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  1. Deffo Wid. A lot of folk talking "Bill Gates" "Long term side effects" "fertility" utter bollocks the lot of them.
  2. Round the lot of them up and lock then away for their own safety.
  3. I don't see why outdoor events events couldn't be allowed maybe they could use rapid flow tests on arrival for an extra bit of piece of mind. The cases must be lower than at the same time Cheltenham was allowed to go ahead which apparently was the "right decision"
  4. 9 land borders seems like a tough ask to get to Zero Covid. Will be interesting if her sympathetic view turns into reality.
  5. Good point of what's the point of public compliance is low ruined by the fact she seems to be out and about every day of the week. Shops and folk driving really are not great indicators of rules being broken or followed as for groups outdoors, it's the lowest risk place for them.
  6. Has it (mostly) been moved from the BBC? That's a bit shite. Yeh sure they have 200 hours of coverage and about 8 of that is the opening and closing ceremony and I'm sure I read at the time is in the gift of Eurosports to decide what the BBC get so unlikely to get things like 100m sprinting. Just means I become an expert on even more niche sports.
  7. They detail that 97% of deaths are in the priority groups if the same is true about hospitalisations then keeping a lockdown will be untenable.
  8. I don't get the point unless you have the crowds? They are stupidity expensive to host and to not get any money back from increased tourism seems like a stupid decision. I could get why the Olympic commission want them on but not the Government. If Eurosports hadn't bought the bulk of the coverage there there would be no better sporting event to watch during lockdown.
  9. Write to them recorded delivery setting out a chargeable rate of interest if the refund isn't with you in 5 working days. Or tell them the case will be sent to a debt collection agency and they are liable for the cost of the company. Speak in terms they understand. Either that or just go to the OfGem
  10. This seems like the vaccine f**k up we were all waiting for. Hurrah! div widget
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