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  1. Jim McCafferty (Falkirk FC)... People in glass houses... You stupid amoeba
  2. ........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. Nae panic at this end Mr D. Dog....just an observation on the piss poor uptake as at 9/6/19. £5...? Payday excuse..? Mmmm....let's see where we are in August then.
  4. For fck sake only 101 subscribers so far....piss poor imo. We go on about financially supporting the club; e.g...wanting Lang and McStay to sign a new contract and most of our fans won't even put up the price of a measly coffee & bun each week! Fck the prize money....it's not about winning prizes....it's about helping your club. Of course some fans are not able to afford even this and that's fair enough....but come on folks, most of us can. Clyde office has made it so easy to sign up (Go Cardless) so let's get the fuckin' finger out and give Danny and Allan something to work with by both signing up and encouraging others to do the same. 'Mon the Bully Wee!!
  5. Top 3 moments for me... 1. Final whistle v Annan 18/5/19 2. Final whistle v Annan 18/5/19 3. Final whistle v Annan 18/5/19
  6. "The Corner Flag Incident"....John Grisham's title for his new spy thriller...
  7. It's AN idea you fud. Can't you read! What do they teach these fuckwits in Primary School up north?
  8. Check out Annan FC website....got yesterday's match report still at 0 v 0...ha! Website guy hasn't even got the class to do an impartial, objective match report. Pathetic actually. Sad.
  9. How about Peter Murphy (twat) crediting Clyde's Syvertson for staying on his feet and not going down for a penalty in the 1st half which he 100% would have been awarded and which, if it had been an Annan player, he would have gone down like the Titanic as a total cheating dive to fool the referee?
  10. ...but when we're winning, withdraw them!! Ha!
  11. Ballboys/girls are crucial as Barcelona discovered against Liverpool last week...sort it out Clyde!!
  12. Final score - Clyde 0 v 0 Annan (on Saturday) You saw it first here..... Another year in Division Shite
  13. Fore armed is fore warned....watch 'em Annan corners. Just fckn defend properly.
  14. Please don't patronise me DW....it's a simple matter of scale as well you know. Would you rather have the 4 points deduction et al. or a, let's say, £50,000 fine and presently sitting 2 points clear at the top? There was a "straight fine" precedent set here by a 'sister' organisation which the SPFL /SFA simply ignored. Also, Sheffield United in this case were NOT awarded 3 points/3 goals and were subsequently relegated from one of the the most lucrative football Leagues on earth. The grey suits and the even greyer men at the SFA have shown blatant inconsistency in their decision making and they have now set a horrendous precedent for themselves when (not if) the next simple administration error is made by a hard working individual at a small club operating on a shoestring budget. If this case was taken to a proper judicial hearing, the SFA would be slaughtered.
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