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  1. looking forward to this weekends games,a couple of early kickoffs in maryburgh and culbokie mean ill hopefully make a couple of games
  2. its all downhill so a bike would get you from a 2pm ko at athletic to the 2nd half of clach in time
  3. I assume youre aware that home for them now seems to be the all weather pitch at the IRA;lovely in the sun,not so when the weathers rolling up the great glen....
  4. is albion rovers-st Mirren likely to be an all ticket affair?
  5. is sons-well likely to be all ticket anyone know?
  6. any idea if the hibs games an all ticket affair(don't laugh)&any idea of prices?
  7. in my limited experience,not a huge amount and a lot of them seem to be guys not playing but clearly linked with one or other team,girlfriends etc. nice league to go to watch though imo
  8. think if the Portuguese polis wanted to do this they would have done,the UKgvt could have not liked it all it wanted
  9. aye,thats not fallen kindly for me,either☹️.January 18th should be fine,though
  10. as I said earlier,i got done in 2007.f**k knows whats being charged under what t&cs now
  11. if guns were freely available in this country I suspect we would have. cant imagine its as easy to go on a murder spree in your workplace if all that's available to you is a baseball bat with nails hammered through it
  12. same with my employers annual survey, those questions easily identify you.doesnt bother me as I don't give 2 fucks if they know its me but it clearly makes the survey anything but anonymous
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