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  1. Having watched the highlights I think all 3 sending offs were justified. Our “stonewall” penalty didn’t even look as if it hit the player’s arm. The goal looked as if the scorer didn’t even try to shoot. incidentally , a couple of posts suggest there was an incident involving Hutton. What was that?
  2. Having listened to the interview with the East Fife manager I have to say that this was one of the most shameful interviews I have heard. Beaten 4-0 and not a single good word about the opposition. Instead he blames it all on the referee saying that the first two goals should not have been allowed. I have watched the highlights several times now and there definitely was no foul In the lead up to the first goal. With regard to the second goal, Smith definitely was in the penalty box. I could not see from the angle whether he dived or not. I have to say that if I were the manager of a team who had been beaten so comprehensively I would at least have given the opposition some credit. A disgraceful interview.
  3. Not only did Taylor referee the World Cup final between West Germany v Holland in Germany he awarded Holland a penalty in the first minute! Mind you he later awarded West Germany a penalty too and they went on to win. My take on the Jarvie incident was that having seen the ball in the Keeper’s hands, Taylor must have turned his back and ran upfield expecting the ball to be kicked up there. Had he seen the incident the only possible decision was the keeper sent off and a penalty to Airdrie.
  4. On a different topic, I see Colin Cameron quoted as wanting us to have a settled side. Amen to that!
  5. I used to be a happy clapper but no longer. A lot of money has been made available seemingly but not well spent. I wonder whether the director of football actually watched any of the marvellous new players we signed or took somebody else’s word for it. I wonder what part Murray played in this. It seemed to be a very haphazard policy as we have no discernible pattern to our play. We appeared to be improving in defence but now we are starting to lose goals. Our midfield is awful and Murray does not seem to realise that you need strikers to score some goals. The only potential goalscorer we have spends as much time on the bench or out of position as a striker. We have no wide player of any consequence. I have come to the conclusion that Murray is the worst manager we have had in a long while. That is saying something. He does not have a clue. Last year and this year he has not put out the same team in two consecutive matches. WHY, OH WHY, WAS HE GIVEN A 2 YEAR CONTRACT EXTENSION? We seem to be suffering a lot of bad luck or lack of judgement in how we have been spending money. Things are desperate. When I think back to Ryan and Russell banging in the goals I despair. I would almost welcome back Adam Brown!
  6. More interesting to me is why is Fitz going now ? As someone pointed out he seems to have nowhere to go. There were plenty nice words said but , call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, it looks to me yet another mysterious happening at our club. Pity he’s not taking someone else with him.
  7. I am overwhelmed by excitement. Maybe by the end of his new contract he will have worked out what position everybody plays.
  8. Point 1 well made. Point 2 I have no confidence in Murray but it’s ridiculous to sack a manager this early. My overall view of him is that ultimately he’s not the answer for reasons I’ve explained but I don’t agree with sacking managers this early..
  9. Last year Murray inherited a team that wasn’t his. He improved the team and ensured safety. Yet I was not entirely at ease with him. He seemed to never know what his best team was and changed it every week, often playing players out of position. At the end of the season we had a massive clearout and signed a lot of players including many “promising” youngsters. With every signing, we got hit by propaganda by the Club as to what a good player we had signed. For all I know some of these new players may indeed be good but I have no idea what their position is. More importantly, neither has Murray! A different team every week and various players rumoured to be out of position. Back to the same old nonsense as last season only this time it is his own team. The start to the season has been poor. Clyde was ultimately unconvincing, QP was rank rotten and Saturday was even worse . 2 shots on target at home! The only part of the season that has been hopeful was the first half v Hamilton. I’m not shouting for Murray to be sacked yet but I’m certain he’s not the man to get us promoted. I used to be what some would call a happy clapper. No more. Now I’m a pessimist. I will nonetheless be delighted to be proved wrong.
  10. Well there you go another youngster with virtually no experience. Just what we need. And a defender. No harm to the lad and he maybe he’ll be ok but if there’s any money to spare it should go towards a proven striker.
  11. I think people are getting somewhat carried away based on results against two of Scotland’s poorest teams. The football club must be given credit for having a plan, keeping in touch with the fan base for a change, and making a lot of signings. I have two particular worries. Firstly, a significant number of the new signings fall into the category of young promising players who have not yet fulfilled their promise. Some of these players may fulfil their promise but others may not. Having several of these players in your team at the one time seems to me to be taking a bit of a chance. The other worry I have is that we are very short of goalscorers. I am absolutely sure that the manager is aware of this. I accept that it is very difficult for our small team to attract proven goalscorers. All in all, given that this is a more difficult league than last year I am not as confident as others. As our lifelong fan I hope that I am wrong. Barrowman is on the list of signed players on the O/S.
  12. I read that Ryan had signed a new contract at Dunfermline.
  13. We won 1-0 and it was the quarter final of the cup. The save you refer to was in the last minute. Our goal was scored by Tommy Duncan with almost our only shot of the game!
  14. Thanks for that. You obviously have more computer skills than me!
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