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  1. As I have said previously the Club seem to have a definite plan. The trickiest bit is signing experienced good players which definitely will take time. I will be very surprised if the present signings are seen as immediate first team players apart from Roberts. It is entirely possible that the whole thing will be a disaster but now is not the time to pass judgement. Wait till the first team signings are made.
  2. What would you have us do? Take a chance on his injury, give him a 2 year contract and possibly find out he’s not half the player he was? IMO far too risky given the expensive mistakes we’ve made recently.
  3. I actually think the next steps will take some time. As was said, the season isn’t finished yet. Then we have to try and get rid of those we want to go and that won’t be easy. We may need to see how that goes before knowing how much we can pay in wages to anyone who comes in. I also can’t get over excited about a possible return of Ryan. He was great for us but has hardly managed to get on the park in the last 2 years. He has also had a long injury lay off. It would be over optimistic to think he would start where he left off if he came back.
  4. Trust airdrie fans to think of some conspiracy against them. Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean everyone’s not out to get me!
  5. On I separate issue I noticed that both Willie Marshall and Ross Owen have had their Facebook pages deleted . Does anyone know how and why that happens? Is there anything sinister in it ?
  6. Given the announcements of the last few days have the Club now decided to communicate with the fans?
  7. I think it’s too early to jump to conclusions. I was surprised at O’Neill leaving but maybe there’s someone better lined up. There will also be negotiations to get rid of some of the players who still have contracts. Then we need to sign new players. Only then should we’ve in a position to take a view as to where we’re placed. I have to admit that I’m no great admirer of the manager but I’m sure he’s working to a plan.
  8. If there were more than 3 players on the branch, the branch might break and all the players would fall to the ground.
  9. The close season is always more interesting with all the weird and wonderful rumours about who we’re about to sign.
  10. Some things you read are rubbish. This falls within that category. No way this will happen and I would doubt the Trust would even think about it.
  11. How many accounts does PH have on this site?
  12. Funny how people see things differently. Personally , I’ve never been so depressed as to the apparent state of affairs at our club than I ever have been in my many years of being a supporter.
  13. Some of that is fair enough but in the old days it was not all that easy to communicate with the fans. Nowadays with social media et cetera communication could not be simpler.
  14. I don’t agree with this. Sure the team on the park is the most important but what kind of club we are is also important. Last season after the takeover we appeared to be becoming a real community club . Now you look at us. The Spiers, Shields, Marshall and Watson resigned. It can be argued that these people were the most “Airdrie minded people “ on the board. It is even rumoured that Ian McMillan has resigned (surely the most Airdrie minded person ever ). Dougie has gone . Rumours of sponsors disappearing. There is clearly a serious problem between the board and the trust . Now I totally agree that every story has two sides to it . It is easy to take a particular view when you are only getting one side. Some of the problems could be explained by hearing the other side. It is easy to understand how fans will form certain conclusions only getting one side . The big problem here is that we are only getting one side . What is left of the board simply does not communicate with the fans in any shape or form . I may be wrong but I do not believe that the resignation of Willie Marshall has ever been announced officially by the board . It is also easily understood that a number of fans will feel that the club is treating them with some contempt. I would be content if the Board started talking to the fans but at the moment that doesn’t look likely. If things continue like this I can see Airdrie playing in front of 200 or 300 fans next season. For my part I have stopped going to matches. I never thought I would say that after 50 years supporting the club. I have not stopped going because of the standard of play on the pitch (I am well used to that by now !) I have stopped going because of the perceived situation behind the scenes and will not be going back until something drastically changes with regard to this like an explanation which shows things in a different light.