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  1. That absolutely will be true, royal correspondents don't dare piss off the source of their employment, just look at the ride the Duke of York gets over Harry.
  2. Cocodamol (sp?) Is the answer if you get it, those pills are the bollocks.
  3. Brilliant weight loss I found, as the pain is chronic and then you get dry sockets and can't open your mouth to eat without it being sore as f**k
  4. Decent coverage in Dunfermline with more on the way apparently, not bad for so early in the season.
  5. I'd play him up front for the Arbroath game, but dissapointing that it seems unlikely that either O'Hara, McCann or Allan will be able to use that game for fitness.
  6. Considering that all marinading involves is lying covered in all sorts not moving for an extended period of time, I'm not sure it's a great way to demonstrate anything other than being an idiot.
  7. They don't in Fife, but have a big plant to turn the gas released when it rots into energy so I guess with the current prices that must cover a good chunk of the costs.
  8. Best of luck with your fight Slippery! I look forward to your triumphant return to the quiz thread
  9. Comparing the LGBT staff networks to the Iranian morality police, who are responsible for the death of a young woman recently it less journalism and more like fascism.
  10. Clearly too balanced as you can't tell an AK-47 from an M16 style rifle.
  11. After seeing this it's a wonder there aren't more atrocities.
  12. Was that the game Robinson came in and played a blinder?
  13. I have never seen a ref make get which side the corner should be taken from wrong AND make everyone switch round as they are ready to do. We have had him quite a few times now and it seems to all be about him, he would be better served fulfilling his time as a Rory Stewart look-a-like.
  14. We look like every player has had their Christmas dinner before coming out to play, so far off the pace and so easy to play through
  15. You putting 1 case ahead of the rest of an entire gender is what is sadly not shocking but completely ridiculous. Are you seriously suggesting that someone who is trans should be put into the jail which houses other people of their birth gender to protect people when there is in fact a very real need to protect trans people? For instance it would be completely ridiculous to put a trans woman in a men's jail 40 years after she transitioned and committed say burglary as the trans woman would be at serious risk. Everyone in a jail should be protected from violence and sexual assault regardless of gender which is why the prison service move people who meet the criteria they obviously have.
  16. Yes, absolutely. They don't particularly need to be absolutely sure about a persons gender and why they have changed it, it seems to be about risk and dignity. In the case of Cis people of course its very easy, but I'm sure there are trans people in the jails in which the majority of their fellow inmates are a different gender. In the small number of cases this happens in its absolutely right that the prison service makes the decision which jail they should be in.
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