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  1. juventus dont normally make silly moves but i suspect this could be one
  2. have booked prague for weekend of 19th september so if theres going to be a spike anytime,itll be then if not,its a great weekend for footy-sparta,slavia,bohemians,dukla,viktoria zizkov all at home as are various lower tier teams.heres hoping🤞
  3. cheers for that,that passed me by.glad for elche
  4. hes managed a team that wins.hes managed inter.hes probably a good man to compare and contrast the two
  5. would need to see it for real,tbh.reminds me of pyjamas utterly,utterly vile beautiful
  6. i think that would be short sighted of inter but i suppose that reeling from crisis to crisis is one of the reasons they find it difficult to compete with juventus
  7. its preposterous that town centres are now as bad as they ever were on a friday night but you cant officially go to the type of game where if theyd a tannoy theyd be announcing the names of the crowd to the teams
  8. far from harming anyone,i believe(could be wrong)that IC were spending quite a lot improving facilities at the meeting park and im sure would have continued doing so had they stayed there crickets every right to be played too-my gripe is that inverness has a cricket ground already up at walker park but apparantly the guys at NMP dont want to play there because they dont get on with the team that does.shouldve been told to grow the f**k up
  9. wow,thats really clutching at straws.the only team who have a right to feel hard done by will elche if the fuenlabrada game goes ahead
  10. is there a reason for this,other than depor being seen as a big team?
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