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  1. 10 points from last 15, finally getting there. not a great game, disjointed at times but the win was the important thing here.
  2. f**k sake mate play the game, I'm reaching for my noose here.
  3. delighted to see DY winning manager of the month as this is what cursed our good run when IM was given it. Airdrie win 2-0.
  4. My mantra is consistency is key for the rest of the season. Of course, when I say consistency I actually mean putting together another 5 game run like we did in Oct/Nov. The problem is, our actual consistency of performances is mid table form. i.e. if we hadnt won those 5 games and had instead picked up points in the way we have done across the rest of the season, we'd have 7 fewer points and be in 6th place. 1x5 game run 2x2 game run are the only winning runs we've put together all season. So really we need to perform at a level that we've only managed once before, and there's 10 games to do it in. Changes need to be made. Midfield is the clear problem and has been for years. Murray is only the latest manager who has been tasked with sorting it out. I have my views on the strikers but to be fair unless the midfield is firing then it's almost irrelevant. If we lose on Saturday then realistically the best we can hope for is to limp in to 4th place.
  5. last 5 games: 8 from 15 4 scored 1 conceded heading in right direction again
  6. To be honest it was almost identical last week and I was a pessimist as we hadn't won for a while. Feel much more optimistic as we have a victory under our belts again. Another run of wins is seriously overdue so here's hoping.
  7. Back to winning ways! Last 5 games 6 from 15 4 scored 3 conceded
  8. I was certain that Andy Ryan would break his duck last week, maybe this week is the week. No idea how this will go, Goodwillie will no doubt score so we'll need to get our shooting boots on.
  9. He's like that quite a lot and I assume it's because of the pressure. We've been in middling form all season apart from a five game run.
  10. last 5 league games 6 points from 15 3 goals scored 3 goals conceded
  11. all of our players do that anyway.
  12. high quality posts from both sides in here
  13. I was planning on attending but if the weather is to be as bad as forecasted I probably won't bother. Our high balls + very high winds = waste of time and dosh. A shame as I've not been to Dumbarton since the Boghead days.
  14. I think that's going a wee bit too far, I certainly started to at least believe that we would win games and some of our play was good. When the long balls were used they seemed to be effective, and the long throw hadn't been figured out at that stage. In comparison, going back to the Montrose home defeat, we scored after 2 mins or so and I still didn't think we would actually win the game. So for me there was a change.
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