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  1. Having heard Scott Gardiner on sportsound after the vote i was astounded he would disclose private whatsapp txts between other championship clubs, what is his agenda the same man who held positions with rangers then hearts, Cant believe being a Rovers fan im having sympathy for the Pars chairman but going by the statement it appears he could say alot more regarding ICT behaviour however hes choosing to show abit more class / integrity
  2. Ive been keeping an eye on the crowdfund and the donations are gradually going down i appreciate times are extremely hard but how will Rovers survive if estimates are correct it will be nearer november before a ball is kicked so please guys if you can afford it keep up the great work
  3. I dont know why they are bothered they voted NO ! because they are concerned about teams being relegated or would it be different if they were top of the league and principle goes out the window i think most people know the answer
  4. Why is it bothering Falkirk fc that much because they voted NO! Or am i missing something
  5. Most sensible post ive read. Dont believe for one minute rangers and hearts gives a damn about any club. Rangers dont want celtic to win 9 in a row but are trying to there best to haul every team into there arguement wheres the Evidence Rangers? Likewise Hearts budge and Levein total disaster for the last 3 years. I for one would love Rovers to win the league but unfortunately this horrible virus has almost ruined the future of scottish football and tough decisions had to be made . Cash is king and this has been the only reason the season has came to a premature end. We could have been in another position in the league would have i been happy absolutely not but the decision have been made hopefully now teams can survive until the new season
  6. On a serious note we must keep up the fundraising via donate a ticket/ crowdfund as the club has aong way to go im still going to donate until it closes and hopefully the rovers get some serious cash out of it.
  7. I still believe for Ann budge to agree to work on a task force for reconstruction this will go ahead and league expansion will take place so 2 in eachleague will go up and no relegation. Because why would she agree to this when only a few days ago it was anti SPFL so can can see falkirk joining us
  8. Totally agree . Its been like this for years rangers are trying to whip up everyones support for what? to stop celtic winning 9 in a row simple. Fortunately for us we have been declared league winners is it fair on falkirk 100% not but most teams in Rover position would take it. Hopefully league re construction goes ahead and falkirk can get promotion likewise our fellow fifers kelty and brora
  9. Cant disagree. It could have been Falkirk that were top and we were 2nd. To evenly matched teams who both deserve to be in the championship sum one had to be champs and it was us.
  10. Correct keep on donating guys this isnt finished yet
  11. We speak our mind and are lambasted by rangers fans who as per usual only think there is only 2 teams in scotland. Maybe Mr Park should grow a set and be honest that the only thing they want is null and void so celtic cant win 9 in a row. They couldnt give a hoot about any other team in scottish football i you if think they do your deluded likewise Falkirk they would vote the same if in our position aswell as East Fife so cut the BS
  12. Ill be honest im getting sick at tired of the board coming out with these statements , im totally embarrased with the whole situation. Would i love this season to end now? Yes ! so would any team in our position, Would i like us to be classed champions no ! I just want promotion and the fairest way to do it is to promote the top 2 in each league and no relegation for the other teams.
  13. How ironic you canny muster over 600 at a home game
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