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  1. has a splitting headache

  2. Phoenix if you're that bored you could always pop over to our house, there's still some hoovering needing done. If not does anyone else want to do my housework?
  3. That is my recommendation too, Steven got them when he was on chemo and I tried it once as I had really bad heartburn which wasn't being sorted by milk of magnesia. This stuff had me feeling fine within 10 minutes.
  4. If a person is registered with a doctor in one practice can they go to a different practice for a second opinion or do they simply have to go to another doctor within the practice they're registered at?
  5. Runrig - The Middleton Mouse The catchiest tune ever played on the pipes, I've not heard it in ages.
  6. you could meet us at the Lockhouse for a drinkie! Not been there in ages, next nice day I'm going to wander along for an irn bru.
  7. I just watched "Watership Down" which I haven't seen since I was wee. After developing a liking for rabbits in the last 2 years curiosity got the better of me and I watched it again tonight. How in ****s name can that film be rated a "U"? I'm looking at an online review just now and the following info is offered... Sex & Nudity - None Violence and gore - Big fookin' huge list Profanity - Two "d" words. One use of the phrase "piss off." Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking - None Frightening/Intense Scenes - Another list
  8. If I'd known it was happening I would have asked to meet somewhere else, it's just that Linlithgow is the handy "half-way" point between our towns of residence. Oh well, I doubt I'd have the luck to have the same thing happen again any time soon.
  9. I didn't but I seen a few folk bump into and weave in and out of cars. Maddies!
  10. I wonder how many of the 9,000 got to the finish, the way a few of them were cycling there's bound to have been a number that had accidents along the way.
  11. Bloody cyclists on the road, ones that absolutely have to cycle beside their mate meaning they take up the cycle lane and 3 foot worth of road as well. Don't know what was going on in Linlithgow today but the place was full of them. Of course I'd picked today to drop off a fish (pet fish not an eating fish) to someone there. The damn bag started to leak so there was me in the car with fishy smelling water leaking all over my denims behind all these cyclists going up the road at 10mph. When I got out the car I had to explain that I... 1. Hadn't pissed myself 2. Didn't have a bladder infection The fish did make it safely to its new home thankfully.
  12. On the same note I knew someone who didn't think that wolves were real animals (not werewolves - actual wolves). She thought that they were mythical creatures that only existed in stories. She was 19 when she admitted this.
  13. I'd like to stress that this is not my current lad but an ex. We had went to the swimming one night and upon leaving he looked through the window at the pool and remarked how still the water looked. I had fun telling him the "water" was so still because it was actually a blue cover that had been dragged over the water.
  14. My annoyance for today is when someone is upset over someone else not wanting to have a relationship with them and then a friend or family member will say something like "his/her loss" or "they're an idiot for not wanting you". Why do people say this, it makes no sense whatsoever. How on earth would it be a loss to someone to not have a relationship with someone they have no feeling for? Maybe I should stay off my friends facebook pages.
  15. Why is it that customers to my workplace always single out the one person who's actually getting on with their job instead of taking their problems to one of the folk behind the desk that are standing there chatting to each other about what they're going to make for tea?
  16. Could be wrong but isn't there a butchers van that goes about Falkirk with "M1NCE" being the reg?
  17. Definately not something I'd buy, my parents wanted to get me one for my 21st but I asked for something else instead. I knew someone who had theirs as AU5TEN (or something like it). He's a driving instructor though so I think he wanted his reg to be reasonably memorable in case someone just caught a glimpse of the car. His name is Austen in case you hadn't guessed.
  18. Pet dogs of the small and yappy variety should be rounded up and donated to people who keep boas, pythons and large monitor lizards.
  19. At this rate I might be able to have it at 1am.
  20. Aye it was luke warm when I put it in the fridge as I dropped a few ice cubes in after it had dissolved. I really want my fruity jellies though.
  21. I've stuck some jelly in a glass along with some strawberries and put it in the fridge at 6pm or so. It is starting to set but I was just wondering if I was going to get my dessert tonight. Doesn't say on the packet either it just says leave it to set.
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