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  1. Think Rovers have thought they had done a enough and have been caught cold with queens having a better attitude
  2. Not a criticism just something I noticed because your squad is more or less the same as when you got promoted with a few players that are over 30 now but like most clubs including the Rovers money is scarce at the moment
  3. Only for a straight red unfortunately for you guys , On a side issue do you not think you guys will really struggle if your hit by injuries/ suspension as looking at your squad it looks very thin on numbers
  4. Are you some kind of double act , Stop sharing your love for each other on the forum and rent a room
  5. Firstly I have never mentioned once about any club dying so don’t generalise every Rover fan the same ! IMO it wasn’t banter that’s the beauty of being on a public forum your allowed to share your opinion or views and not once have I made it personal so your ok I’ve not climbed up to my moral high ground just yet
  6. The only thing being sold is your boy Vaughan for glue, when he's taken round the back of the Railway stand and shot because he's too fucking injured to continue. I’m going to bite to that because that’s not banter a totally classless comment IMO the guys career is on the line and your trying to points score away and crawl back under your stone
  7. So is East Fife you Twat but unlike our fund raising your fans can’t be arse £12k wow
  8. Excellent post! I know many people who don’t live in Kirkcaldy that support ice hockey and not the Rovers
  9. Neilson failed promotion the first time and lost in the playoffs with Utd , I never said you were responsible for the protests it was a generalisation of the Hearts support at the time . Regarding Hearts getting promoted I couldn’t careless either way so no I’m not worried
  10. Your also forgetting how Neilson was hounded out of Tynecastle remember the plane flying over tynie with the big protest banner now he’s the saviour , The Hearts fans hated his brand of football comical gold
  11. He was out his depth at full time level and I’m sorry Mr Smart you were honking , All football fans are critical of players that don’t do the business on the park and rightly or wrongly that’s what happened to him .
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