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  1. Now we have a Covid specific lanyard and badge anyone caught wearing a sunflower lanyard that doesn't need a bit more help or time to retain their independence ought to face 10 years at her majesties pleasure as a minimum.
  2. I wouldn't have thought any of their songs were wise to sing along to in public unless you have caught yourself in your fly. Also history is not a patch on Story of My Life
  3. Tbf this is absolutely fair enough, unless it was a karaoke night?
  4. Sturgeon must condemn that she appears to have appointed a football fan as the minister for amongst other things, major events.
  5. That would make sense tbh get them some proper reliable game time preferably in L1 don't see the point of sending then to L2 again.
  6. He just has a completely bizarre brain, the three of them on the XFM show is the best think Gervais did because it's not scripted and just them basically chucking curve balls at Karl. How they got away with what they broadcast I don't know but it was 20 years ago on a small station at the time.
  7. Jizz Hornkamp sounds like a terrible porn film.
  8. I worry about this guy when he eventually finds out about a something called "The Soviet Union" I hope he is okay.
  9. Back to football... Macdonald to Airdrie is a bit of a strange one given he could play right across the back 4 although now Martin is back I guess he also has that attribute. But you have to imagine Yogi is bringing in a defender of some description
  10. Nice to see the Beeb still cover up the horrific acts that occurred under their watch by brandishing notorious nonce as a "TV personality"
  11. Eddie is an absolute gem for a club that has so many dedicated volunteers that keep so much stuff going Eddie is one of the best. I would caveat my response with the fact I'm just going along and not involved at all. But I think you are more likely to get men to open up when it's a group of guys and male suicide is the biggest killer (under 50 I think?) It's worryingly a rising issue to young girls in particular and that needs nipping in the bud for sure. I'm sure if a female equivalent had the necessary attendees then it would get support however you take a look round EEP and you see it would require a large proportion of the girls in that age group to attend to get the required numbers. There is also Eddie's excellent walk and talk events although a bit impractical if you work full time. That said I turn 25 in July so at the end of the block of sessions it's my intention (although I haven't spoken to Eddie) to see if Eddie would consider getting involved or supporting me running a weekly football game for 25-35 for example. We are lucky at this club that if you want something you can find folk to ask and 9 times out of ten would would be supported to give it a try! Yeh I think so although, I'm a terrible footballer so may be advised to going walking instead
  12. This was a sad case and I don't know if they ever prosecuted the guy they charged. But the dead guy was missing for 2 years and never reported missing. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-59682558
  13. My best friend is worried about turning 25 and staring gay middle age in the face So 6 years older than that he's basically a pensioner.
  14. I did a 3 season sample a while back and the difference was slightly towards more goals scored into the Norrie I may have missed it but don't think anyone said we score at will 2nd half into the Norrie end. It's more about wanting to see your team win the game and score goals closer to you where you have a great view. I'm sure you know this though. But it's absolutely this. All about being closer to the action.
  15. Ah sorry didn't see the article from her calling for the manufacturers head
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