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  1. To be honest if I had a relative playing I would be reluctant to go. Every player gets abuse at sometime and if a relative cannot cope with that, he or she should give the game a miss.
  2. Does anyone know if theTrust’s merchandise was back in the Club shop yesterday?
  3. Sorry. Willie Marshall. Unless I misssed there’s been nothing on the o/s.
  4. Diamond Dave, every post you have made since entering this site has been in support of PH and what is left of the Board. You are quite correct in saying that there is a lot of speculation about some of which may well be inaccurate. However, there is one thing that is not open to question and that is the total contempt by the Club in dealing with the fans. There is zero communication. I stand to be corrected in this but I don’t believe the Club have yet told us that a director resigned recently! Would you care to comment on that?
  5. It is widely rumoured that Airdrie have massively overspent on their wages budget even to the extent of 150k. How in the name of goodness could this happen? Did somebody not tell Findlay what his budget was? Who was keeping an eye on it?It’s almost unbelievable. “Amateurish” does not adequately describe it. That’s if it’s true. If it’s not, rant withdrawn!
  6. I’ve just been watching the manager’s post match interview in which he bemoans the standard of our forwards. I have a suggestion for him. There’s a guy at Stranraer called Vittoria who might be worth a look. The decision to let him go is beginning to appear a major blunder. If, as, rumoured, there was a discipline problem, surely that could have been dealt with by a fine rather than kicking him out?
  7. The resignation of Willie Marshall from the Board is just about the last straw for me, a fact which the Club have yet to acknowledge to the fans. I also note that Dougy’s name is no longer shown on the Club site which doesn’t bode well. When I think how happy I was that at last the Board had several Airdrie supporters on it and then look at us now. The 2 Spiers, Shields, Marshall and Watson all gone. I would bet that Ferguson will soon follow. There is something rotten in our Club. Hopefully, Wednesday’s meeting will enlighten us although Willie may be constrained in what he can say. Apart from what’s going on behind the scenes, the Board is treating us with contempt by non communication. I’ve never even seen a picture of PH. Some people think that all that matters is what happens on the park but I don’t agree. I was at hospitality last year and the place was buzzing. I was proud of how hard we were trying to become a community Club. Now look at us. The off the field goings on are more distressing to me than the team ‘s performance . After 50 years supporting Airdrie through thick and thin I am seriously reviewing my position.
  8. Forfar v Airdrie Bankies

    Wasn’t at the match and can’t comment about today. However, I’m beginning to have concerns as to whether Murray is as good as some folk make him out to be. I 100% accept that’s it’s not his team and that we seem to be stuck for the foreseeable future with well paid players who are simply not good enough. Murray certainly seems to have improved our defence but there are other things which concern me. Like Findlay, he puts out a different team each week although injuries might explain some of this. My main concern is that he seems to operate with only one striker. I am annoyed that Vitoria was sent out on loan. He was our only player capable of creating any excitement. There is some suggestion that there may be an attitude problem with him but he’s hardly had a look in since Murray came. I can’t agree with Duffy not starting. Ok, he’s getting on a bit but he’s the best shooter we have by a country mile. I also wouldn’t have dropped Carrick. His form has fallen because he is not scoring goals but he needs to play to get his confidence back. His work rate is superb. He certainly won’t get his confidence back sitting on his backside.
  9. Forfar v Airdrie Bankies

    What a lot of rubbish this thread is. What’s the point in bringing up the past.? As far as I know the 2 clubs have no bad blood. How about concentrating on the match?
  10. Airdrieonians v Dumbarton

    I don’t think there is much point complaining about mistakes leading up to goals, unless the mistakes are awful. For every goal scored, however good, the defending team’s fans will find fault with the defending. For example, I thought both Dumbarton’s goals were well taken excellent strikes. No doubt, however, Murray will spend some time this week giving the defence pelters! ,
  11. Airdrie v Rovers

    Vitoria has been on the bench the last few weeks and on Saturday didn’t even make that. Murray obviously doesn’t fancy him. Personally I would play him every week but there’s no denying that the team we have on the park now are doing better than when he was playing!
  12. East Fife v Airdrie

    Bearing in mind how well our forwards were playing early in the season I would never have believed that we could put out a winning team without any of Carrick, Duffy and Vitoria being in the starting 11. Just shows what I know!
  13. East Fife v Airdrie

    As an Airdrie fan reading this thread it has been a pleasure reading the comments of the East Fife fans who have been complimentary about Airdrie and accepting that on the day the better team won. So much better than the usual greeting and moaning about the referee and the jammy opposition you usually read. Well done guys!