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  1. That's a pity,dalbeatties a cracking ground.annan easier to get to,though
  2. If everyone on here was fanatically pro B teams,mrman would be against them,he's just a saddo looking to cause a reaction.does exactly the same on the highland league forum.just ignore him
  3. The daily record really is a disgrace to journalism So.....we any the wiser who the good guys,out&out shitebags and too feart to be real shitebags are,yet?
  4. Supporters Being able to be about the OF without taking down their pants&bending over
  5. At least your mob would get some interesting European trips,look at hearts&celtic
  6. I for one am shocked that Barcelona,up on their high horse,more than a club,might have been at it for years
  7. Absolutely The yes ones are shitebags but at least they've the bottle to show themselves,the abstainers are cowards as well as shitebags
  8. Could we just have a separate teachers thread,please?
  9. I think that truth is pretty obvious tbh,that's all it's ever been about.they can't wait to leave Scottish football but are unwilling to cut the apron strings because they know their pondlife support demands endless trophies&they'll only get that in scotland
  10. Dalbeattie were one of the few good guys a couple of years back so I wouldn't grudge them a wee bit of good fortune
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