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  1. Haven’t seen it confirmed yet. If true, I ‘m sorry in one respect. He seemed a decent guy and tried hard to keep in touch with the fans in contrast with the invisible Board who tell us nothing. However, if he was signing players, I doubt if he will be missed. The recent signing of Mackay, if it was his doing, was little short of a disgrace.
  2. Clearly been asleep for a few days and only found out about Hutton leaving in Murray’s post match talk. Is anyone ITK? Did he ask to go because he wasn’t getting a game or was he kicked out for some reason ? I always thought it was a bit strange having two good goalies on the books.
  3. Well, that was exciting. We won because Clyde were worse than us. Their defending in the first half was the worst I’ve seen for a while. Clearly the wind and rain spoiled the match. I thought the conditions got worse as the game went on. At the end it was like two teams of schoolboys miskicking and misheading the ball. The Clyde player on the left even made a mess of throw Ins several times! One criticism of our performance was when playing against a strong wind why do our players keep kicking the ball straight up in the air? Despite all the above moaning I am happy for the win which brings us back into the mix. Great goal from Kerr.
  4. I see that Bobby Wishart has died. He mainly played in the great Dundee team but later in his career he had a spell with Airdrie.
  5. In so far as yesterday’s match is concerned taken on it's own I disagree with most posters. We dominated possession and had more shots on target than in any other game so far. The ball did not bounce favourably for us in their penalty area and we were hit by 2 breakaway goals (albeit defensive mistakes). On another day we would have won. However, on a broader front we have major issues. Firstly, who picks the players we sign.? If it is Murray he obviously doesn’t have an eye for a player. If it someone else, Murray will obviously not fancy some of them. Murray has 2 major problems. His grasp of tactics is fairly grim. An example from yesterday was substituting a forward who was playing well when we were 2 down.His second major problem is team selection. He seems to put the names in a hat and pull 11 out every week. I’ve lost count of the number of times I think we’ve a better team on the bench than on the park! It’s disgrace and he’s been like that since he came. However, there’s a problem in getting rid of him. It would cost the club money which they probably don’t have. I’ve been an Airdrie fan all my life and am getting fed up with all these false dawns. I suspect others may be too.
  6. That may well be it. Thanks. I’m glad I didn’t imagine it!
  7. Another tedious rules question. On Saturday I am certain I saw a Thistle player under no pressure pass the ball back to the keeper who immediately picked it up. Did anyone else see it or am I hallucinating? I was definitely sober!
  8. Change of topic. I seem to be totally ignorant as to apparent changes to the rules. This season I have noticed (1) Twice in Airdrie games I have noticed the keeper taking a goal kick and passing it to a defender who was clearly in the box when he first touched it. (2) Peterhead were allowed to bring on 4 subs ,all for injuries, against us. I thought the maximum for the league games was 3. (3) In a European match several times the goalie stood with the ball in his hands about to kick it out. An attacker stood very close to him and lifted his leg to attempt to block the kick. I didn’t think this was allowed. Can anyone help me out. I remember getting caught out a few years ago when kicking a ball backwards at a kick off was allowed.
  9. I must be watching different matches than everyone else. I cannot understand all this optimism. We are a very ordinary team. We have a decent defence and little else. We hardly ever manage a shot at goal. We have no cutting edge. If we do well in this league, it must be a poor league.
  10. We were rank rotten. Rovers looked the more likely team at the end. A lot of people say it’s only a friendly but the obvious problems show themselves anyway. Our strongest defence will do ok. However, further up the field we continue to have problems. We have no decent midfield (apart from the classy Sabatini) and we will struggle to score goals. Robert continues to disappoint me. I thought the trialist centre was the same guy as last game but even if it was two different people (they or he) are, or is, pretty useless. I know Roy has started the season scoring well but based on last season I’ll be surprised if that continues. No way will we be challenging for promotion. The Rev I M Jolly.
  11. Fair enough but it was early season too for Rovers and they also can be expected to improve on last night as well.
  12. Having now had a chance to work out who was who, I had concerns over last night’s performance. If we play like that in the league there is no chance of being anywhere near promotion. Failure to dominate a team are as low as Albion Rovers in midfield does not bode well. I thought Robert was poor and certainly not the wonder kid we were told we had signed. On the positive side having now seen the three goals up close they were cracking goals. On the positive side having now seen the three goals up close they were cracking goals. I know it is early season but I am not confident.
  13. First half was dreadful. Defence made two horrendous mistakes prior to first goal, in so far as I saw it. In first half you would think our players were playing rugby. I lost count as to the number of shots which went sailing by miles over the bar. Second half was better. Did our class begin to tell (joke) or did Rovers fade.? Scored a couple of nice goals. Like some others I couldn't tell who was who but the centre back in the first half was too slow. Both the Right wingers we used played a similar game. Fast and energetic but poor end product. Have to add To what others have said about the cameraman.3 times he was concentrating on the goalie standing alone in his own half while the action was taking place in the other penalty box.
  14. I regarded it is a fiver down the drain. Everything froze every 10 seconds and you had to switch it off and on again. I got fed up and left it eventually. Tried is again a few times during the match but still the same.
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