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  1. I thought I read he was playing abroad somewhere. Maybe even read it on here.
  2. Presume that team was a wind-up? Anyway, S McIntosh can only play once.
  3. Weigh Cider. Goal scorer appears to be Liddell. We were both wrong!
  4. I think it was Tierney but I’m not sure.
  5. I also remember this game. Hearts played us off the park for most of the game but we seemed to have weathered the storm. We needed only a draw to be champions. Then with 5 minutes to go we gave away a daft corner and the centre half headed home. Alex MacDonald was Hearts manager and Bobby Watson was ours. I don’t know whether it is the passage of time but I think I felt worse on Saturday.
  6. I don’t agree that the performances are Identical to last year. On Saturday, for example, we outplayed the pre-season favourites for 87 minutes before collapsing. Last week at Stenhousemuir was a really good showing. We played well at Hamilton and we have consistently humped lower league opposition which we wouldn’t have done last season. I was absolutely shattered at what happened on Saturday but I wouldn’t go as far as saying we’re no better than last season.
  7. You’re probably right. I’m trying to make the best of a bad job.
  8. One day on I still regard it as a bad dream. However, I can now see that for 85 minutes we were the better team and I’m trying to hold onto that. Clutching at straws here but at the end of the match we were without Robertson and Crichton who are 2 powerful figures at the heart of our defence and might have prevented the collapse? For the first time ever I’m not going to watch “the highlights”.
  9. Fed up reading from all these Raith supporters so posting here. Never in all my years attending football have I seen anything like that. It was unbelievable. We played really well, then Conroy and Page made terrible mistakes and then the roof fell in. Fair play to Raith but oh dear. How do you pick a team up from this? I actually was thinking with a few minutes to go that at last we were developing a team with a strong defence!!!
  10. Airdrie Utd v Raith Rovers

    Some injury news on the official site preview. Gallagher to have an exploratory op to find the extent of the problem. Doesn’t sound good. Hopeful that Wilkie and Millar will be fit but it is feared that match may “come too soon” for Duffy. I actually regard this item about Duffy potentially good news the way it is put. I had feared a long lay off.
  11. Airdrie Utd v Raith Rovers

    Most Airdrie fans don’t believe it either. He’s a different player this season. Playing further forward and scored 5 goals already, most of them crackers. Probably won’t last but enjoyable at the moment.
  12. It may be absolute shite but a steward told me and numerous others that Airdrie fans weren’t allowed in the stand. Whether he was authorised to so so is another matter. His reason was that too many Airdrie fans were expected.
  13. That’s what I thought but they did it.
  14. We were told that Airdrie fans were not to be allowed in the stand although some no doubt got in ‘in disguise”.
  15. Totally agree about Hutton. Most of the saves he had to make were ones he’d be disappointed if he didn’t except the last minute which was magnificent. I liked his reaction. He bounced up and started giving the defenders abuse for not having cut out the cross.