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  1. Aye, did you stick cash in the kitty? I PM'd everyone i knew who stuck cash in apologies if I missed you out!
  2. Beer in any weather. nips in this weather is the correct answer
  3. I'm putting Danny Devine's up turn in form down to the P&B jobber club sponsoring him, he is trying to make us look daft.
  4. It's to be around 4 degrees tomorrow, even if beer was available at the Dundee game who is wanting a pint in that weather.
  5. Your whole post seems to boil down to the above. The new rules have been made with VAR in mind and like you say it will be impossible for non VAR assisted officials to get the decisions right but they still have to apply the laws of the game, if a player makes it easy for them in this case has both feet away from the goal line then it's easier to give than a keeper with one trailing leg. However considering VAR can't even get some of these calls right especially deciding when the ball is kicked then the whole thing becomes a farce and we would be better with hockey penalties.
  6. Yeh, I don't think it's too much to ask a keeper to make sure their penalty saves are legal. Fosters save at least is badly timed rather than poor technique. I agree it's almost impossible without the aid of VAR to be certain the keeper is on their line when the ball is kicked. Footballers who can't take a corner or a throw-ins should be no where near taking them it speaks volumes they are deemed the best in the squad. Dunfermline are very poor at throw-ins, I think it's often poor decision making rather than technique.
  7. I've only been in the press in the school photo specials. Raping them twice is a bit much btw especially after cremation.
  8. Aren't they all in the press anyway, I'm sure my gran used to get the Dunfermline press to see my bonny face.
  9. Morton keeper needs to learn how to dive for penalties with the new rule, if you look at foster he trails one leg which is just off the line when the ball is kicked, again back to the pish about when a ball is kicked, is it initial contact or when the ball is clear of his foot? Anyway the Morton keeper moves his feet together giving the assistant a much easier decision.
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