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  1. Double barreled surname suggests his maw was a bit of a ride and has no idea who the father is, probably getting pumped by the milkman whilst nan takes the sprogs to look sad.
  2. Tbh Wighton literally has a week old bairn he might not be ready for 90 mins of football yet, I agree we should have seen him earlier or start and get taken off but there are other things Stevie has to consider I guess.
  3. Fair play to anyone still watching us away from home.
  4. Obviously means out wing backs can get far higher up the park, that said I've never thought they had that great a final ball, have to get Wighton on soon.
  5. Wighton for O'Hara at half time or early in the second half then, you're right Wighton is a far bigger threat
  6. The vote for the list in the Parliament elections is that still a cross in the box or is it a numbered choice of preference?
  7. Probably but seriously that's what the obituaries are for the mail are just going to end up reprinting what the Beeb have been harping on all day about its utterly pointless, the news of how he died when he died etc and then a page or 2 obituary. Job done. His family have already said no flowers and yet brain donors keep rocking up with flowers which unless they were expressly asked for I thought it was the height of rudeness.
  8. Yeh I mean obviously there would be a news bit and then a bit on his life but I guess it's just the mail cashing in on the grief economy. Maybe it's because we are in Scotland but I don't think anyone is that bothered. It's all a bit meh, let the queen have her privacy and get on with things.
  9. I don't get why the papers are bothering there can't be a single fact about his life that hasn't been covered in great detail by the TV and radio coverage.
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