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  1. I'm sure I read there was someone employed by the UK government to go round all the civic buildings in the country to make sure they were flying the Union flag correctly
  2. It really depends at what level of renumeration should employment rights stop.
  3. I wasn't hoping for anything tasty or scurrilous. It was delusion and denial I was looking forward to. I suspect the Thistle away game may be retold entirely differently to how it actually happened.
  4. There was a woman from Dunfermline who vacuumed her AstroTurf lawn every day when the blossom was shedding from trees. The rest of her garden was a tip so I'm not sure why she was desperate to have a pristine "lawn" Full disclosure the previous owners of my house put AstroTurf down on the small decking at the back of my house and I've never lifted it mainly because it's in permanent shade and nothing would grow. My actual grass lawn is of course pristine
  5. The service bus is just over an hour between the 2, would think the train would struggle to compete
  6. Presumably these new drivers will pretty much all have rostered rest days during the week eliminating the need for overtime payments, if this isn't the case then it's a complete farce. Last night the trains were a shambles, loads of cancellations but the 2 trains I got only had 2 carriages, I'm not an expert but what is stopping forming long trains when there are clearly trains available to do it with.
  7. Raith Raver is an idiot who is too dense to offend. Respect.
  8. Been to see quite a lot this year most of it middle of the ground stuff, Belfast aside. However last night went to see: Everything Everywhere All at Once It's absolutely fucking mental, like seriously whoever came up with the plot and story line needs help. That said it's an incredibly enjoyable ride that is made for the big screen, sit back and let them take you wherever the story goes and you'll be in for a great ride. Don't know how long it will be in the cinemas for but it's seriously worth a watch as it won't be as good at home. A 9/10 you won't ever see a film like this again.
  9. As if Shaun Maloney would go from scooping up serious wedge at Belgium and less than 6(?)months later be willing to accept what we could offer. McBookie and pretty useless, £100 on anyone would get then shorting the odds to a silly level.
  10. That's how Pie and Bovril works, I didn't vote on the Raith thread for the most likely option, I voted for the worst/ funniest option. Please don't question the rules.
  11. I'd agree with this, won the double with Ross County thought he speaks reasonably well on TV about the game. Kind of forgot he existed and although he wouldn't be in my absolute favourite list he wouldn't be on a list of people to avoid.
  12. Just read that Petrie is afraid of Chicken nuggets, perhaps a little bit of blackmail could be arranged. Can we send Nugs4Carter to Montrose.
  13. Cute that you didn't let Peter into your life to do this x Hope you're feeling better ***, plenty more fish in the sea x
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