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  1. Was in Singapore for the death weekend,actually got some football,one game of which featured a team with a name much closer to Andrews tastes,Jung Frau punggol. Karma bit me in the arse the following weekend;after being all happy I got to some games unlike any of my mates at home the head ofsingapores FA died on the following Thursday&every game that weekend was cancelled
  2. youd think but this is the lowland league so who knows
  3. For the online tickets,is there a cut off time you have to buy them by?
  4. no they werent,fort williams problems were brought about by fort william,theyre an absolute circus
  5. as im out of the country that weekend we'll get clach,nairn or forres away
  6. If you don't already know the site,Scottish football fixtures.wordpress is the place to go.dont forget the u20 fixtures on a Friday night too though you need be wary about going to them,venue announcements can be very last minute,you'd figure it out,though. As someone's already said,you'll be totally spoiled with the choice compared to what you get in the highlands
  7. Watching sevilla-valladolid,the Valladolid no 6,in his daisy duke shorts looks ridiculous,he's like a refugee from the 80s(&they looked ridiculous then,too)
  8. Some interesting stuff but Twitter truly is an appalling platform for this sort of thing
  9. can you get to them as a transit passanger?im there next month with a few hours to kill en route for singapore
  10. I think you must be mistaken comrade oaksoft.perhaps you could come in&we could discuss this.we could even give you a lift
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