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  1. Someone mentioned Dougie Imrie earlier, and that might be a gamble worth taking. His Morton team are horrible to play against and even if you go down, he should be able to put together a reasonable squad for the season after.
  2. Mistakes are the best way to learn, so the McPake of today would be a much better manager for us than the one we had. If he is smart he should skip any attention from Motherwell and stay where he is. We may not think much of Dunfermline, but they are potentially a premier league club, as are Falkirk, and he should get the promotion first and then look around. I imagine the finances of Scottish football are such that the difference between the 2 jobs is it not life changing.
  3. I would be surprised if Sheridan goes. While he should not be starting games, he does have the ability to come on give defenders problems. With 3 forward players having left the squad, we need 1 or 2 quality replacements. I know a lot of people are wanting new defenders and midfielders, but a Peter McDonald style finisher, who puts away some of the chances we create, has to be the priority.
  4. If Partick, Morton, Queens or Ayr really think they can go up, then offering McMullen a pre contract deal would be a smart play. It’s happened to us before - Hamilton signed Derek Lyle on a PCA when we were competing with them for promotion in the 07-08 season. As others have said, McMullen is playing well and is the Maradona of the Scottish Championship, but I don’t think any of us are sure he will be that effective if we get back to the Premier League. We need him this season though and the benefits of promotion more than pay for a new 2 year contract (with the 2nd year being optional)
  5. I hope everyone stands up and dances when Insomnia is played just before kick us. Maxi Jazz was a great frontman and it’s a shame that he has gone so soon. He is one of as as well, as the lyrics from one of his other classics show; “This is my mychurch, this is where I heal my hurts, for tonight god is watching from the Derry’
  6. Been travelling for 24 hours and awake for almost 48 just to see this. As the tannoy say, “l can’t get no sleep” best pie I have had in the last 5 years as well.
  7. That’s a good performance and result for Celtic - the gulf in class between the European elite and the rest is enormous. They will learn a lot from the defeat. It’s a shame for the rest of us - another domestic treble and an undefeated season could well be on the cards.
  8. Does anyone know if the Friday night games for Oct have been settled ? Going to be in Dundee on the 15th and 22nd and want to book hospitality on one of the dates, but it only works if the Sat game is fixed.
  9. This part of the season is always the most competitive and soon injuries, suspensions and fatigue will slowly start to bite into all squads. In that regard, I think today’s subs bench was the strongest that it has been for a long time. Not everyone is 100% fit and we are not covered in all departments to the same level, but it will make a massive difference as the season unfolds.
  10. What a shame. I don’t remember the Aberdeen game that has been mentioned a lot, but the Leeds and Holland games showed what a keeper he was. He was lucky, but as Gary Player famously said “the more I practice, the luckier I get”. One of the top 5 Scottish players on my lifetime.
  11. Can’t quite understand the love for us. We got promoted via a Charlie Adam masterclass and consistently showed in the SPL that we had a number of weaknesses. Just look at our goals against figures. Rudden looks like a very good addition, and Mulligan may well be able to step up make his mark, but it’s not certain either will shine for us over a long hard season. We still have some dead wood to get rid of, and while I applaud having a real manager for once, his core knowledge will be the lower leagues of England and there are a lot of players there who have come up to Scotland and failed - just look at who McIntyre signed for us. 2013-14 is the only time we have bounced straight back up and that team were probably better than what we currently have - oh to have another Peter McDonald.
  12. The win on Monday and getting Rangers in the draw surely means a boost to the budget and that might be the real reason for the sacking - its now financially possible. It’s too late in the season to appoint anyone without experience of Scottish football. Given that it worked before (kept us up) maybe the Yanks will have already called McCann. I imagine whoever it is will look good on paper to them, but will look terrible to us fans.
  13. It’s a weird sporting culture here. It’s all too nice and family orientated. Great stadiums, some great games, but it’s soulless and there is no idea that it’s more important than life and death. Great athletes though and it would be great to hire there fitness trainers.
  14. Let’s look for all the positives we can. The other Dees, the Melbourne Daemons, have just won the AFL for the first time since the 60’s. Wierd game - it looked like they would run away with it, then it looked like they would get gubbed and finally they destroyed their opponents. I had no idea their nickname was ‘the dees’ and have been supporting Geelong for the last couple of years as it’s about the same size as Dundee. Seems sacrilegious to change teams, but it’s not real football, so I suppose I can.
  15. For the next few weeks penalty’s are going to have to be incorporated into the training as I can easily see all the play off games ending in draws - we don’t loose the teams around us, but we don’t win many either. I think Dunfermline will be the more difficult of the 2 to play against - Raith have had a great season and even though I think they’ll best Hearts next week, I think they’ll crumble under the pressure of the bigger games.
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