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  1. Have to assume Ryan injured or unwell and that McCann is not 100% fit yet. Either that or Manager putting names in a hat again.
  2. I wasn’t at the game so some people may think it’s unfair to comment but to bring on the ineffective Roy and a centre half leaving our 2 top scorers on the bench when losing seems ludicrous. I’ve said it before but I think Murray is clueless.
  3. I hope I’m proved wrong but we seem to have a better team on the bench than on the park today!
  4. Murray is a numpty. That’s 3 games without a goal despite having somewhere in the region of 9 forwards on the park in the second half today. Never mind maybe we will get a shot on target next week. Unless someone gets a grip soon we won’t even make the playoffs.
  5. There’s a 2 page article about John Martin in the sports supplement of the Scotsman today. Worth a read. I’m sorry I lack the technical knowledge to post it on here.
  6. I heard from a reliable source that it was definitely a week on Friday.
  7. I think that some fans are getting overexcited about the possible return of Andy Ryan, if it happens. He had a wonderful season with us and was brilliant. However, I think it unlikely that he would perform at the same level if he comes back. He has had a number of Injuries and he is severely lacking in game time. I certainly think we do need another striker and I personally would welcome him back. However, those who expect him to continue as he left off are likely to be disappointed.
  8. McCann was interviewed online after Saturday’s match and the interviewer said was he happy to be with Airdrie to the end of the season which obviously he replied yes. However, this does not necessarily mean that he has been released by Hamilton and signed officially for us. It’s possible that his loan period has been extended.
  9. Russ, reading your post I’m surmising that you weren’t happy with Falkirk’s performance today?
  10. Away from the ridiculous slagging, today was a very poor performance by Airdrie . Too many players off form. We only started playing after about 25 minutes and might even have been in the lead at halftime. However, we did not get going again in the second half and we did not deserve to win. I cannot understand why we changed our winning formation and why we took off our top scorer while behind. Insofar as I can see Roy is a waste of space. All credit to Clyde who must not have expected to win after such a poor run lately. Whatever Goodwillie’s conduct off the pitch, he is a class striker.
  11. Reid, Russell, Gallagher, Mcphail and Somerville. My uncle told me that in one of the games v Ayr, Ayr seemed to have scored the winner but Ewart convinced the ref that the ball had entered via the side netting! Just as well there was no VAR!
  12. Having watched the highlights I think all 3 sending offs were justified. Our “stonewall” penalty didn’t even look as if it hit the player’s arm. The goal looked as if the scorer didn’t even try to shoot. incidentally , a couple of posts suggest there was an incident involving Hutton. What was that?
  13. Having listened to the interview with the East Fife manager I have to say that this was one of the most shameful interviews I have heard. Beaten 4-0 and not a single good word about the opposition. Instead he blames it all on the referee saying that the first two goals should not have been allowed. I have watched the highlights several times now and there definitely was no foul In the lead up to the first goal. With regard to the second goal, Smith definitely was in the penalty box. I could not see from the angle whether he dived or not. I have to say that if I were the manager of a team who had been beaten so comprehensively I would at least have given the opposition some credit. A disgraceful interview.
  14. Not only did Taylor referee the World Cup final between West Germany v Holland in Germany he awarded Holland a penalty in the first minute! Mind you he later awarded West Germany a penalty too and they went on to win. My take on the Jarvie incident was that having seen the ball in the Keeper’s hands, Taylor must have turned his back and ran upfield expecting the ball to be kicked up there. Had he seen the incident the only possible decision was the keeper sent off and a penalty to Airdrie.
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