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  1. Fucking hell. Unless they mean he is like Churchill by being a despicable rasict
  2. Is he? By who? His speaches have been more "We will lose loved ones on the beaches, loved ones in the sky - we will surrender to the markets..."
  3. Very true, how about we just keep the nukes and release them for a couple of billion pounds
  4. Close the curtains and pretend we are out?
  5. There are 47 people 'following' this thread, tomorrow at 8pm we must applaud their notifications which must be going mental
  6. Made Salmon, tomato and basil filo parcels last night and stir fried some veg it's was decent but not sure it went together that well
  7. The UK Gov published the SAGE advice the other week it's clear that the expert are coming to a best guess using all their research, the problem comes when journalists ask one part of the group basically their worst case scenario, which I don't think is helpful, it creates fear and potentially panic unnecessarily I don't know how other countries have been reporting the Virus but front page headlines that are sheer sensationalism is not what the public need but sadly it's what they want
  8. He did an hour long Q&A with YoungScot on Monday still posting lots of advice on Twitter, it's probably more that case that with daily press briefings the mainstream media don't need to interview experts in Government
  9. Not sure if this is the right thread but anyway. My employer pays for my rail season ticket and takes it out my wages each month, but now all daily business has to be done from home and I'm occasionally going into the office when I'm on shifts but the train times don't suit. So I applied for a refund but it can take Scotrail 28 days to process this (despite rail travel being suspended on day 1) and then it can take HR up to 8 weeks to sort out the pay issue. So this is going to take around 12 weeks probably 5 months wages I assume I'm entitled to the over paid money? HR are being incredibly wooly about it. Unions aren't interested so much so I had enough and left. Anyone had similar experiences? I don't know why Scotrail aren't refunding as default they can no longer provide the service I purchased.
  10. Can anyone remind me what the guy on twitter who pretends to talk in the ear of political leaders whilst they are doing speeches, looking for his most recent one when he is talking to Trump.
  11. Watching the ParsTV live stream disappointing not to hear the crowd
  12. stick an email into [email protected] They normally deal with spontaneous volunteers
  13. Absolutely true, the lack of leadership especially from business has been ridiculous, who ever you work for should have decided to close long ago, putting employees in this situation is wrong as for politicians saying you can socially isolate on a building site again is utter rubbish. If you don't have sanitary facilities to wash your hands or use the toilet that's a case for the local authority or Health and Safety executive who would probably issue a warning in the first instance and then start shutting sites down most folk probably wont want their site to shut before a pay agreement is in place the press are reporting one should be available by the end of the week however I suspect for at last one family that will be too late and both your employer and the government have failed in their duty of care.
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