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  1. Maybe we should look for a good striker before going for the sex offender. Then sign him when we get desperate #airdrieprinciples
  2. Keep/punt/undecided

    see, this is the thing that I realised...by the time I keep everyone that I like, the squad will be too similar to this years. Which means the same failures. Ruthlessness is required.
  3. Third time's a charm hopefully! What's your source for this nonsense?
  4. doesn't seem in keeping with how the Trust has dealt with things before.
  5. I'm waiting to hear who your source is. Also, a journalist passing up the chance to do a hatchet job on someone? In a local newspaper? How odd. How did that come about?
  6. Maybe you should resign for talking nonsense? Who is your source?
  7. Keep/punt/undecided

    I covered this on the Airdrie facebook page a month or so ago. I have people I like and would keep, but lets face it, they can all go. My Keep List Hutton O'Neil Hawkshaw Get Campbell back on loan The young team's drum There's a few more that I would keep for back up/development but that's just probably my bias on people that I like. Truth is, we have been dire all season.
  8. I generally quite like him, although he wouldn't be a starter for me going forward....I'd look to bring in better. But yesterday I would have subbed him after 5 mins and sent him up the road. Incredible how you can be absolutely rotten instantaneously in a game. and his namesake can GTF too. sitters missed in last 2 weeks plus playing him encourages what is possibly the worst version of the long ball game I've ever seen. I've been defending Murray for weeks, but after the last two games I'm genuinely unsure if he is the man after all. I won't be back this season so no doubt we'll be like Ajax 95 in the remaining games.
  9. we are stinking. and Duffy is absolutely pointless unless he is getting decent service. absolutely clueless going forward, long ball bullshit which isn't even done well. Hawkshaw is an actual footballer, poor guy.
  10. I think O'Neil would have got it if he had played the whole season, but Hutton pulled off save after save every single week since he got in the team.
  11. Future prospects are really unclear for the club. The way the takeover has panned out causes me concern as it essentially puts us back to being subject to the whims of an individual, rather than the road ahead being mapped out by a collective. I think next season will be a huge push for promotion, if we get it then I assume that all will be rosy in terms of finance. The real concern is what happens if we fail. Lots of directors have walked away, the Trust has been pushed away, so who helps out financially if we are in league 1 again in 2020/21? I doubt PH will pump money in with no realistic way to recoup any of it. The stadium has survived with us being a poor league 1 team, and presumably will continue to do so, so where's his incentive? On the park my view is that we should be aiming to be regular upper mid table in the Championship. That's the best sustainable position we can hope for, but we will need to do a hell of a lot of building to get there.
  12. Got to admit, I've been a bit disappointed in Houston., I expected more, but maybe he needs time at this level. Problem for him is that he is up against Stewart and potentially Robertson or O'Neil depending on formation so he really had to hit the ground running. Glass is fine, but Wilkie has been generally very good when fit so he's up against it too. Delighted with the last 2 wins, I said we needed 3 to definitely avoid the relegation play offs so reckon we will be ok as we'll win another before all is said and done. Question is, do we have the mentality to kick on and get in to the promotion play offs? Tomorrow night will tell us a lot. We know that if we win we have East Fife on Saturday and the chance to get in to the top 4 will be in our own hands. Got to be seen as a motivating factor rather than having them crumbling under the pressure. A big chance for an under delivering squad to prove something.
  13. my boy is wanting a drum too....could be drum wars
  14. it was a cracking mane of hair too.....I've not seen the likes for years
  15. definitely, I think that should be the plan