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  1. Glad to see that Labour have some of the finest public speakers on their front bench
  2. Seems weird not to have somewhere in the statement that racism has no place in football. Also "racial incident" sounds like something from the 70's
  3. Sensible and desirable 2 words not often said during the pandemic. I assume the EU have finally given the India manufactured AZ equivalence to the Belgian manufactured one.
  4. I've always been a bit more picky and will be seeking out the Tony Blair is a war criminal/ Pro IRA person as they seem to be well balanced.
  5. Was at the shops picking up essenTials, normally no one using the pumps at 9 on a Saturday night yet last night there was a queue and half the pumps had no petrol. People are weird.
  6. Nothing seems to upset Tories more than folk saying they wouldn't pump a Tory. Keep up the good work folks.
  7. Most boring game I've seen in a long while could have done with a few lines of confidence to enliven it.
  8. 2 cans is generally accepted I think. If she was to be involved in a crash is could have dire consequences. Also pretty sure there is a limit to how much you can pile up in your house.
  9. Sounds truly excellent compared to my 6 blunders but enjoyable all the same
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