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  1. Unless I'm very much mistaken, I am indeed present in the present.
  2. If you're wanting to keep your hard-drive nice and tidy, free of temporary files etc, then I would recommend CleanUp! I've been using it for years, and although it only mentions Windows 95-XP, it works on Vista and 7 too. It basically seeks out any sort of temporary files, and if you're paranoid you can blat your cookies, history etc etc as well. Used in conjunction with a good defragger (see above), it could help keep your HDDs nice and responsive. www.stevengould.com
  3. Ended up on Jury Duty about 6 weeks ago. Turned out to be a fucking ace experience! Admittedly, when I got the letter telling me I may be selected, and then the one telling me I actually had to show up, I wasn't quite so positive about the experience.
  4. My knee being knackered. The last time it felt this sore/stiff, it locked up a couple of times, and I honestly struggled to move. struggling to bend it at the mo... Prepared for pain
  5. The strap of the gloves give a wee bit of wrist protection, provided they're decent gloves. As long as it's a clean break, get using your hand as quickly as possible, even if it's just simple stuff like carrying a light bag of shopping every now and then. Don't overdo it, obviously, but using it as quickly as possible help the healing process immensely.
  6. Lined up are: The Xcerts This Town Needs Guns Twisted Wheel Kasabian Possibly FFAF as well
  7. You're fucking sick. I hope they lock you up and throw away the key, Sicko McSickfreak
  8. Blood Red Shoes is looking a definite for me now, unlike the Ronelles on the 10/10. They appear to have split Hear Drummonds has now been sold to the guys who own Tunnels?!
  9. Bus companies running a "bank holiday" service for a LOCAL holiday. I was half an hour later than normal into work today, and also later getting home as well as the buses I take in town were on a worse timetable than normal. And having to work all week when there's freshers to be chatted up....
  10. Whatchoo lookin' at, foo'?

  11. I really want to see the Hussy's again. The album is shit hot! Quite tempted by Travis as well, bizarrely. I went off them years ago but I reckon they'd be able to string together a decent set... Hmmm
  12. And you can add to the above: McFly - Nov 24
  13. John Power (support from The Ronelles) - um, at some point Oasis - Nov 1 Oasis - Nov 2 Oasis - Nov 4 Oasis - Nov 5 Boost!
  14. Living in teuchtersville with no licence puts paid to both those ideas... Especially since I'm so fucking good at my job, people complain if I'm not in the office by 8.30
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