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  1. To be honest it doesn’t matter if we win on Saturday because our away record is woeful and we are bound to slip up again, hats off to Arbroath they have proved worthy leaders and have a team that’s willing to fight with a bit of good football mixed in. Yes us Rover fans do harp on about full time because we have been badly let down by the team who are lacking the basic skills fight, determination and a grasp of decent set pieces shys and corners . Considering we have most of the week to prepare for a game and the rest of the league normally train a Tuesday and Thursday night we look no better than the rest which IMO has been a total waste of resources to an already cash strapped club. I will still back the club however I’m getting more frustrated with the standard of player we have at the club when I think if we pay the best part time wages to players we would probably have a better team
  2. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    You wonder why Barry Smith quit? As according to the board there weren’t any issues! I think Barry realised that he blew the 1st season big time and he knew this season he was going to struggle with the squad he assembled so balled out on the back of a good result so not to damaged his already poor managerial record. Now Mcglynn is being blamed for poor performances from a Barry Smith assembled squad , Apart from dropping a defender who IMO should be Davo and replaced by McKay there is not much more he can do as he is stuck with what he has but as I’ve stated previously some of the players attitude stinks , with lack of effort and desire. On the whole the Players Mcglynn has brought in have improved the squad with Crane ,Barjonas Dingwall ,and Lyness who I believe will prove to be better than Thomson .
  3. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Hes got no hair has to realise Barry Smith is a clown and even though Rovers were poor we should have had Brechin buried, Smiths tactics 10 men behind the ball punt up the park to the one man strike force and hope for the best but I suppose that highlights how woeful we were at the back on Saturday . Incidently Brechin has a injury crisis wonder if that’s anything to do with Smith
  4. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Oops sorry specky ginger another one to the list
  5. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I’m sorry your talking out your rear end , I too are disappointed especially since I went to Brechin however it’s not John Mcglynn squad and look what he was left with a team with one winger no natural right back , midfield in tatters due to an Imbalance and injuries what’s he meant to do he’s stuck with the guys he’s got. Also Arbroath are having an incredible season with no injuries can you imagine them without Bobby Linn, Gavin Swankie and Tam O’Brien missing for up to 8 weeks think you would find they wouldn’t be 13 points clear for starters. I wouldn’t say I was a huge fan of Mcglynn coming back but certainly he can’t be blamed for our current predictament and if we were in as good as position as last season Mcglynn would have had us playing in the championship this year 100% . IMO the blame lies with Eric Drysdale and Alan Young regarding there numerous poor decisions which have put the club back years Blaming the Rover support for the anything and everything to do with the clubs woes Appointing Gary Locke as manager Loaning out Lewis Vaughan to our rivals Not signing a Goalie when they had plenty of time to do so in regards to the Ayr midweek game Appointing Barry Smith as manager when his record was horrific Keeping Barry Smith this season when he blew the league last season whilst in a great position
  6. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Your wrong buchan30 McDonalds has eventually arrived in Leven only 100 years to late they will all be doing high fives and slurping on there fruit shoots celebrating the Rovers getting beat
  7. Brechin v Raith

    He was passing the ball to Duggan at the edge of the box and was cleaned out after playing the ball it rebounded off the Brechin player that’s why it went back the way. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter but it just a few decisions I feel the Ref got wrong
  8. Brechin v Raith

    No he slid in after and didn’t even touch the ball I was right behind the goals , As for the lead up to the second Brechin goal penalty all day for me a very clumsy tackle however if the Ref doesn’t award a penalty the game has to stop for a head knock oops sorry I’m wrong the game was stopped but only after Brechin scored approx 40 seconds later personally I don’t understand the rules because every time I’ve witnessed a head knock the game is stopped immediately but as I say I don’t understand the rules. Back to the game full credit to Brechin fully deserved the victory with some classic counter attack football against a very naive Rovers side who also lacked any fight, determination or imagination throughout there performance. Just a waste of time and money again to witness a very poor performance and for once I haven’t a clue what game John Mcglynn was watching claiming his team put every effort in sorry John they didn’t remember we weren’t playing in the Red shirts. I don’t know what the Rovers do in training but the free kicks , corners and shys were abysmal all day and they can’t use the pitch as an excuse as both teams had to play in the same conditions but it comes down to the same arguement these so called full time professionals just aren’t good enough and I see no difference between us and the other teams in the league which is hugely disappointing considering it will be costing Rovers a few Bob staying full time and promotion is out the window now
  9. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Milne has been a huge disappointment for me! He appears to have struggled with full time football and looked out of his depth at times
  10. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    It is obvious to me that up top the Pars are struggling but then again you had a lot of the ball but you didn’t really have a lot of goalward bound chances, we had no chances really until the sending off which changed the game for us . Don’t know much about the Pars since we joined the seaside league but it appears Nicky Clark hasn’t really been replaced along with Aird and Morris by the same quality ?
  11. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Dry your eyes mate a bitter reply, you will find we will have to relay one section not the pitch.
  12. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    We might even throw a Monkey smoking a fag off the roof of the south stand next game
  13. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Thanks to the bell ends that through the flares onto the park will probably lose what ever money we made to repair the damage along with a SFA fine no doubt
  14. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    what’s happened to buck toothy he’s a shadow of the player I saw the last time Rovers played the Pars in fact you have nothing up front to be honest but probably the penalty was the changing point of the game because as soon as Vaughan scored you could see the Pars heads dropped. Pleasing from a Rovers point of view as I felt we were poor but still won 3 nil maybe it says more about Dunfermline than us
  15. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    grant Gillespie, Reagan Hendry, Chris Duggan, Lewis Vaughan 8 - 12 weeks nat wedderburn approx first 5 games calum Crane 5 games robbie Thomson approx 5 games Kevin Nisbet minimum 4 games missing at present nathan Flanagan missed 4 - 5 games TOB has only missed about 3 games including a suspension Doris missed most of last season so really should have strengthened during preseason whatley if he’s that good he would Have had a recall Check the SPFL website it will back up my argument regarding appearances for Arbroath where as Rovers are all over the shop but please prove me wrong since you appear to know more about Rovers than I do Doris was missing from last season so you could have got a replacement