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  1. chickenwing was nominated by DA B. Or am I being wooshed?
  2. Hibs v Raith Rovers

    Lewis Vaughan hatrick of own goals probably
  3. What a way to start back in the basement division with a Yogi inspired Shree (3) to start the week. Awful.
  4. Whats the cake with only one slice left? looks good and also your ketchup is upside down
  5. correct and oranges. I know, I know things not for the fridge thread for this pish
  6. Why do all shops store them at room temperature then? Also eggs in the fridge is OFTW behaviour
  7. onions in the fridge? Pretty much as bad as bread. Although bonus points for being ready fo your burns supper.
  8. 100% the way some folk carry on is like the behaviour I would expect from Celtic and Rangers* fans who are utterly seething when something goes against them. If we ever win the cup (and lets be honest its a big if) then being utterly pumped by Raith will make it all the sweeter in years to come. Anyone creaming themselves singing you're not fit to wear the shirt, is insane, we were sold by our captain who has been fairly dependable this season and then a terrible defensive error from Durnan, until then we were well on top. And our midfield was excellent I thought. The man in front of me was utterly seething the whole game through even when we were on top. I don't know what was shouted at Higgy but it was out of order if it provoked such a reaction.
  9. Raith Rovers vs Dunfermline Athletic

    @ me next time I would agree that his end product was indeed limited in the extreme however he didn’t give your defenders a moments peace and under pressure they looked as ropey as our “defenders” taking Faiss off meant that they had all the time in the world and only made big mistakes 2/3 times
  10. Relegated. Unbelievable. Unfathomable. To big to go down. Succumbed to the drop. Doon. Pish. Crumbled. We go again #ourtime #roaringback
  11. Raith Rovers vs Dunfermline Athletic

    Combining our attempts at defending today with our inability to scare score was always going to mean it would be a tough game despite dominating up to the penalty - kudos to Robinson for kicking the mud out his boots on a plastic pitch- but it was a well taken penalty after a terrible move to give it away, after that Raith just ran away with it, no idea why Crawford threw Muirhead on for El Bak that pretty much lost us any kind of attacking threat and I don't think we had a single chance after than. Of course the league is going to be far more important however today could have got the feel good factor back for the pars but instead blew some wind into the Rovers sails who will hope that it spurs them on to play off success or a title win if Arbroath implode. But at the end of the day its just a game of football and I hope the guy who was burnt quite badly going by the press reports makes a full recovers without any scaring and they catch the folk who chucked the pyrotechnics, this is surely the only good thing about allocated seating and it will be easy to lift those responsible. Good luck to Raith in the next round hopefully results like that will entice some more fans to head along to Starks park rather than jump on a supporters bus to take in the Celtic or Rangers matches.
  12. Please learn to multi quote and Good luck relaying your burnt pitch. Raith made the extra man and penalty count we just couldn't finish today. On more importantly to our league campaign next week.
  13. Stories from the Courts

    They have only been accused so aren’t crims yet.
  14. Horrific club photos

    Not sure what’s worse in this photo Simons melted face or the girl on the rights treble trouser look. Not strictly in a club but wouldn’t look out of place in Paisleys hostelries.
  15. Raith Rovers vs Dunfermline Athletic

    Fair enough but would have been 90% home fans. Looking forward to it hoepfully both sets of fans will be in fine voice