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  1. Maybe because your teams shape and ball retention stopped Arbroath doing that. Neilson teams are hard to breakdown. And cause planes to fly over tynecastle for being abit boring 😴😴
  2. While not happy with the result tonight if someone had said we would lose 3-1 at Tynecastle before the season started then it would likely have been looked at as not to bad. Need to sort out the lack of goals over the next 17games hopefully we can add 1 or even 2 in the window.
  3. Your Manager was the the one asking for the game to be stopped 🤦‍♂️😂
  4. Would play Swankie wide, Mckenna as the advanced midfilder and Ruth up front.
  5. Last season before Wighton came in I though we looked most dangerous when Stewart played central in the advanced role behind Donnelly. Actually think we are missing Whatley in the centre, goals were always going to be a struggle and with injures it means our line up is really unsettled this season for the wrong reasons. Still think we have enough about us to finish at least 8th.
  6. Our home record wasn't the greatest in league 1 when we first came up. It's a myth the whole Gayfield is an advantage because of the small pitch and wind. Tynecastle is 5 yards shorter and only 1 yard wider for comparision on pitch size.
  7. The news programe gets less viewers so BBC Scotland have bumped it to the 7pm slot to justify the money they get for the channel.
  8. Looks like Gold took a knock and was taken off to protect him and with saturdays game in mind.
  9. The Fibre cable at Gayfield should be finished tomorrow. But your right setting up Pixellot and getting the AI camera to behave and work properly may be more of an issue than maintaining the feed. 4G streaming games is never going to be ideal just due to the drops in signal compared to a fixed line, so fairly happy we have had a fixed line installed for streaming games.
  10. Its not like Alloa and Arbroath are paying these guys £50 a week. Top SP Part time players don't make that much less football money than some of the full time guys now adays. Plus with Doolan having come from the Juniors he likely doesn't want to head back down to that sort of level if he doesn't need to.
  11. Good thing is with Raith having so few fans it will be easy to put in place social distancing at Starks Park if fans are allowed in by then.
  12. Hardly a shock when the cases of covid down south are rising the last 6 or so weeks.
  13. Would say the decline was more caused by the breakaway that was the SPL which then meant the money everyone under the premier league got was less so in the years since, most clubs have cut squad size so reserve teams disappeared then after that clubs then slowly stopped running unders teams. Thats whats really killed the standard of football in Scotland.
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