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  1. he played some half decent passes when he was moved in to the middle. we are so poor up front it's unreal. we're never moving on to the ball in the box, it's back to the goal every time.
  2. He's not got the legs for it. He's trying though.
  3. I've deleted the fao mods Airdrie thread as folk seemed to think it was the one for posting in.
  4. I've been mulling over the issues with the Trust and the Board and I've got mixed feelings on the whole thing. Firstly, I've been really down about the departures from the board, the people involved were the reason I was fully behind the plans for the takeover. Stuart Shields in particular. Also, whoever spoke to Willie in the borderline abusive manner that they appear to have, need to have a good look at themselves. It's also clear that PH is pretty single minded and difficult to deal with and he needs to cut the shit and work with people. He should be courting the Trust, not putting up barriers. However, whilst I'm up for the club/Trust playing a part in the community (my pride in my town is linked with my love of the club) I think the Trust's first priority should be ensuring, within whatever bounds it is operating at the time, that the club is successful. So, whether money was due or not due is pretty irrelevant. If we have funds we should be using them to support the club. Maybe PH should show some humility during discussions right enough. Now, to be clear, I would vote in favour of the Trust paying Bryan Prunty's wages every day and twice on a Sunday. But what's this about "we were happy to help with his return to the club"? Who is we? This really pisses me off about the Trust. In my opinion, the Trust committee or Officers should work on behalf of the members of the Trust. Not the current situation where decisions are made without voting and where info is held back until our yearly crisis rolls around. I've mentioned it before, but we've not heard much from the Trust since the takeover. So, in summary, PH seems to have wrecked my dreams of a new Airdrie controlled by fans, and I want the Trust to do more to change that and ensure the club is successful. Leverage him using our chequebook seems an obvious tactic.
  5. It's certainly not an easy role, but for me, having someone as the middle ground by definition means that they aren't a fans rep, therefore there would be no point in having them.
  6. I'm keen to know what has prompted this move at this particular time....is it a build up of factors or is it a "new" issue? In more general terms, I think that we need to clear what the Trust is on the board for - they are there to be a voice of Trust members. To be the voice of Trust members the Trust membership needs to be updated on what's going on. There will always be business legalities or the like that can't be reported back, but other than that any rep that rejoins the board must be able to report back. I can only imagine that Willie hasn't been able to share what he has wanted to share over the course of his tenure, so hopefully going forward that can be resolved. (assuming that we will have a salvageable situation and aren't facing armageddon....again)
  7. Right, what's the story with Willie standing down from the board?
  8. I mostly agree with that, but for me Duffy is useless in a team like ours. He needs service and can't create anything without it. I'm pulling for Carrick but last week I realised that it just wasn't going to happen for him. We've tried letting him play his way out of it and it didn't work, not sure what else can be done? I'm still not sure what it is that Miller does, and I'm not even trying to be cheeky about it. I was looking forward to seeing him at the start of the season but he's the invisible man.
  9. The key mistake was giving Findley the job. They backed their manager but clearly he brought in players with no idea of the system he wanted them to play as I don't think we have an actual team even though we have more than enough players numerically. As I said last week, we all have our favourite players, even from this team. But none should be safe in the summer other than Hutton. Being cold hearted, we can improve on every single one of the outfield players.
  10. we've taken 1 point from the last two games against truly pish opposition. we just can't trust this set of players to perform on any kind of consistent basis.
  11. I don't see us making the playoffs now regardless of saturdays result. I think best we can hope for is that Murray continues to get his ideas across, the team improves a bit, and we finish fifth. Obviously not making the play offs is a failure (not Murrays though) for us but we must guard against being absolutely rotten the rest of the season and ending up playing in front of 600 with the fans not giving a monkeys for next season.
  12. I've just watched the highlights and I disagree with some of the comments I've seen about MacDonald being at fault for the first goal. Yes, he gave the ball away, but he was in the opposition half not the six yard box. The guy still had lots to do, no-one pressed him at all, and midfield didn't get back in time.
  13. Back to the football. It's clear to me that we need someone with pace and a decent engine to play left wing back/left mid. If we had decent CH cover I'd play MacDonald there. Conroy isn't the answer in that position, and Josh doesn't have the speed of thought required (yet) to be effective. Also, it seemed that in the last 10 mins we sat really deep. Just wondering if anyone thinks that it's a fitness thing? Or just a co-incidence that it was at the end of the game.
  14. No mate. I meant The Official Airdrieonians Thread. It's an easy mistake to make, but you'll be more familiar with us next season.