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  1. It's a strange one. We've been on a great run and I think we're just determined to enjoy it whilst expecting it to end at every opportunity lol A win at Starks Park is a huge statement, would love it if we could manage it. I concur with the guy above who says that he is sure we will run ourselves in to the turf regardless of the result. I couldn't have guaranteed that before but now I think we can and that's all we can ask. It's the platform that teams win games from.
  2. God, the parties in Kirkcaldy must be amazing.
  3. McDonald was excellent today as were almost everyone. Smith could have been quicker to shoot but overall we were brilliant to watch.
  4. Think that we can beat anyone if we play to our capabilities but Seagal will need to be back, and being at home probably isn't totally in our favour. Bizarrely. Heart says 2-1 or 3-1. Head isn't so sure.
  5. Terracing everyday. atmosphere at our stadium is shite. Broomfield was magical. and like the guy above says, all my favourite away trips are to old style grounds
  6. Just sitting thinking about the huge difference in our play since the Montrose game. Who would have thought that we would have looked so energetic, pacey, and dangerous back then? Amazing turnaround and whilst we can't be brilliant in every game I'm now as sure as I can be that we'll finish in the play off spots.
  7. Crighton has been excellent, ideal defender at this level. Kerr could learn a lot from him, hopefully add those additional skills to his undoubted technical skills.
  8. Yeah think we definitely rotate a bit, Roy and Wedderburn are likely to get a start. I'm not sure what's going on with Eckersley, I assume he's injured, but this would have been ideal to give him a game too. Problem is that I'm not sure our other attacking players can carry out the role that Carrick and Smith have been doing the last few weeks, so Hawkshaw may struggle.
  9. if only we had a supporters trust who the club could use for consultations on things like drums and family sections. think we'll score early today but not sure if we can hang on for a result. Fingers crossed!
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