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  1. Sorry to bump this post back up to thread. The last of my close friends is moving down to England, meaning I'm sorted for nights out in England but not having anyone up in Scotland has been playing on my mind. I'm friendly with 2 boys from work the one closest to my age I was chatting away and stuff and was talking about his birthday and asked what he was doing and if he wanted to do anything with me but he palmed it off saying he was busy with his friends which knocked me for 6.
  2. If you don't have a garden does that mean you live in a flat? If so when you leave it's probably advisable to clean what you touch as you exit and enter the building
  3. Unless you are writing the regulations you have no idea what will and won't be banned FM said it must be at a level that people don't have to shout or lean in to hear. Really low level music in something like a wine bar I doubt will be banned. I would hope someone who lives in this thread would be trying to keep informed but alas you make yourself look like an arse
  4. Still got the tags on but put it on the accept this award. Other quizzers be ware I have spend the day reading chapter one of the Britannia Encyclopedia going to read the set!
  5. Matt has been in touch with the available players for sponsorship if you would be interested in contributing I'll get something set up either give this post a greenie/reddie and I'll DM you or DM me. My choice would be Miller Fenton but up to you lot £100 for training kit £200 for Home/Away. Everyone who donates will go into a pool for the chance to win the signed shirt (providing there isn't a global pandemic) and there will be a ballot for the sponsor event. Cheers A.
  6. Dealers. If they are they must be thick as shit. Anyone who lives in a normal or shitty place with an expensive motor will have someone asking questions.
  7. Surely just let folk stay in a pub as long as they like? and then stop (advise?) folk visiting more than one licenced premises a day?
  8. Depends if the owner is equally old? if so the price will be higher than younger folk.
  9. 7 for Thursday, normally I would be delighted to see a voting systems question but that one is new to me. Also first English monarch question right in a long time, I prefer the odd 1-3 rather than 1-4
  10. Why don't they stick one of these up at Rest and be Thankful? I think it looks great
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