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  1. Honestly can't fault it. Over 1500 movies, and currently 14 boxing/UFC fights. 200 series, both UK and US. Catch up is the last 24 hours give or take of the most popular channels like BBC, ITV, Sky/BT Sports, Missed The Cry on Sunday and it was on just after it finished. Don't use it much but for £4.50 extra for the three months, it's handy to have.
  2. He has changed to a vegan diet, that now means he is really only 21/22 seconds away from telling you he's a vegan.
  3. You obviously pay a bit more but it's worth it. I took out a 3 month sub for Ace and it worked perfectly. Took out another 3 months just before a trip to NZ, so I could catch up with the football and my wife could watch Corrie and Emmerdale with her breakfast. A couple of days in, Ace shut down. The IPTV seller I am (and was) using was absolutely top notch and was really apologetic. I got the three months for an extra tenner. Still using the same seller, with a dedicated app with full EPG, catch up and on demand. Probably very similar to others out there but I haven't had an issue streaming wise. I've had a few questions about the service and they've responded straight away to my DM's. No idea how long it'll last but so far so good* *I wish it had gone down so I couldn't watch that guff tonight.
  4. Were you done for manslaughter or murder with diminished responsibility?
  5. It'll be the only strip club in the world where the ladies are tipped to keep their clothes on
  6. Maybe super Sunday was a plan all along......
  7. It may just be me but as a kid I would have loved to get up early and jump in a car or bus to travel to Hampden to see my team. Imagine the excitement on Saturday night, knowing as soon as you're up the next morning the journey begins. I can remember returning home late way after my bed time from the midweek semi final penalty win against Hearts. The feeling was fucking amazing. Lying in bed, trying to get to sleep for school the next day. The cheering still in my ears and the sight of Chris Honor celebrating the winning penalty. I was buzzing out my tits. If it wasn't for that, 14 year old me would have always thought a w**k was the best feeling in the world. Oh and we didn't take the train, f**k knows how we managed to get to Hampden without one.
  8. I know my wife likes to take her time shopping but two months is taking the piss.
  9. New three part documentary, Can you Feel It - How Dance Music Conquered the World, starting tonight at 10 on BBC4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bl3cj6
  10. Tierney would be better off being a greedy b*****d, his crosses have been wasted.
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