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  1. What i thought was strange when you continually tried long throw ins when clearly it didnt work when really with a man advantage you should have played it short
  2. The behaviour of so called Airdrie fans at the end of the game was an absolute embarrassment, The actions of these clowns outside there bus was shocking a young rovers fan looked no older than 6 with his mother pinned against the bus with a fag thrown at them with the statement a dont give a shite if theres children you embred c**ts as they tried to challenge Rovers fans to a fight with chants of section B with young lad in tears! As for Police scotland not interested whats so ever. As for the game canny believe this is the same side that pumped East Fife the week before a very close game with some shocking decisions and imo only ross mathews red card was warranted the other 2 were bookings. 4 clean sheets in a row but think we will struggle to muster a team together for next week
  3. You are a throwback club. Dwindling support consisting of old men and a few youths with nothing better to do .Your club died when the pits closed and your crumbling stadium is in a forgotten land with no hope of recovery. We are better placed yet we will be heading down the same road if we don't get new blood in in and off the park. Appointing agent Hughes finished you off I'm afraid. Cracking post there ! Unfortunately your I’ll informed and arrogant if you believe what you just posted hopefully your fellow Bairn supporters don’t share your view. Your clubs a shambles a failed takeover bid and your talking about spending more money in the transfer window how much more money are you going to throw at McKinnon a manager which the fans hate haven’t you learnt from the last time your club almost went down the drain? Sadly the only team on decline at the moment is Falkirk it’s just a pity that your BOD can’t see it nor arrogant fans like yourself
  4. TBF Different East Fife team from the one i seen at bayview in the first game but have they peaked so to speak and are starting to level out ?Think they were there for the taking but i think Mcglynn was over cautious in bringing baird on too late. More of points dropped for Rovers in my opinion but to considering our injury list a point wasnt to bad. Any word regarding Hendry?
  5. 100% scary a club our size with so many clubs I think is ridiculous, one bar would be great and I know so many people who would love a general public bar where all Rovers fans could chew the fat on anything to do with the Rovers and make additional monies for the Rovers instead of spending cash at local pubs
  6. Sounds promising, as currently I’m spending the extra pounds pre match/ post match in the novar however would happily spend money in an extended 200 club
  7. Didn’t manage yesterday’s game however says there was an article in the programme regarding John Sim and the extension of the 200 club? Anyone know anything
  8. Watch Falkirk Fc Tv and your interviewer is practically tonguing McKinnons arse
  9. That’s all you hear from Falkirk fans is this league is sh**e, it’s getting boring yet with the size of the budget 3x the crowds that anyone else can muster mmm ? You blame Ray McKinnon easy option IMO your team plays as individuals , no heart , lack of effort. Falkirk think they are too good for this league but sadly you are where you are a first division club with second rate championship players wake up and smell the coffee
  10. I and the biggest budget in the league and yet throw away a 2 goal lead the arrogance of this mob
  11. Clearly not since you lost a 2 goal lead, your shit mate so get your head around it
  12. There’s a difference you throw a 2 -nil lead away and clearly couldn’t play any better 2nd half we were brutal first half but clearly played to our full potential 2nd half lucky for Falkirk we didn’t turn up first half so why wouldn’t you celebrate drawing a game under the circumstances. As for a cup final you aren’t a big team anymore so get over yourself your mince
  13. Mcglynn absolutely messed up the team formation first half don’t know why you unsettle a defence by bringing in McKay at right back and put Miller in the middle however hats off he knew it and changed it second half to earn a well deserved draw. Falkirk fans say they dominated the first half and create how many chances where? you had 2 that you scored from and then a double save from McGurn. Second half you had one shot on target which hits the cross bar the Rovers on the other hand even though Falkirk destroyed us first half allegedly Cammy Bell had an excellent save at the near post and a Benedictus header which only the bounce prevented a goal. 2nd half was all Rovers with 2 goals, cammy Bell with another good save and one cleared off the line. Falkirk only ever dominated the first half due to mcgylnn getting his tactics badly wrong and second half was back to the type of football that’s got us top of the league. falkirk on the other hand look like a team of individuals who at times Looked tired and really one dimensional
  14. Your just a dick mate. Canny class that as banter. The guys already had 2 ACL operations and you think its funny
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