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  1. Aye, that's right. Watch the yahoos magically reappear when Rangers are back in the league next season.
  2. And to think Stubbs was trying to play mind games with Rangers. Absolutely hilarious. They will be stuck in the Championship for years.
  3. Have to laugh at the Sheep Warriors taking the moral high ground here. A section of their support is one of the scummiest in the country. The worst trouble I've seen at a Scottish football match was when they tried to attack the Louden Tavern on the Copland Rd a few years ago.
  4. Or support wee diddy teams? Anyway, the form Hibs are in they don't need to worry about promotion this season.
  5. Falkirk are an absolute b*****d to play against at times. Really well organised at the back and quick on the counter. They're a better side than they are given credit for.
  6. Just an opinion. Let's be honest, who actually backs Hibs when it really matters?
  7. His barnet is pretty impressive. No chance he'll be at Hibs next season. Probably get about 200k for him.
  8. Have you beaten them? Oh, that's right you beat them with the help of a dodgy penalty. Still, the point stands. I wouldn't be confident of Hibs knocking them out in the play offs when it really mattered.
  9. I can't see Hibs beating Falkirk over two legs in a play off. They just don't have the minerals for it and they are prone to imploding when it really matters. They were talking about winning the league a fortnight ago, then reality took over.
  10. If QoTS play like they did against Rangers then I reckon they will take at least a point. They gave us the toughest 25/30 mins we've had this season.
  11. If it wasn't for the pies I doubt anyone would bother visiting Stenny.
  12. Hopefully we can get back in amongst the goals on Tuesday as they have dried up somewhat in recent weeks. Our number one priority in the summer has to be an out and out striker. Waghorn is a terrific player but I reckon he's good enough to play off the wing. Some of his best moments this season have come when he's drifted out wide and he can take the full back on the inside and outside. We're nowhere near clinical enough and it will cost us if it's not addressed.
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