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  1. Sat cup are getting to use international size dressing rooms with all the trimmings we're getting a portacabin 😡
  2. Cup final date in doubt Livingston now have a fixture for the 1st May.....Brilliant!
  3. Whit you on about Dr lector I'm talking about the guy you quoted porky I thought it was code he was spouting
  4. Feckin translator needed for that.....
  5. I agree Dr lector.....I've not seen him play so unfair to judge him...altough don't think I have really. I just think people are jealous of his talents or maybe his talents being at another team. As far as I'm concerned......he's just a name.
  6. Let's not forget Messi...I mean mullen doesn't really matter if you keep him from getting the ball.
  7. The only payments we should be talking about are the payments to the officials.....get to the 1/4 finals and you're expected to pay out £65 quid and if you're the home team the park too....it's no wonder teams fold! Buses ain't cheap either is not time this was the discussion
  8. Feckin fed up with the paying players saga btw.....boring!!! I couldn't give two hoots who is paying players all I know is there is 4 teams left and I can't wait to find out who we get.....wee pub team from Muirhouse Motherwell still in the mix ????
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