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  1. Not changed views I think it's highlighted the go to Uni or bust attitude of a lot of young people and their families. I was very nearly forced into going to Uni by my school and one teacher offered to fill out my application on UCAS for me in the last week of the application process being open. Thankfully a lot more work is going into "positive destinations" if they could increase that and ditch league tables we would be in a better place.
  2. Horrible horrible stuff - I see Aberdeen fans are trying to get the paper banned from the ground. Ill be writing to Dunfermline to echo this view. Hopefully we can kick the sun out of Scottish football and then Scottish society
  3. How are you doing? I thought you were dead.
  4. Think I read yesterday that it wasn't the first train through that section of the network that day and it had gone through the section where it derailed shortly before. I think when the severe weather effects the rail way i.e flooding, then it's inspected before being allowed to re-open
  5. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far for the sponsorship. Matt is holding onto O'Haras training kit for a bit hopefully we can make the £100 mark. Let me know if you want the moneypool link. Cheers
  6. BBC gone full click bait, none of the children had been at the school for well over 100 days they just happen to know the other cases from school
  7. True, I guess Boris will come up with Shapps self isolating.
  8. Luckily for you I don't control government ministers. I don't think it's wise for the key political leaders to go to the scene during a spike in cases near to where they are visiting. Let the investigators do their job, I don't see what good can come of them visiting the scene at this time.
  9. Unless he has concerns around how the investigation is being carried out I don't think it's wise to travel the length of the country for what is usually a photo opportunity. The memorial service would be a far more fitting reason to be in Aberdeenshire
  10. Actually driving into that when other cars are floating about in it is mental behaviour, if they get to keep their licence they are lucky
  11. They put it on their app just as the weather passes - its fair cleared up in South Fife. Will take a dander down to have a look at the damage. Have seen one post so far from people in new house build on fields that regularly flooded complaining. Sadly its unavoidable and exacerbated by folk with astro turf and the like.
  12. I agree but if we are going to get to a cashless society then we need to be able to be sure that tips paid by card get to the staff without any deductions otherwise we don't change the safety of cash as I would hope (and my experience is) most folk tip
  13. Never come home from the pub in knee deep water passing the polis dealing with a floating van!
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