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  1. nowt random about that-thats a blatant rip off of torinos badge
  2. itll be the new "warfighting" domain for mankind according to Trump,what a wonderful and inspirational visionary he is
  3. agree,thats shocking but I cant begin to emphasize how breathtakingly inept that officiating team were yesterday,i suspect that has more to do with an injustice being done to cox than some sort of "agenda"
  4. refs will need to start booking him....
  5. fitted up is quite an accusation-I was at the game and the lack of competence by those match officials was immense,perhaps just one more example of their utter ineptitude yesterday rather than anything more sinister?
  6. tbf he did the same a long while back in bridget jones's diary
  7. really dont see the issue,you can do that at spartans and no one bats an eyelid new ground,friday night and can walk it easily from home,whats not to like
  8. im not surprised,theres some drinking culture over there.im led to believe its illegal to drink in public there,you wouldn't think so when youre there
  9. was there a couple of years back,gutted I never went here was in a bar where whenever anyone left they went around and tearfully hugged everyone,whether or not the huggers had had any interaction whatsoever with the huggees prior to this was irrelevant
  10. How come?waterlogged pitch? Was expecting much the same heading down to Blackpool-reading today,especially heading I to the weather south of Glasgow but it appears fine here
  11. Blackpool-reading ,FA cup replay tonight.be rude not to
  12. Was going to go to this but the weather was just too horrific
  13. Going to Blackpool-reading replay on Tuesday,be nice to get to a ground I've been meaning to attend for years
  14. if that's so,thats a different matter and of course away colours should be worn.otherwise,they shouldnt
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