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  1. Stranraer favourites for the league again?
  2. What kind of player was Dykes like 5 years ago? did you see many of his games back in Australia then? Thought Hamilton played well put in a good shift and got his goal he is still a young boy so obviously isnt the finished article yet but there is a player in there First home game missed this season but thought we done well, Holts best game for us so far defence looked pretty solid aswell We badly need centre midfielders and a winger, I Thought the game crying out for Oliver or Murray to run at there full backs.
  3. Surely Semple should have been playing in this reserve game to get match fit? The past 2 games he has been off the pace and needs too lose a hell of a weight.
  4. who do abbey vale have apart from Goss and Cairney that have made them challengers? I feel big boy upfront for Nithsdale will win them the game, he is too good for this league
  5. will the first leg definetly be at hampden? i noticed on the survey done by the supporters club it said a potential away tie in the play offs?
  6. What’s it got to do with us if hearts having naysmith as a loans manager is good or bad? I am sure our manager will be in contact with other managers about trying to get loan players, most of the time teams loan out players after they have there own squad sorted. Not many in premier league have there squad sorted
  7. Commercial manager on holiday when the season has already started??? Shocking if true, that is the best time to get businesses to get involved in the club try and big the club up. I know people are entitled to holidays but surely common sense from the club would tell him to have a break as soon as the season. Queens are miles behind every club on all aspects even social media. I know we rely on volunteers but there should be a piece on the website atleast once a week from the manager. About programmes I buy a programme every home and away queens game and ours aren’t the best. A player interview or something would be a start, I enjoyed the fans stories last season and I hope they continue as me and my grandson liked reading them before the game started it was interesting seeing how different people got supporting our club.
  8. Martin has been good the past 3 games . When he threw the ball to the raith player it was an honest mistake, He went to throw the ball to Marshall realised that he had someone close to him tried to stop the throw but it slipped out his hands. Kept us in the game last night. He has been poor this season but is our best goalie, anyone who thinks young Jack is better obviously doesnt watch much football
  9. watched the stranraer v annan game last night and what a big difference in the 2 reserve sides. stranraer could have had 20.
  10. No he hasn't. We've had Dykes leading the line plenty of times and the pair of them being closer. It's no coincidence we've been less threatening when Dobbie has been left isolated. nearly every game this season dykes has played in behind, cant mind last time he was right uptops always the one dropping into midfield when defending aswell.
  11. Andy Stirling struggling for tomorrow aswell Hopefully the weather isn’t too bad and I can make the journey up. Not looking forward too it but will be there as usual Come on the south
  12. Alan Martin has done fine when he has been fit. Just an easy target for fans who probably just see the highlights of games and don’t see him making saves that keeps us in games A loan from premier league goalkeeper is another risk how do we know if they are going to be ready and commanding? Some people need a reality check and realise what level we are at. Queens are punching above our weight anyway
  13. probably kept us in the game with 3/4 cracking saves before the game, maybe defenders fault for losing his man With our wage budget i would imagine Martin would be the best goalkeeper available on his wage
  14. Andy Stirling and Fraser Aird werent fit enough to start both carrying knocks
  15. That’s why these players are playing at this level. If Marshall, Mercer and probably Fordyce should any consistency and had not too many weaknesses they would be playing at a higher level! But they are here because they aren’t consistent and are a cheap option for the club
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