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  1. Mainstream broadcast media is just as bad. People threatening MPs with assault being broadcast live on Sky news. The whole GB news nonsense. The Daily Mail running a hate campaign with the judges who up held the law. This country is in the gutter. ETA, it's horrific that another family has had to face the horrible consequences of the temperature being ramped up.
  2. Violence against women is accepted. Violence against perceived "re-moaners" was encouraged. We need a better climate to carry out political discourse.
  3. Very sad news for his family, apologies if my previous post didn't sound sincere after the truly horrific crime.
  4. f**k that he should double down, saying he was in M&S with a soldier who was refused service and spat on by the checkout operator.
  5. Nice to see the Scotland team keep their sporting behaviour despite the efforts of the RoW team and their, quite frankly vile behaviour.
  6. That is unbelievable almost as if the Thick of It scene when tucker goes over the the news room and gets then to change the story, is an accurate version of events.
  7. With pleasure you kangaroo shagging, spider chasing, cork wearing Aussie. I sunk a put that you missed.
  8. It's another move in our society towards Americanism.
  9. The SFA should commission shirts featuring; A A Massive LGBT flag B, The names of the slaves that have died building the stadiums, I can't see a boycott happening but putting the slavery and horrific human rights abuses in the spot light would be an okay second.
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