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  1. Montrose v Rovers

    I witnessed the disaster at Forfar then the same at East Fife , so gave Montrose a miss. Think the team needs to realise tip tap football isn’t going to get us out of this league, we are being bullied week in week out by teams who simply want it more than us and here begs the question what’s the point in being full time when we are losing to part time teams on a regular basis and who are in fact just as capable/ good as ourselves. Big Yogi was right after the St Mirren game when he stated that the team lacks passion and desire and 2 seasons down the line we are still showing these same characteristics within the team I think some of these players need to realise they aren’t as good as they think they are. If we matched every other teams commitment, desire we would certainly be a lot closer to Arbroath than we are just now but hats off to Arbroath what a run they are on at the moment it puts our so called full time professional to shame
  2. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    It appears that it’s other pitches that are doing the damaged in regards to Hendry, Crane and Duggan. Also good to hear that we are making between 30-40 k from Fife elite also from Thornton hibs in the rearranged Scottish cup tie and Raith ladies just for starters. I appreciate that once available for public hire the pitch will deteriorate but at least it won’t be as much to replace the next time as all the sprinklers are in place as well as the base , drainage, prep work etc which would probably account for the at least half the costs of the original installation
  3. East Fife v Montrose

    His work rate is superb in fairness but I just don't see him scoring goals. Touch is poor and I think part of our problem is the 4 strikers we have, there's no obvious partnership and not one of them will get you 15-20 a season I wouldn't think Some of his comments surprised me after he left the Rovers in regards to he thought he was good enough but didn’t get a chance, sadly he wasn’t imo as per my post he simply doesn’t score enough but good luck to him hope he does well in the future Still really rate Kevin Smith superb player , not sure about the guy Dowds but he’s certainly a lot better than Court even though it’s just the one game against us that I seen
  4. East Fife v Montrose

    Regarding Johnny court what’s your thoughts on him and how’s he been performing? I was surprised East Fife signed him as he isn’t good enough at division 1 level if your needing a goal scorer fair play he runs a lot and likes being physical with opposing defenders but that’s it
  5. Raith v Airdrie

    You didn’t bottle it for about 50 mins you had most of the ball but at the end of the day you faced a better team who are clinical at finishing chances
  6. Stenny v Rovers

    Must be thinking of someone else ! Nisbet is a thin chappie that likes scoring goals and not always from penalties
  7. East Fife V Raith Rovers

    But you are trying to condone it by making reference to Bobby Barr and Liam Buchanan celebrating after there goals, both ex East Fife players previously with a bit of history unlike Brett Long who has no ties with Rovers nor was on the end of any abuse up until the goal celebrations.
  8. East Fife V Raith Rovers

    He was showing respect he went to the stand when ordered, however as usual your blinkered in regards to the actions of the East Fife officials who pushed McGlynn this Alone fuelled the situation .
  9. East Fife V Raith Rovers

    Well played East Fife wanted it more and got what you deserved in the end as for the Rovers we just don’t seam to want it enough and like the Forfar game away a few weeks ago the same has happened again out fought 2nd half, As for the Goalkeeper being sent off 100% correct by the Ref should have shown a bit more class instead of completely goading the away support after each goal was scored when he should have waited until full time to give it big licks. Regarding the John McGlynn situation the ref was happy where McGlynn was standing it wasnt until Jack and Victor got involved needlessly that things got out of hand and at the end of the day he’s not a normal punter he’s a club official who should be shown the respect that he’s intitled to .
  10. East Fife V Raith Rovers

    To be honest if the stewards dont stick to whats been agreed its irrelavant whats on your ticket, number, seat . When your turning up at 2 .30 and a steward says sit any where what are you supposed to do. Its a farce anyway if there are 600 tickets and 600 seats sit anywhere in my opinion saves any confusion
  11. Forfar vs. Raith Rovers

    Hanging on for what? we lost 3-2 ! When was the last time you visited civilisation Jackie O”s closed about 10 year ago lol
  12. Forfar vs. Raith Rovers

    Dont know what game One of the Forfar fans were watching but Forfar werent the better team. A game of 2 halfs to be honest. Rovers playing some tidy football at times where as Forfar just hoof ball up the park and deservedly Rovers were 2-1 up however 2nd half Forfar came out more determined and won the second half with more effort, commintment were as the usual Rovers attitude billy big time we are to good to lose mentality. Very disappointing as we need more dig and effort because we will match most teams with ability. Well done Forfar wanted more quite simply
  13. Raith Rovers v Stranraer

    Garbage ! The majority were screaming for a penalty right after the game just read the comments , Anyway this is a Raith Rovers V Stranraer match forum so why the Rovers obsession?
  14. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Have we received anything for Bates in regards to a development fee?
  15. Raith Rovers v Stranraer

    Not defensive just stating facts