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  1. Mcglynn should never have signed Gullan just another waste of club resources he ain’t a championship striker his record speaks for its self if anything play him out wide. Zanatta days are numbered IMO Murray doesn’t fancy him and to be brutally honest he looks like he couldn’t careless back to the Ayr , Partick player he was before coming back to us for a 2nd time. The Ngwenya experiment clearer didn’t work yesterday but for next week get Dick out and put Ngwenya at left back and see how he gets hopefully he will realise you can actually cross the half way line . What a difference when we have a centre half pairing and the lad O’ Roirdan looks very comfortable on the ball not a bad debut considering one training session before Saturday . The one thing which everyone can see is we need a physical strong experienced striker who can rough up centre half’s we are to powder puff and a message to Murray another 18 youth player won’t do
  2. Both Millen and Dick get dizzy at the sight of the half way line so so negative .Thought both centre half’s were decent especially O riordan who deservedly got man of the match . Theres defo a good team there just need a big experience striker up top with presence
  3. Constant talk about keeping benny ! Offering over 1K a week over 2 years really . A No from me Rovers done the right thing IMO, As for the new loan signings give them a chance at least Brown will slot into his natural position centre mid. I still think we are keeping money aside to pay off GoodWillie and like what someone else has stated the cost of Electricity etc has risen aswell so there is a huge financial pressure on clubs like the Rovers
  4. You wouldn’t hear a peep out of Mcglynn regarding signings , Probably Murray honesty is his down fall damn if he does damn if he don’t , Apart from business sensitive stuff I think the Rovers are more open than most clubs
  5. Totally agree regarding Gullan a panic signing by Mcglynn IMO because we weren’t scoring goals and an expensive one at that. Personally Gullan is never a number 9 he’s best out wide or playing behind the front 2
  6. Fair enough Murray is due some flack after today but this goes back to Christmas last season when we didn’t address the lack of goals in the side and the ludicrous decision to sign you know who by the board and John Mcglynn who some fans think is the messiah , The performances were dreadful after Xmas and the majority of the squad from last season are still here , when are these superstars going to turn up for a change , luckily I wasn’t there today but against Dumbarton and Stirling they were awful . Yes we still need players and I think Murray knows that I like the guys honesty which makes a change from the usual Mcglynn flapping his arms like a chicken we aren’t getting any luck , it’s the injuries , the Ref was awful , it was raining ,
  7. Why could Berra not have left after today’s game , what was the desperation in leaving 4 days before the league start ? It’s worse he was part of the coaching team so was aware of when signings were going to be made and how short we were at the back
  8. We had Megginson before and got rid cos he wasn’t good enough , Look how far we have went back , Rovers are penny pinching because signing players with no championship pedigree come on Rovers
  9. Season tickets sales up from the same point last season , Home top selling out rapid , Fantastic turnout for the open day New manager with new ideas but after the latest announcement regarding Berra leaving I feel we are back to square one , Come on the Rovers board support the new manager or if it’s a lack of resources be honest and upfront , I appreciate recruitment is difficult but Partick have not struggled along with Caley
  10. What the hell is happening ? Surely he knew at the end of last season he had no intentions of playing on unless we do have replacements signed because this is just mental the timing of this decision
  11. Apart from the first 5 mins I thought we have been ok , Really poor defending for the first as for the 2nd great finish .
  12. I take your point that Murray didn't promise signings by today however he did say he was hoping to have not one but potentially 3 in for today but it’s irrelevant now
  13. Please don’t tell me McNeill wasn’t one of the 3 signings promised before today , I appreciate if Bow is no longer at the Rovers we need 3 goalies but is a 3rd goalie top of our priorities at the moment . Really fear for us today but hopefully I’m proved wrong
  14. If I had a choice of Mitchell or Zanatta going out on loan , Dario would be off he looks no different from the from Jan last season sums it up for me he decides to shoot when at least 4 rovers attackers all unmarked and in a better position in the Stirling box total greed
  15. Peterhead a team Aberdeen struggled against for long periods of the game on Sunday and actually scored against the run of play to go ahead , Its irrelevant whether Peterhead were dugmeat to score 6 goals against any senior opposition at this level is decent especially some of the football to create those goals, However we won’t know how good we will be until the first few games into the season but fantastic start considering the lack of squad numbers , injuries , Teenagers filling the bench
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