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  1. A wee dug visiting to see me, glorious wee thing. Not been a bit of bother
  2. An alice band would easily be the worst item in your wardrobe if you go through with this.
  3. "First you feel good then you feel rubbish, shite" expensive way to go about it. Absolutely feel for people who have had an unbelievably tough life and need it as an escape but they need serious care which can only be achieved once it's legalised. Hopefully when it's legalised these moron dealers finally get what's coming to them after ruining lives to make a living and the people dispensing drugs can step in before folk are injecting into their arse.
  4. A cis woman who does not have reproductive organs is still a woman despite what you have been saying. This might be news to you but women are far more than a vagina and men are more than a penis. Maybe time for you to grow up, not everyone is like you Ken and most folk have more than a bit of smooth skin between their groin.
  5. Some cis women don't have a womb either. But go on keep trying to define people by their reproductive system.
  6. You know there are cis women who can't have children right? Defining people by what they can and cant do seems a completely backward way to think about things.
  7. Thank you. I'll change it when I get called up and used as cannon fodder taking back, a now flat village, from the invaders.
  8. Woke up without a hangover! An excellent way to start my quarter century. 25 seems old
  9. If you need the number she called drop me a line I'll see her on Monday. Hope it it doesn't come to moving the holiday about but if it's does hope Jet2 are sound about it.
  10. I think you can phone them up, although might not make much of a difference a girl at my work waited 16 weeks and missed her holiday, nightmare. Hope it comes through soon!
  11. Some charge sheet, innocent until proven otherwise naturally.
  12. Arlene chose to go all the way to Cowdenbeath to be with Orangemen, I think it's clear that the opinions of someone that odd shouldn't be considered.
  13. Tbh I didn't think he was all that bad, plenty of other drivel on the forum
  14. Nicely done! Can we have a sweep on how long till he's back?
  15. It's actually 9000 call center folk and 30,000 openreach the headline wasn't very clear
  16. Hope they are getting paid for such efficiency.
  17. Same, none of the boys I grew up with have either. A few boys I work with are partial to a joint or two but that's it.
  18. 40,000 BT call center workers withdrawing their labour. Nicely done. Edit - Actually only 9000 folk on the phones and 30,000 openreach engineers so that could be damaging if connectivity it lost and there isn't enough engineers to restore the phone lines, they might even have responsibilities in the civil contingency act which presumably they have to meet either via staff not on strike or agency workers.
  19. Really hope we don't get Linfield, they took the hump with me when I said they didn't do enough to tackle rampant sectarianism in their support. As far as I can tell they haven't made any progress since then.
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