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  1. Lucozade and vodka mate and get right back on it.
  2. Cheers mate. I've tried a myriad of numbers but can't get through to anyone today. Looks like all the receptions etc are closed until Monday... They are coming back up on Tuesday mate if you can get through to them.
  3. Cheers for suggesting this, service was a bit shite but really enjoyed taking in the game there.
  4. Phone the stadium mate if it's there let me know. My pal is still down in London and could go and get it I'm sure.
  5. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the P&B Jobber fund just £20 to go! As always it's much appreciated. Cheers, 101
  6. I think the rain will follow the thunder storms it's just too soon to say how local the downpours will be as the Met Office have the entire SE of England under a yellow warning although it's sods law that it will pish down in Hyde Park. If so I'll head into Covent Garden for some shelter.
  7. Did you see the bit when they were jumping to defend Andrew Neil's pal Jeffery Epstein? down playing his crimes claiming he wasn't a nonse. Of course when you are trafficking children for sex I'm not sure the label you get stuck on you matters all that much but I'm sure everyone would condemn those crimes, well everyone bar GB news of course.
  8. I agree, 15 game minimum if we are serious about "Showing racism the red card" you can't slap someone with a suspension that's shorter than many that would result in being shown a red card for say fighting.
  9. Makes you think that not only the Met have a corruption issue.
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