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  1. An excellent performance to go along with the win, cannae whack it.
  2. I don't think I'll ever get over the irony of folk having a moan about stuff and then complaining about snowflakes.
  3. Can't believe Rico's word is being doubted on this...solidarity to him and hope the club's investigation is swift and conclusive.
  4. great result! would be pleasing at best of times never mind in the covid circumstances.
  5. We also usually find a way to lose any important games when we manage to get a crowd in. I am definitely in the camp of not being arsed to go online and buy the tickets. So, atmosphere at game, general atmosphere around the club, failing to follow the shite camera every club had last season so losing some interest, price up, online purchase only. That's my reasons. I'm sure I'll be back sooner rather than later; it's not a "planned" absence or anything.
  6. Not keen on any of the kits this year, although the 3rd is best of a bad lot. However, who gives a monkeys? Fantastic to see us start with some decent results, hopefully we'll get off to a flying start in the league.
  7. generated bad feeling and reputational damage for no good reason.
  8. Well that part's now been answered. Baffling decision unless it's to cut costs by allowing a striker to move on.
  9. I don't think the squad is anything special, but the system is rotten too.
  10. 65th minute, first real footballing move by Airdrie.
  11. I'd love if deuchar could talk his shite about six inches further away from the mic
  12. Pretty disappointing stuff, all set play, no football, and defence is shaky. Fingers crossed for a half time shake up.
  13. I'm ambivalent about Murray, but you've hit on the issue with him - we have no consistency. I said it a few times last season, we had one 5 game winning streak but apart from that we only won 2 in a row twice. We are capable of beating most teams and that's what makes it frustrating. Having said that, we've definitely improved defensively under him and it will only take a tweak or two to get that balance between goals and clean sheets. Here's hoping we get it right next week.
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