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  1. I think that list of players is players who know they’ll be free agents in the summer
  2. I agree, just one of they collisions that look bad and unfortunate that Boyle is injured as a result.
  3. Wasn’t the same player, Watson was the one who collided with Boyle and was booked at the time for the foul.
  4. From the warm up it looks like Bene is playing left back and McKay right back in a back 4, strange change of shape.
  5. Yeah I seen that as well, one of them had a rangers strip on to somehow make it worse.
  6. S Anderson at right back maybe? With miller moving into midfield
  7. The trialist looks like boris melingui ex Brechin and Dumbarton
  8. Yeah LB should be the number one priority if we are bringing someone else in. Who played there on tuesday night? Looking at the team sheet I’m assuming it was miller or Watson.
  9. Miller wasn’t injured yesterday he was at a wedding in America according to the FFP
  10. Aaron Lennox training with us according the FFP article about Lyness leaving
  11. I think Dave McKay is the furthest away in the photo, and I’m assuming the player next to McGurn is MacDonald going by the number 3 on his top.
  12. Has it been said anywhere if any of the signings today are part time or full time?
  13. The trio of hendry, Vaughan and nisbet would be an excellent core to a team regardless of what league we are in, fingers crossed we manage to sign Hendry if the story is true
  14. What’s happened to Williamson, only a year ago he was playing for Scotland U21’s has he had a bad injury or just been poor that he’s ended up released. Were hibs not interested in him a while ago as well?
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