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  1. Thanks, does seem like Putin is just waiting for an excuse to escalate further I guess the big question is how he does that.
  2. How many of these are in full Russian control? Its going to be interesting to see how it's managed to avoid escalation when he can claim an invasion has begun on any areas under full Russian control tomorrow.
  3. Don't you remember, last month it was greedy unions causing inflation. Nothing to do with energy markets or the stock market
  4. She's too busy writing her speech for the party conference, pinning all her hopes on a free trade deal with India to save the day.
  5. The BBC have an interview with a guy who signed a deal on his mortgage 2 years ago when the rate was 0.1% but in his interview he said he didn't expect the price to go up, what did he expect? The rate to stay at 0.1% for ever? Also he is sorting his new deal with 1 month to go, if he had done it 6 months ago he would have been in a far better position. When shit is hitting the fan I don't see the point of having these interviews when time could be better spent holding the government to account and explaining the options the public have.
  6. As soon as "Kwasikaze economics" was coined the writing was on the wall.
  7. Having such poor budgeting skills like that really should make them think if working with money is the right job for them.
  8. 101


    Really enjoyed Nimês, which has a good range of options by both train and bus, the bus to Pont du Gare is excellent which also means it's free entry. Worth spending a few hours there on a nice day but you can also hurry along and see it in half an hour if you're in a rush. Nimês airport is like Glenrothes airport and wouldn't recommend going through security until the last moment as there is a cafe land side but just crappy vending machines air side. I also think you could get to the airport as your plane is about to leave if you only have carry on luggage save sitting about on the wooden benches.
  9. If it's at home EEP I believe with the main stand open
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