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  1. prior to this season they were popular in the SHFL due to this but they've lost a huge amount of goodwill this year as a result of agreeing to become an unofficial reserve team for ICT
  2. watch for ICTs results,always like to see them pumped look out for Valencia and gabarnia Krakow,two foreign teams I like.for some reason,before this season was canned I was watching youtubes segunda liga coverage for extremaduras games,no other reason than I love the name also look out for Accrington stanleys,shrewsburys and rochdales results,liked their supporters at some random games ive attended
  3. might be a good opportunity for some entrepaneurial types to replicate his admittedly successful business model and get him out of business;i like being able to go to a pub where I don't need to remortgage the house for a round and can hear myself think but I really don't want to be giving this c**t any more of my money
  4. was already aware of that,its just removed any self doubts I might have had with regard to it
  5. I think cowden would be delighted to be twinned with krakow
  6. don't think the coronavirus is going to be listening to technicalities arising from the governments advice,as people will soon discover
  7. found a bolthole and telling everyone about.aye,hes a genius
  8. that's because all the clubs have been closed down please be upstanding for the irish national anthem
  9. wouldn't like to say you wouldn't be welcome but stay the f**k away,theres a good chap
  10. given the year many in Scotland seem to be living in,id point out Newton only published about gravity in the late 1680s....
  11. Given HMGs performance thus far are you confident about how much better prepared we are?if so,can I have some of what youre having
  12. well,theyre losing their license,for whats its worth
  13. Bloody hell, what Depot was that? Back then we used to shave mould off cheese rather than bin it. inverness-fancy a mars bar?knife "accidentally" through box of 48,jobs a good 'un.happy times
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