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  1. don’t post on here much but from seeing most of the teams in the league Arbroath are the best team I have seen by a mile. Got loads of pals in Arbroath so would love to see use win the league. All the best
  2. Quick question : just from a Montrose point of view what did you think of Montrose today? Before the game I personally thought queens would have won by 2 or 3 but we seem a very solid unit under Petrie.
  3. Connor Mclaren was a trialist for Montrose last night. Was on loan at you guys last year. Thoughts? Looked good last night.
  4. watch the highlights and if cammy ballantyne has on a white under armour I will agree
  5. mate we both got what we wanted out of the game but that is the most blatant handball I have ever seen. Surely you see that too?
  6. I don't post on here much but personally I feel their is nothing worse than people pointless arguing over 2nd division teams and getting all aggressive etc. Whatever happens happens let's just be sound. Good luck to cowden x
  7. goodwillie punching the ball into the net for the goal, surely you agree
  8. seen it from the other end of the pitch. Ref was a disgrace. Well done to Clyde, if use played like that all season you would be no where near the drop zone. all the best x
  9. wish cammy all the best. Also well done to my mate keez. Hope Arbroath end up going up but it's gonna be a struggle. Shite scrappy game where for once we managed to scramble towards 3 points. Next season for a change will hopefully be our chance but will just take it as it comes. All the best Arbroath.
  10. At least you got a pie. 15 minutes in at gayfield and no pies
  11. If we play like we did in the first half we should be challenging for a play off spot, McCord made the difference.
  12. well played Arbroath, good fair game. All the best
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