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  1. You must be "over the moon" about signing Benedictus. I know we certainly are.
  2. Did you watch any Alloa v Falkirk games when Hetherington was an Alloa player? He was an absolute stand-out. I was so excited when we signed him. Unfortunately, he's been shite with us.
  3. A good, solid first signing. Keep 'em coming, John.
  4. Heh heh heh, that would be Golden Frye, then.
  5. You heard wrong, Martindale pulled the plug on the deal. As you say all about opinions, but you're just plain daft on Sibbald.
  6. So, you've said he's a terrific player. Then say he's immobile, physically weak, injury prone, lacks pace and then try and back up your confused mindset with a couple of stats. Clearly not good enough for us high-flying Bairns.
  7. Billy Lamont, first manager of course, to lead us into the Premier League. Bit of respect, big man.
  8. Some of the tackles he won were unbelievable, so strong. Great engine, great passer. The current Lincoln City captain. Far too good for the Dandies.
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