so far has been via media interviews. A new and innovative model in the Scottish game? If it's a head of football operations with a wider remit, with a coach/manager below that then it's hardly new and innovative in the game. Aye it would be different for us but these statements need to cut out the waffle. We just want a decent manager for the 1st team and it will have to be a significant upgrade to satisfy the support. I know the mood because some of us still manage to communicate with each other regularly, we aren't hiding behind the pandemic. I just hope whoever made this decision at our club - it's not very clear right now - knows what they're doing as getting rid of a manager who has just won our first league title in 21 years by 16 points is a pretty ruthless decision. Hopefully the right choice has been made.
  11. He should really have gone with "LUD£R£ CAU$A LUD£NDI" like the banner on the North Enclosure over 30 years ago when we first got sponsors on our shirts. f**k me, a lot's happened to us since then....
  12. Come on now Gordon, I'm expecting this to continue next season and very much looking forward to it. Don't let me down please.
  13. Is that a big exclusive Gordy? As the club is telling us zero at the moment. Do Shire not play at Falkirk? Cannae see how three clubs playing there next season is going to work
  14. Yes I have. What's that got to do with how I or any supporter I know thinks? I assumed Gordon was talking about posters on this forum, not the romantic drivel coming from the club
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