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  1. Young player doesn't have an absolute stormer in first game in a foreign country shocker.
  2. You were perfectly prepared to write him off after one game in almost identical circumstances though weren't you? It's almost as if you're an idiot
  3. This. The above wallopers have already been proven wrong. It's all gravy from this point.
  4. Pilger for me is the best journalist in the world.
  5. He won an absolute landslide champ, wasn't even close.
  6. You can't shitfest an election champ. He won on a landslide coming from absolutely nowhere, with no policies whatsoever basically. Some very very clever people using key words and phrases to manipulate people and push their emotional buttons. That's why he kept repeating phrases, he was taught how to do this and given basically a script for each public appearance.
  7. totally irrelevant. I'm talking about if he would be seen as a worthwhile target by mi5. You, utterly bizarrely, claim he wouldn't. People who don't live in wilful ignorance recognise they would literally cum in their pants at the merest whiff of a chance to smear him.
  8. You really are incredibly naive. It's bizarre. Salmond is as good as targets get. I'm not suggesting that's what happened but to suggest he wouldn't be an attractive target for mi5 is just bizarre. He'll literally be top of their list after sturgeon herself.
  9. It's pretty bad the leader of the opposition is an anti Semite though
  10. I've not made any statements either way Wes. I am commenting on the treatment of it in the press.
  11. Not on nearly the same scale. I would be surprised if anybody will shit in the street in Edinburgh tonight, a thousand people will do it in San Francisco. And I know which one is more popular with tourists. People in Scotland don't realise what they have. It's an incredible place.
  12. Has he built a career in moral superiority that's news to me Wes. In truth you dislike him because he believes Scotland should elect it's own governments and he is being treated the way he is because he is a member of the SNP, same as Michelle Thompson. You only need compare the articles about Carmichael to those about salmond to see the difference. But you never would as you are an absolutely raging British nationalist incapable of objective thought when it comes to anyone related to the SNP.
  13. San Francisco for example where he lives has a massive and notorious homeless problem in certain areas downtown, people literally shit in the street. Whereas Edinburgh is a fucking wonderful city with no such problems. Yet reading his wankertalk you'd think Scotland is a third world country.
  14. Cause he's made some very smarmy posts about how shite Scotland is and how amazing America is. I have quite a lot of experience of America and know he's talking shite, and also is talking shit about Scotland too which is actually pretty awesome, so I like to remind him of it. There's good and bad points to both in reality, but you wouldn't believe it reading his fanny talk.
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