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  1. @johnny_bhoy09 @Nugent4nil @ArthurlieFC @GlenaftonAFC @SaintAnthonysFC @RenfrewFC Ahhh, see! Next year when I’m ask… https://t.co/tqMHuI2Mi8

  2. @jameswelham @WilsonScruff It is indeed.

  3. The draw for the upcoming Juniors 7-a-sides competition has been performed today. There was also some confusion as once again Scottish Junior football became embroiled in an #IcelandBagGate drama! @Nugent4nil
  4. Should be Grahame... from Hipsway. Not confirmed 100% yet but definitely in the pool.
  5. RT @MemorabiliaMal: Jimmy Gabriel #SaintsFC A&BC 1969 61/170 https://t.co/VNYFZON4rP

  6. Squad from below - some are still to confirm Andy Smith Simon Weir Sanjeev Kohli Mark Hailstones Alan Gow Martin Glancy Lex Grant Tom Brogan Scott Morrison Graeme Skinner Alan Jack John Jack James McKinstry Stuart Allison Budgie McGhie Brian Wright Davie Lloyd
  7. Just seen this @Nugent4nil - very helpful
  8. Great info. Sorry to hear about Pat. I'll include him in the information as it's a current snapshot of things. Cheers again.
  9. That's exactly what I'm after Tammy. The information is a snapshot as of 'now' rather than what it will be so thanks for that.
  10. This is for a programme feature we're doing for the upcoming Juniors 7-a-side charity tournament.
  11. RT @jayrayner1: There are a lot of reasons many of us in the restaurant/ food world are fans of @GaryusherChef. Have another one. And if yo…

  12. @maryhillmagyars @TheTerraceTV @gemmaaprilhood Don't worry - this is in the attic room. ????

  13. @rigg1999 Very! @smernicki and I plan to get another unopened packet and live stream the event (with medical assistance on hand obviously) ????

  14. @jmullinjourno That would have been an anticlimax. I’d have suspected, like you, that he would be a great interview.

  15. RT @ephemeraljoy: “Everyday”, ffs @walkers_crisps. https://t.co/G7EaOvDNiY

  16. @barneyfarmer But statement means statement!

  17. #Arsenal #Shoot! 1982-10-23 https://t.co/8AywpntiON

  18. 30 days hath September, April, June and November. The rest have 31, including Paul Scholes' managerial career.

  19. @stu_kel_ did anyone get a picture of the photo from the other night? Can't believe I never even got one. And once… https://t.co/TH1tFlL6dM

  20. @Chrismcnulty75 @Bankieboy73 @gtdenton I think Chris and @KennyofCeltic have said it all (although @jmullinjourno c… https://t.co/m6lLltzNWL

  21. @MJowen174 He's a cheeky geezer, innit.

  22. RT @BenBanks01: Throughout the years, there have been many classic kits from teams throughout Scotland. With the help of Gary Bierton from…

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