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  1. nairn havent tried to be shoehorned further up the pyramid
  2. find it hilarious how precious marseille are,theyre more than happy to see their support dish it out at the velodrome
  3. I'm in Edinburgh on Friday 20th August&might catch a game-can anyone give me any info where Leith athletic,tyn ecastle&musselburgh play their development league games?
  4. Where is Fridays u20 development league game held?
  5. could someone remind me who the 5 good guys were again? cant be arsed trawling through 100+pages to remind myself
  6. is there any live coverage of this league this season?
  7. its not and never has been about the development of young players and getting them gametime
  8. cheers for that-i thought only la liga and segunda fixtures were out,i couldnt find any below that.ill take another looksie!
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