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  1. id expect them to be near the bottom of the table....
  2. absolutely,theyre the only NCL side ive not seen at home after watching orkney-thurso yesterday,albeit it was played at Holm
  3. Even when it wasnt allowed people were able to go along and watch,these arent enclosed stadiums
  4. I think the NCL serves a purpose for players, officials and supporters in the north with regards to having competitive football in the winter months outwith the amateur season,that is the end in itself.i dont think becoming part of a pyramid will make any difference to most of these teams,anyone of them could have chosen at some point to try to go for the HFL, most of them arent interested i suspect. i find the NCL to be a very well run league(see how covid has been handled),i suspect this will probably cease if it becomes part of the pyramid with its obsessions with key dates which do not take into account what winters like in the highlands,see the HFL over the last few years.ill be sorry if we lose a cracking wee league in the name of what purports to be progress
  5. i believe the players like it as it is,lets them play both.most of the NCL teams wouldnt be allowed to progress through the pyramid anyway so that would definitely be tail wagging dog
  6. at least theres no ambivalence regarding who he supports
  7. its usually september for the NCL thats a pity
  8. perhaps its better for athletico to need to win all 3 given how cagey simeone sometimes likes to play it its theirs to lose,given how things have been for them these last couple of months they really have to be grateful to be in that position
  9. buckells said he was just a go between,not a mastermind-just a bent rozzer who helped out the OCGs-theyre still the ones calling the shots,as they demonstrated to him by murdering lakewell in front of him
  10. if this isnt a pisstake theyll be worth a fortune in a few years
  11. three days in orkney at the end of may.£50 a night in a highly rated b&b,im quite pleased with that
  12. leyton orient-club for a fiver when we were kings diego maradona
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