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  1. It does seem odd that despite his lies he gets away with no real punishment, I would have had some sympathy if he had admitted it being a mistake and trying to act the big man or whatever he was doing. But to say his hands were wet as some kind of bizzare justification alone should have seen him inside or on community service.
  2. This is probably true And he's now a full on Andrew "Brain donor" Tate fan boy
  3. James English going for it now. Infant anyone paying to be verified on twitter is almost certainly on the journey to melting their brain.
  4. I like Chalmers he's more often or not the player showing for the ball even in tight and tricky places, yes it doesn't always come off for him but when it does it's usually a decent ball and if he didn't have the occasional brain fart he would be nowhere near this level. Also it's quite nice that after last season's disaster players are wanting to stick around with us.
  5. Tbf you can see in the planning application all the stuff about the water which suggests progress and the young team were playing on the grass, no idea if they still are with the weather, so I guess there has been some progress.
  6. Definitely my own opinion, I didn't know when the planning application had been approved until I looked it up following CallumPars post about it. I have no idea on any of the financials and I have only ever seen David Cook at supporters meetings, I doubt he knows who I am so I'm not sure I would say I'm in with the club and I'm sure they would disagree with some of my post. If I thought anyone was taking anything I put on here as remotely ITK then I wouldn't post it as you will be severely disappointed. No I agree, unless you had driven past there you wouldn't have known that Braisbys roofing was being used, although at the time it obviously made sense. I agree it would have been good for the club to confirm the planning aspect of the artificial pitch had been approved, but that's really up to them what they put statements out on and I wasn't at the most recent supporters meeting so no idea if anyone asked questions on Rosyth. I think more communication is better and a lack of stuff.
  7. Hardly a secret that Braisby roofing was working down there and has since gone bust. It was in the Dunfermline press. As for the planning delay that is a matter of public knowledge on the council website. As for why the club has decided not to do a statement on the issues I have no idea, maybe they aren't as big an issue as them seem from the outside looking in but it would explain some of the delay.
  8. I guess where QP have exceeded is their coaches must have a higher certificate and more medical/ sport science staff along with some of their players maybe making the Scotland teams? I guess the German investment has taken on the payroll of the entire coaching set up and facility hire. FEFA only really failed because we were the only team bank rolling it, there is a reasonable amount of players that have made it from the academy into senior football. Yogi clearly didn't fancy anyone other than the usual suspects. Max Little you would imagine came from the scouting network plenty time to see if that will work out for us. Also making sure we bring in the right players has also been a massive change to get away from bringing in rockets like Kyle Turner or Paul Watson who on the face of it were good enough footballers but clearly shook the dressing room up badly. I thought it was poor decision making to put so much emphasis on the scouting when you take one look at Tory immigration policy and know that getting in folk will be difficult, when we can't even get nurses in what chances does a minor football club have Really? I'm not sure I would agree that they are hiding behind anyone but I don't think we are as good as when Bob Garmory was chairman. I'm not entirely sure how much of this is in their control? You probably could spend 10x as much on fast contractors but if the council don't grant permission until 13 months after you thought you would be in then I don't know what anyone would do. On top of that the roofing contractor going bust half way through the project isn't ideal. I would agree, we need to have a plan in place to wean ourselves off volunteer labour. And support David otherwise we will just burn out someone else trying to work 24/7. I think there are green shoots but by no means perfect. I'm not sure what more I'd expect of the board in league 1, obviously can demand a lot but is it realistic? I'm not so sure. Would it be great to have an elite academy in L1? sure. Is it necessary, I don't think so. Something to aim for in the next 2/3 years. Would it be great to have a number of young European players looking to forge a career in the UK? Sure. But can we get them through the visa process, I doubt it. Would it be great to have a fully functioning training ground and have had to planning process settled long ago? Sure, but is there much the board of a football club can do? I doubt it. If there was I suspect they would have done it. Would it be great to have a staff fit to run the football club? Yes, but is that a great way to spend the cash, in roles like David that bring cash back into the club, there even seems to be a recruitment issue for bar and hospitality stuff so where staff are needed they are clearly bringing folk in. The absolute shambles of the last season is now well behind us thankfully but I'm sure still taking a toll on the finances. That's a very long post now, apologies
  9. The planning application was actually approved on the 27th September, so no doubt they will be aiming to have it ready for pre season. https://planning.fife.gov.uk/online/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=RDZALFHFIPX00
  10. To comply with the post Brexit visa rules they pretty much have to be international level players so guys like Vytas and the Faroese boy Raith brought in will be the limited pool we would have to fish in so I don't think there is a massive queue of them waiting to come to the third tier of Scottish football. I would have hoped we would look to the Irish league which will be starting up soon but I think we have missed the boat there now. I guess that's the point of the German investment to build the fundamental blocks and be able to do so in a division which can't sustain such things financially. Bringing the academy in is probably were all the German money has gone which will in the future bring in talent and I'm sure anyone who has seen the youth players play it's been money well spent.
  11. 99% sure not at the last supporters meeting but the one before that they said that it was the Scottish water aspect of the planning for the artificial pitch that they were waiting on so something has been going on for months.
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