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  1. exactly-the only surprise is people are surprised
  2. i seriously doubt the gruesome twosome would move anywhere without leaving B/ reserve teams here
  3. had a funny feeling barca would shite the bed after cadiz did them a massive favour
  4. aye,it was fine,its just an open playing field so plenty of vantage points.as a game,i expected halkirk to massacre bonar bridge tbh but they competed well and it was an enjoyable game.halkirk probably edged it but they wouldnt have had any complaints if the result had gone the other way
  5. ill hold my judgement till i see them play the likes of alness or nairn tbh decided on bonar bridge-halkirk today,decent game(1-2) on a lovely afternoon re pitch markings at canal park,all i could see last week at the NSN friendly was rugby markings
  6. its end of an era feel reminded me of the james mason classic,set at the eve of WW1, "the shooting party"
  7. looks like a half submerged crocodile-this is clearly a trap
  8. just saw a "play for today:country" which had been on bbc4.its from 1981 and is set at a country house family gathering on the eve of the 1945 general election,was very good.dunno if its on the iplayer but its worth catching if so, some cast too
  9. get out and about plenty,ta i like to see footy on saturday afternoons,though.strange for someone on a footy forum,i know
  10. ive sacked plenty,for a variety of reasons-just shite,public transport,somewhere to be later etc i actually stayed till the end of the infamous 10-0 at tynecastle-partly just doggedness on my part,partly because of the weather-it was pishing it down and i thought it might let up.it didnt if i recall correctly
  11. people dont follow stupid rules,its a simple as that.telling the 20 or so people who turn up for a NCL game they are a threat to public safety,while its acceptable for them to go to utterly unnecessary shops in shopping centres/restaurants is stupid and people are acting accordingly. ive been working all the way through this pandemic for an employer that pays lip service to health and safety so id quite like to actually have some enjoyment in my leisure time scottish government doesnt trust footy fans?trusts a 2 way process
  12. thank god none of us were allowed in the ground,it couldve been catastrophic the nairn keeper gets his row of seats to himself due to social(and practical)distancing
  13. me too,i was the other side of that clothes bin have you ever seen anything so utterly preposterous in your life
  14. when they joined the top division they had someone at the entrance to the park not letting anyone in without paying admission,i was surprised by this as i thought it was a public park with rights of way but im no lawyer so i dont know think nairn u20s are playing at the pitch by the skate park down by the river,could be wrong though
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