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  1. Would think alot of teams in this league would happily take our keeper and back 4. Anyway hopefully we can beat Ayr Saturday then it's only Dundee left to do the clean sweep of beating ever team in the league.
  2. I remember when QOS should win at places like Gayfield.
  3. DAFC v Falkirk is a more likely play off game as you are due your next winless run anytime now.
  4. Arbroath have let in the 3rd least amount of goals this season surely our whole back 4 should be listed on the best CB's or best FB's. Unless defending is no longer about not letting in goals.
  5. Would say Donnelly up from instead tomorrow. But would say Thats my starting 11 from the present squad.
  6. That little impact you had to name me in a post and hope we lost....
  7. Hopefully thd puddle has been mopped up over the last week ahead of the game Tuesday night.
  8. Campbell was on STV news at 6pm saying we were in the process of making 2 signings Hilson and someone else (my mate has forgotten the second players name) Hilson should add to the squad.
  9. Any other Forfar players worth signing? Or have we taken them all now?
  10. Likely the only 5 clubs that would pay him enough to go full time.
  11. He is easily the one of the best centre halfs in the championship, so wouldn't be a step up going to any other championship team.
  12. Not a whooosh, just no logic going to a team thats likely to spend the next 2/3 seasons in the Championship when he can easily play at a better level than any of the teams in the Championship.
  13. To be honest think it would be a step backwards for O'Brien going to Dundee. If he does leave Arbroath he should be leaving for Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs or the big 2 in Glasgow not another Championship club.
  14. Alloa wanted rid we signed him on an 18th month deal and so far has basically been a total flop in terms of scoring goals.
  15. Was a 7/10 player every week for us was a real shame he never played again after the injury.
  16. I seem to have had a brain fart and confused Conway with Swanson by the time I posted! I blame it on all the Smokies and Wine the last 2 weeks!
  17. Having read through most the thread now! I would take Conway at Gayfield on loan! We could do with another wide player or player who can make chances..... Not sure if he would fancy play for a part time team though and unsure if he would be happy at maybe not even getting a game!
  18. David Mackay probably shocks me most, Im sure we sent him back to Dundee during a loan cause he was awful. Then went on to play over 500 games as a professional!
  19. Never mind all the extra hospitality thats getting sold for home games aa well..... Amazed a Forfar fan has so much interest in a championship team, sure he should be looking at whats happening with League 2 clubs.
  20. Is that a done deal? And what position does he play. United fans going on about it on Facebook, he is a striker seemingly so likely see him playing on the wing!
  21. Logan Chalmers on loan till the end of the season from Dundee United.
  22. Not sure Inverness will have many highlights to show from Saturday unless there showing Arbroath in most of them 😉
  23. Arbroath FC has no debt..... You might have seen we had 2 massive gates in December to top our bank accounts up, Forfar meanwhile are struggling on and off the pitch.
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